Ice Queen (item)

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Ice Queen DD.png Ice Queen
In-Game Description
"Bestows Cold Snap when equipped." (DD)
Trade Info
Item class Psynergy item
Equip/Use Effect
Special Equip Effect Bestows the Cold Snap Psynergy series when equipped to a Mercury Adept
• Defeat Ice Queen boss (DD)
This article refers to the item. For the boss, see Ice Queen.

The Ice Queen (こおりのじょおう, Ice Queen) is a Psynergy-bestowing item in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is won from the Ice Queen after defeating her in Harapa Ruins.

The Ice Queen Stone bestows the Cold Snap Psynergy series to whomever equips it. However, only Mercury Adepts can equip it, limiting the Ice Queen Stone to Rief and Amiti.

The Ice Queen Stone was originally located in Passaj and is needed to reverse the Alchemy Forge, opening the path from Passaj to Craggy Peak. However, it was stolen before Matthew's party arrived in Passaj. After beating the Ice Queen in combat, Matthew's party retrieves the Ice Queen Stone and reverses the Alchemy Forge to continue their journey. The Ice Queen Stone would continue to aid the Adepts throughout Dark Dawn.


  • Strangely, the characters often refer to the item as the Ice Queen Stone, while the inventory just calls it the Ice Queen.
  • The Ice Queen Stone looks incredibly similar to the Frost Jewel, a very similar item from the original game. Notably, both come from the mines in the Khiren Mountains – the Frost Jewel from the mines of Altin Peak and the Ice Queen from the mines of Passaj. In addition, the psynergy they bestow are functionally identical, though the Frost Jewel only bestows the initial (and utility) psynergy, while the Ice Queen bestows all three of the related psynergy spells to the adept that equips the stone. However, the Frost Jewel can be equipped on any adept in Isaac or Felix's party, while the Ice Queen stone can only be used by the Water Adepts in Matthew's party – Rief or Amiti.
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