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Hello, I'm Draco, and I'm very interested in fandom history and archiving fandom content and culture. I'm trying to revitalize those aspects, especially since GS fandom has drifted over the years.


Negotiating how fan content should be treated

I think having "Fandom:" in front of pages is unsightly, especially if there's a fandom template warning at the top and the appropriate category at the bottom. But I'd like to discuss this with other editors.

Cleaning up fan sites

A lot of the fan site info is out of date. I'd like to archive inactive ones on a page with a list of inactive sites, including brief descriptions of the site. If a site had a full page with enough info in the past and is now inactive, then we should keep the page but clearly mark it inactive. Probably need a category specifically for inactive sites if we find enough with full pages.

I'd also like to track down any active GS communities and get a record of them on the main fan site page and possibly their own pages. Tumblr and Twitter tag communities probably aren't cohesive enough for standalone pages.

Fan Projects

I know multiple people run Golden Sun DnD campaigns. I'd like them to have the chance to archive the basics of the systems they've adapted and such so that others might use these if they want to run campaigns.

The subreddit server has an amazing bot that runs battles, items, and more. It definitely deserves a page to recognize the hard work and ingenuity.

Zine(s) need a page. At least one successful GS zine has been published. We can link to it and talk about how the project developed.

Assist Alliance... I'll want to contact folks from that movement.

I'd also like to get pages for notable fanfics. This is a wiki, there is no limit on space. As long as we organize the fics well and keep them categorized and such, I don't see why we can't allow this.

Enemy IQ

Not my project, but someone from the GSUN wants to add this to the enemy pages.

Foreign Language Fans

I'd like to reach out to bilingual fans about making versions of the pages in other languages.

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