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My story 30 years ago...When the Warriors of Vale released the seal upon this world and the Elemental Stars were stolen, I appeared. I was code-named by The Wise One as "TheBrokenSeal", An adept whom uses unique-created (Ninja) styled psynergy in order to defeat his foes. I've been helping 'the first group of Vale's legendary quartet' along their make sure they'd meet the correct person for the, at that moment, given situation. 30 years later...With Psynergy Vortexs ruining the world, I yet again awakened from my slumber by The Wise One to watch over Weyard

My looks. Instead of looking like a holy creation of the wise one, something odd happened...and I became attired with Cursed item equipment that even makes Deadbeard's, Fusion Dragon's and Dullahan's bodies tremble...

My equipment. A cursed axe that Unleashs "Bloody Reaper" Hitting 4 organs that either Condemns or Binds the Target...I wear a cursed Shield, a cursed Robe, a cursed Circlet, cursed Boots, a cursed Shirt and a cursed Ring

Signature. My signature move is: 'Ninpou: Kanrai' visually just Glacier/Coldforge combined with Thunderhead, strength-wise 150 Elemental Power in both Mercury and Jupiter, Gains 250 extra in power if fully trained.

The Real Me Just a relaxing Dutch-dude who has an expandable imagination and likes to create custom characters whom are either "Broken, yet Retstrained" or "Weak, but Versatile." 20 years old, loves gaming (else I wouldn't be here) and a fan of (J)RPG's and Fighting Games.^__^