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Dark Dawn Intro Story[edit]

From the Start of the game, dunno if we have it somewhere or not, but would be useful perhaps.

Long ago, the ancients of Weyard discovered the secrets of Alchemy.

They found that all life in Weyard was based on the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water.

They used their knowledge of Alchemy to forge a dazzling civilization from the elements.

And the ancients made their wildest dreams come true.

And then began the nightmare of Alchemy.

Abuses of Alchemy threatened to tear apart their entire civilization. So the ancients did the unthinkable: They sealed away the power of Alchemy so no one could use it.

Civilization was saved, but the physical world itself began to die a slow death.

For the ancients didn't realize that Alchemy was what held Weyard together.

Without the force of Alchemy, lands went barren, seas went dry, and the planet began to crumble.

And civilization itself fell into the darkest of ages that came before its final, fatal extinction...

The ancients had sealed away Alchemy to save civilization. But they had doomed Weyard.

But while the oceans churned and life on the continents slid slowly toward oblivion over the eons...

A legend was kept alive that held the key to Weyard's survival.

If four Elemental Lighthouses could be ignited, their energy would trigger the Golden Sun event over Weyard.

The Golden Sun would unleash the force of Alchemy-saving the world!

Thirty years ago, a group of heros did save the world with the Golden Sun. But now a shadowy threat is spreading...

-pause for cinematic-

It has been 30 years since the Golden Sun event over Weyard. The world was saved-and changed.

Eight heroes took part in the quest to light the Elemental Lighthouses.

Four of these brave warriors were from the town of Vale.

The Warriors of Vale, as they are now known throughout Weyard, are praised-and blamed-for their efforts.

They had long lived at the foot of Mount Aleph, home to a people charged with a sacred duty from the ancients.

That was to protect Sol Sanctum, where the forbidden keys to the Elemental Lighthouses were hidden.

It was also home to the godlike Wise One who protected Weyard.

Vale kept the sanctum's secrets for generations, ever vigilant against the return of Alchemy.

But the Warriors of Vale were among those who pursued the forbidden return of its power.

Because of their courage, the world of Weyard was saved 30 years ago...

But while Weyard was saved, the new dawn of Alchemy has been anything but bright. For while Alchemy brings life, it has also unleashed chaos.

When the Golden Sun event happened, raw power exploded from the sky above Mount Aleph.

Mount Aleph was largely destroyed by the explosion. and not a trace remains of the peaceful village of Vale.

The planet itself is still caught in the violent throes of rebirth. Natural disasters continue to torment the people of Weyard.

But the survivors live on, driven to new desperation.

And the good people of Vale, though forced to resettle, continue their sacred vigil.

They persist in their duty to Sol Sanctum at Mount Aleph. Or at least what remains of it.

Two survivors live near the Crater where Vale once was.

The area rocks with eruptions, but still they watch Mount Aleph from the newly upheaved Goma Plateau.

They're Isaac and Garet, two of the Warriors of Vale.

These men, praised and blamed for the dawn of this new day, study the aftereffects of the Golden Sun carefully.

And from their lookout cabin, Isaac and Garet also train their children to be powerful warriors.

For this world will soon need a new generation to face the darkness of this new dawn...

Dark Dawn Restructure[edit]