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Fandom:The Temple of Kraden

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The following content is unofficial. It is not formally recognized by any Golden Sun media or by Camelot Software Planning themselves, but nonetheless is a common focus of discussion amongst the Golden Sun community.
Kraden has reviewed the contents of this article and believes it could do with a bit of expansion. Please oblige him to meet the quality standards of the rest of this tome of knowledge.
The Temple of Kraden
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Website URL
Language English
Launch Date March 2005
Status Active

The Temple of Kraden is a long-running Golden Sun fansite established in 2005. At this site, Kraden is revered as a god-like figure, although it is reasonably sure that the users are joking about their level of devotion to him. It was founded by its administrator Saturos and has its roots in the GameFAQS Golden Sun: The Lost Age discussion board. The Temple is forum-based and has no accompanying website of which to speak, although as of roughly 2018 the majority of the site's activity migrated to the associated Discord server. The Temple of Kraden was one of a handful of sites which were chosen to hold promotional activities for the release of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Temple History[edit | edit source]

A note from Golden Sun Universe: Since some of GSU's users are also members of the Temple of Kraden, we can guarantee that the following information is fictionally historically accurate. In other words, this is the site's history as told by its members. Read at your own peril, and sweet dreams! (Cue lightning and evil laughter)

In the beginning, Kraden created the universe...

Millennia 'pon millennia later, in the year of our Lord 2005, one Saturos, known then to his friends as Teschio and to his enemies as a scourge, created a web forum to celebrate the greatness of Kraden. Lo, for on many websites, the great sage was being hated by haters, whom, as well we know, are going to hate. Saturos was just not down with that, and so he recruited a group of heroes to help him stave off the darkness of ignorance surrounding the luminous presence of Kraden. He brought together Werebarret, the radioactive squirrel of Hacked; CobraGT, he whose single-minded dedication to ferreting out the secrets of Golden Sun with an almost unnerving intensity rivaled that of Erik the Appreciator; RyuKenshin, that holiest of figures whose Wheat Sword FAQ brings enlightenment to this day; Dash; KairiPower, she who loves giraffes and Kraden equally; Vaescent, the westering void of the bay area; and Sir Not Appearing In This Film.

Some stuff happened and a bunch of people joined, including User:Dracobolt who is totally awesome and since this is a wiki that is a total and undeniable fact, anyway, also people joined named Adnarel, the farmboy bard; IPO/Kent who made fan games and wrote that one fic about the mace; and also Kyarorain was in there somewhere, and a bunch of other people. But the golden age of peace and banana pudding was not to last, for a new menace was upon the horizon, a menace so terrible that its sheer degree of coarse crudity would rival 4chan. This menace was Reapist.

The saga of Reapist and his hackers spanned several years and would play a big role in the shaping of the Temple's history and community. But we're bored now so have a description jacked off the Temple's wiki: "1se upon a tiem, a littel boi wantid 2 b a Kardenett, but eh were 2 crude. eh aske 4 butsecks w/ Sheba an then he be grand robber larceny & he laundery cash moneyz@@#$$$$. but sum1 set him up the bomb and now eh gone LOL n killd wit aids." Anyway a while after all that, we figured out that it was probably Kent who orchestrated Reapist because he was bored, I guess?

After that, the community grew. It absorbed some other sites, people got hyped for Dark Dawn, people were disillusioned by Dark Dawn, the members grew older, some people got married, yadda yadda, and maybe more history will be added later.

Events and Features[edit | edit source]

  • Colosso Clanaeus - This is a series of contests between the clans of the Temple. Based on the competitive Colosso sequence in the first game, the contests have ranged from Golden Sun trivia events to drawing Kraden artwork to fan fiction contests to poker nights and more. Originally run by the staff on a by-weekly basis during the latter half of 2010 as a trial attempt to see if this would be a viable event for the Temple, Colosso moved to the hands of a member-run committee. It is now defunct.
  • Belinsk Arts Festival - This event premiered in August 2011 as a celebration of the creativity of the Temple. Taking place in a new subforum with a special banner and everything, the arts festival includes panels hosted by members, live poetry readings, concert performances, and seated play readings, contests for all different types of arts including drawing, writing, and composition, and the unveiling of a set of My Little Pony versions of the Golden Sun characters.

Notable Figures[edit | edit source]

RyuKenshin - The notable creator of the Wheat Sword and other similar FAQs

Infinity Plus One - One of the main forces behind now-defunct fangame sequel Project Iris, he's also known for his fanfiction in some circles

Kyarorain - An incredibly prolific fanfic writer and also the creator of Fandom:The Adepts of Weyard site

Sora G. Silverwind - Best known for her Golden Sun art, including Big Pimpin' Isaac and Everyone's Gay for Ivan!, Sora is also responsible for translating many of the strips from the 4-Koma Gag Battle that Golden Sun Realm's project did not get to.

Saturos - The creator of the Temple, he is also a writer and an administrator at Golden Sun Realm's fanfiction archive

Dracobolt - An administrator at the Temple, she is also known for her fanfiction, especially her forays into the realm of crack pairing

Additional Information[edit | edit source]