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Sword of Dusk

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Dusksword.gif Sword of Dusk (DD)
The DS model of the Sword of Dusk
Trade Info
Weapon class Long Sword
Buy value 11500
Sell value 8625
Artifact? Yes
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 100
First Unleash effect
Effect name Critical Strike
Extra damage x1.5
Second Unleash effect
Effect name Spin Strike
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif 0
Side effect Hits each adjacent foe
Third Unleash effect
Effect name Sunset Burst
Extra damage Star mars.gif x1.8
Side effect May Delude the foe

The Sword of Dusk is a Long Sword-class Artifact weapon introduced and available in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It resembles a type of broadsword with a purplish-black colored middle part of the blade and a golden hilt.

Basic Description[edit]

The Sword of Dusk raises the wielder's attack by 100 points. It can be sold for 8625 coins and subsequently re-bought for 11500 coins.

The Sword of Dusk is found in a treasure chest inside of Teppe Ruins and can be equipped by Matthew and Tyrell. The Sword of Dusk features three Unleashes: Critical Strike, Spin Strike, and Sunset Burst. Critical Strike deals non-elemental damage equivalent to a standard physical attack multiplied by 1.5. Spin Strike deals Jupiter-based damage equivalent to a standard physical attack with a range of 3 adjacent targets. Sunset Burst, the signature unleash, deals Mars-based damage equivalent to a standard physical attack multiplied by 1.8, and may occasionally induce Delusion in the target.


The Sword of Dusk, when first available, is a significant upgrade over anything the player has encountered in Dark Dawn to this point. The Attack increase is high enough that the Sword can be useful throughout the Morgal region. A large part of the sword's power lies in Sunset Burst, which has an excellent damage multiplier for this stage of the game. Sunset Burst's Mars-alignment means that the Sword of Dusk will usually be given to Tyrell, who has naturally higher Mars Power. Later on, Tyrell can equip the Giant Axe; due to the Sword of Dusk's high Attack increase, it can be given to Matthew, who can make excellent use of it for the duration of the Morgal portion of the game. Once the party gains access to the ship, the Sword of Dusk gets outclassed rapidly by other weapons found in certain water spots and upcoming Vendor artifacts.

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