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This reference page features cleaned-up versions of most of Golden Sun: The Lost Age's in-game text strings that are expressed as dialogue.

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Western Sea settlements

Dialogue strings

Don't tell me, you're here to solve the riddle of the rock!
I don't want to scare you but, I think you should reconsider.
Even the warriors who survive to make it back do so by the skin of their teeth.

Just passing through? Here's some advice for you: Steer clear of the mountain.
I don't know what kind of treasure's up there, but it's not worth your life.

I hear Kibombo has finally chosen a new witch doctor.
Maybe now, they'll calm down and not be so aggressive...

There was a giant explosion on the rock the other night... I couldn't get back to sleep at all.

The mountain is called Magma Rock, and it's cursed... No one's supposed to go up there.

We're lucky the river floods over every season. That's what keeps the Kibombo away.
We were fine this year, though. They still hadn't chosen a new witch doctor, so they stayed put.

The explosions within Magma Rock are called magma balls.
They're formed naturally near the mouth of the volcano. Scary, huh?

You must be very brave to come all the way here by boat.

There's a place called Shaman Village in the middle of the continent.
Supposedly, one of the rivers leads to it. I have no idea which one, though.

The people of Shaman Village are very wary of strangers. Be careful if you ever meet them.

For a continent as desolate as this one, there sure have been a lot of boats here lately.

I think there's a cave down at the end of the river. That's the way into Shaman Village.
I wonder if I should tell them what the legends say... Nah, they look like a smart group.

Long ago, Shaman was ravaged by outsiders. It was terrible.
From that day on, they simply have not trusted strangers in their village.

If you want to cross the glaciers of the Northern Sea, you'll need magma balls...
They come from volcanoes, but the best place to get them is Magma Rock, to the south.

A long time ago, we used to trade with a village named Prox to the north of us.
But the sea freezes in winter, and over time, it just became impossible to get there.

The people of Loho have a legendary weapon called a cannon that fires magma balls.
That's supposed to be how they crossed the frozen wastes, but it sounds like a tall tale.

The Northern Sea is thick with icebergs in the winter. They can sink a boat in an instant!

There's nothing to the west of here. AND it's really dangerous. You shouldn't go that way.

The sea west of here spills over a massive waterfall.
You'll really start to appreciate the grandeur of nature if you see that, I can tell you.

The currents are so strong near the falls that any boat caught in it is doomed.

My buddy thinks I'm nuts to risk my life for a look at the falls.
Actually, I just want to get my hands on some treasure I saw on the way there.

Atteka Inlet and Contigo

Dialogue strings

We've made these wings and carried them here just to fulfill a great prophecy.

We must be prepared to attach these wings to the sacred vessel.
It is said that we will know the time has come when Mt. Jupiter is in flames.

We brought these wings from Contigo, and now we're guarding them.
If they were damaged or broken, the prophecy might never be fulfilled.

I wonder if these giant wings will really make it fly... I'd like to see that.

We first heard the prophecy three years ago... The wings have come a long way since then.

These wings are so heavy that they would sink an ordinary ship.
I wonder what kind of ship the sacred vessel is.

I doubt anyone could hurt these sturdy wings, but we must guard them just the same.

It's kind of hard to imagine what these wings would look like actually flapping.

There's something burning like an ember within the stone.

Do you want to retrieve it?
Felix got a Magma Ball.

Felix checked the tablet... There's something etched on it.
Wielder of Flame's strength, Lay your hands upon this stone.
If th'art worthy, I will grant thee the power to Blaze with fire.

Flame's strength? Hey, that must mean it's finally my turn!

Jenna touched the tablet.

Jenna received the fire Psynergy Blaze.

Do you know anything about a legend about these people who could control the wind and air?
Well, the legend says that these giants from Anemos built Contigo with their wind powers.

That was the Anemos tribe. They even had the power to fly through the air!
The people of Contigo inherited some of their power, and now, we rule over Atteka.

The beacon within Jupiter Lighthouse will soon be lit.
I know this because of a strange premonition I had three years ago.

I guess the people of Contigo lost the power they inherited from the Anemos tribe.

The people of Anemos possessed power over the wind. They could also see into the future.

When the power of Anemos is lost, a group will come to light the beacon against darkness.
We had thought it was nothing but legend, but it is all coming true.

The Anemos geoglyphs show a boat with wings sprouting from its hull...
The story goes that these wings could make the boat float in the air...

If you want to get a look at the Anemos geoglyphs, you ought to go to the ruins...

Our people have labored for some time to build the Wings of the Anemos.

The Anemos blood in our veins often brings about strange miracles.

Surely, someone will come soon to light the beacon atop the lighthouse.

The power of the wind is not all that we've lost.
We have lost much of our culture, as well as the technology to rebuild the ruins.

There were two siblings born in Contigo. The older held great power. Both are gone now...
The younger was only a baby when he left the village. I don't know how strong he became.

I think Jupiter Lighthouse will be lit soon. I don't know when, but it will happen soon.

It's hard to believe, but the Anemos really did have the power to make ships fly.

The Anemos geoglyphs are the most amazing carvings I've ever seen...

We built the Wings of Anemos out of materials we found in the ruins of Anemos Sanctum.

The siblings who inherited the powers of the Anemos aren't in Contigo anymore.
The younger brother was just a baby when the merchant known as Hammet took him away.

I'm sure the younger brother, Ivan, must be grown up by now... Is he still with Hammet?

My father doesn't approve of the way I look up to Yegelos.

The families of children who inherited those powers lived lives of constant suffering.
Eventually, they left Contigo to make their fortunes elsewhere.

Ivan's mother left him in the care of a kindly merchant. She died shortly afterward.
I think she died of sorrow at sending Ivan away. She wanted a better life for him.

I wish I could have inherited the power of the Anemos. Then I could be a hero.

Long ago, the people of Hesperia attacked Atteka. Our forefathers were not afraid.
With the help of the great hero Yegelos, we drove them off, and they haven't invaded since.

A long time ago, the tribes of Shaman and Contigo were at constant war.
Throughout their many battles, the warriors Yegelos and Hoabna formed a friendship.

For a long time now, Contigo has been without a hero. This depresses our youth, I think.

Everybody thinks the people of Contigo are strong, but we just hate to fight.
It's strange, because Yegelos loved to fight, and Hoabna was the stronger of the two.

Soon, the siblings with the power of the Anemos will return and fulfill the legend.

The power of the Anemos is all but gone in Contigo.
However, it sometimes happens that a newborn suddenly shows power over the wind.

I don't have any powers like the Anemos did, but my sister, Ahri, is different.

The baby's forehead is furrowed, like it's thinking.

Babu bawaba bibaw.

It sure is drafty in this shabby old house.

When the Wings of Anemos are complete, let's fix the house!

I just know Ivan became big and manly, just like Yegelos. I know he'll return...

A terrible misfortune fell on the family of the siblings... It's a terrible story.

Whenever my sister furrows her brow like that, strange things happen around here.

Bawaba... It's hot... I want cool wind, babu baba.

It was a longstanding tradition that people in Atteka would take a pilgrimage to Anemos Sanctum.
Since we began construction on the wings, everyone is coming to Contigo to help.

Of course, they're here to work, not to fight, so business is still in the pits.

Mining materials in the ruins is dangerous work, so my armor is selling well.

Nothing else around here is selling well, but at least I'm pulling through all right.

The villagers are working their hardest to complete the wings and fulfill the prophecy.

Oh, how I want to see the sunlight shining off these wings up in the sky!

We've had so many people coming to Contigo lately that we're full, and I'm beat!

All the work on the wings means that our inn is always full! It's a good time for us!

Gotta make all the beds before everyone returns from Anemos Sanctum...
Then, I've gotta get started setting things up for dinner before they come down to eat!

If I don't make dinner now, it won't be ready in time for all our guests to eat!

Did you just arrive in Contigo?
Are you connected to the prophecy, or are you here to help build the wings?

The prophecies of the Anemos tell that someday soon, a true miracle will occur...

I worked myself half to death yesterday. I feel miserable, but I'll do it again tomorrow.

The Wings of Anemos are nearly complete... I think I'll take tomorrow off.

I'm afraid I'm too old to help in the construction of the wings, but I so want to see them fly...

When is that miracle of the Anemos gonna hurry up and happen? I can't wait forever!

I threw my back out helping with the wings. I can't touch my toes. I can barely touch my knees.

I want to see the boat when it sails through the air on our wings.
But even more, I want to see the hero of prophecy... Will he be a real looker, like Yegelos?

The real miracle will be if these wings actually make a boat fly.
However, I remain open-minded. I hope we can see this miracle of Anemos soon!

If I see the Wings of Anemos make a boat fly through the air, I too shall be a believer.

I've come a long way to see the flying boat. I hope the prophecies are right.

The wings are almost done. We just need to get them to the bay and await the ship.

The wings will be finished shortly. Where is the ship they're going to be attached to?

Which part goes where? Does this metal feather connect to that wooden post?
It's like a puzzle, and it's getting rather complicated.

You've gotta watch out, 'cause you don't want to break anything... It's delicate work!

Just a few more touches, and the wings are done. All we have left is to assemble them!

The guys carrying the other wing haven't come back, and we're almost ready to send this one!

I've been really busy lately, but now that the second wing is almost done, I can rest.

What do we do if we made these wings, and then no boat shows up for us to put them on?

There are too many parts! I think I'm going insane from all these stupid parts!

When I start getting irritated, I just go nuts. I think I should avoid getting irritated.

How long have we been working on these stupid wings?
When I see that boat soaring through the skies, I think I'll cry.

Have you taken a good look at the Anemos geoglyph?
You can't see all of it right now, because the wings are covering up the picture...

Oh, that's really too bad. The picture of the flying boat looks so cool.

That sign has a translation of the characters on the wall.
If you're interested in studying the sanctum, you should give it a read.

I want to get a good look at the inside of the sanctum, but I can't get this door open.
I'm hoping that deciphering these characters on the wall might give me the clue I need.

The merchant Hammet took the gold in this room with him when he left Contigo.
He vowed to use the money to raise Ivan properly and give him a good life.

I can't even imagine how cool it would be to see a boat like the one in the geoglyph.
But it's so big! I doubt there's a boat that big anywhere!

I don't know if anyone in Contigo cares about what I'm doing here.
But I know that devoted pilgrims will appreciate having this translation.

Wouldn't that be terrible if I got the door open and there was nothing on the other side?

Someone told me that Hammet went to a town called Kalay and did quite well for himself.

Felix examined the wall. There are characters carved into it.
Hmmm... I keep staring at it, but it's not making any more sense.

Felix examined the sign. The characters from the wall are translated there.
Some them are gates, and some them are roads.
Search with your heart to find the truest path.

Turn the slot and get a prize! The lottery slots are over here.

Drop some cash and double up! The hi-lo dice are over here!

You never know what the dice will do next! Come and give our dice a toss!

It's good to have this much business, but what happens to us when the wings are done?

Once the wings are finished, all these guests will leave. Until then, I'll work my hardest.

I've got so much to do that I don't even have time to eat! I'm starving!!!

I must be the greatest chef in the world! Look at all this food I've been making! I'm amazing!

Shaman Village

Dialogue strings

... ...

Hm. Outsiders... I don't like the looks of them. I'm just going to wait until they leave.

Until the chief says otherwise, nobody will talk to these outsiders. It's the law.

Who invited these foreigners into our town?

Ugh... Foreigners. I'm not going to waste my time even talking to them!

Our ancestors learned a harsh lesson... Shamans never lie, but outsiders are never honest.

Our ancestors learned that we can trust no one but the people of Contigo, our longtime friends.

These foreigners look trustworthy, but I know better...
They may seem nice, but all outsiders are wicked!

Shut your doors tight when outsiders are in sight.
If we want to protect ourselves, our culture, we have to keep outsiders out.

It seems to be locked.

Trial Road None may enter without permission from Moapa.

The entrance is closed. You probably shouldn't go in.

This is my house. If you're looking for Moapa, here I am. Back up. Give me some room.

Who have we here? Strangers in Shaman Village? What is your purpose in coming here?

Shaman Village does not appreciate intruders.

You're not welcome here, outlander. Leave now, and never come back.

If there's something you want to say, hurry up and say it. I'll listen, but not for long!

What's wrong? Nothing to say? Then what are you standing around for? Get out of town!

If there's something you want to say, say it to Moapa, not to us. We don't want to hear it.

If you anger Moapa, you'll be in for a little taste of his awesome and terrible power.

They don't look like they've come from Contigo... There's no reason for us to be nice.

If it hadn't been for Moapa, I'd have been glad to fling these outlanders into the cold.

Maybe they're looking for treasure. They ought to be looking in Contigo, not here.
The temple near Contigo is filled with treasures beyond belief.

If you're here offering charity, I won't have it... Or did you want to show me something?

What makes you think I would be interested in this?
Show it to Moapa if you must, but I don't need it.

Yes, yes. That's very nice. Did you want to sell it? Because I don't have any money.

That's the Shaman's Rod!

We thought it was lost forever... It once belonged to the great Hoabna.

Hoabna's staff was a gift from his great friend in Contigo, Yegelos.
When Yegelos gave it to him, Hoabna accepted a great responsibility...

He vowed to care for the sacred treasure of Contigo, the Hover Jade...
When the Shaman's Rod returns to us, we are charged to give the bearer the Hover Jade.

Have you outlanders come to claim the Hover Jade?

I suppose we have, yes.

That's a shame. We'll never give the Hover Jade to you!

But...we brought you the Shaman's Rod... What's stopping you from giving us the jade?

Hoabna handed the Hover Jade down from generation to generation for our care.

We are to return it to the descendants of Yegelos. And you are clearly not from Contigo.

That's preposterous! We returned your rod! We've come so far already!

What difference does it make if we're from Contigo or not!?

Make no mistake about it. We are the intended recipients of the stone of Yegelos.

Is there some way we can get our hands on the Hover Jade?

No. You ask the impossible.

What about...the test? Would that be a bad idea, Moapa?

You know, Trial Road? Only Yegelos could walk that path.

The way of the vanishing sand!

Yes, if you outlanders intend to claim the Hover Jade, you must fetch it and bring it here!

If you people have the courage, follow me!

If you'd told us there was a test to begin with, we'd have been out of your hair by now.

What kind of test is this?

I understand that you're a little concerned, but unless you try it, you'll never know!

Give it your best, Felix!

Moapa left the door open, and strangers got in... Ah, but they're gone already...

The outlanders look like warriors, but they're nothing next to my father.
He's the leader of Shaman Village, but he's also just so strong! He never loses!

Those are the first foreigners I've ever seen... They don't look so different from us.

The card reads "Put [number] coins on the counter, and you can stay."
Will you pay [number] coins?
I don't much like strangers, but if they're willing to pay, I'm willing to let them stay.

Moapa ordered us to let them stay. I don't know why, though. It's not like we lock the doors.

There's something written on the card: "If you don't have any money, feel free to leave. Now."

Nothing personal, but nobody in town will talk to you.
It may seem weird, but it's a law among the Shaman tribe.

They'll need to find Moapa if they want to talk to one of the locals.

To inherit the stone of Yegelos, you must cause this sand to disappear.
If you can manage that feat, then the blood of Contigo runs through your veins.

Just ahead lies Trial Road, where Hoabna and Yegelos fought their greatest battles.
Only superior ones such as they could have followed the road to its end.

When Yegelos and Hoabna waged their mighty battles here, the sand suddenly vanished.

I know the truth. These outlanders stole the rod from Contigo.
No matter. Their misdeeds will be revealed to all when they fail the Trial Road.

If they lack the power of Contigo or the power of Shaman Village, they will fail.

They stand no chance of making the sand vanish. They will give up and go home.

You can do it, Sheba!

Leave it to me, Jenna. This will be a breeze.

I don't believe it. They did it! The sand vanished!

The legends... They were all true!

She's the one! She must have come from Contigo!


She's the one that did it? But she's...just a girl!

Well, you wanted the sand to vanish, so...

Can we have the Hover Jade now?

Nope, you still can't have it.

What? Why not?

This was just a test to see if you earned the right to take the test to earn the stone.

So, there's more that they have to do before you'll give them the stone?

You will have to reach the end of Trial Road.

The girls, too? Surely you can't make them...

I thought that only the chosen hero could travel the road...

What, are you saying I can't be the chosen hero?

The heroes have always been men, ever since the time of Hoabna. It is the way.

I don't like your attitude, mister! I can be every bit as heroic as some guy!

That may be true, but you must respect our customs.

It's the same in Contigo, you know. If you don't like it, take it up with Yegelos.

Hold it, hold it... Moapa, what were you just saying about Trial Road?

If we reach the end of Trial Road, won't our names join the ranks of your heroes?

Kraden's right... It shouldn't matter if a girl does it... All that matters is that we finish!

If you give us the chance, we will prove it to you.

Unless you're afraid that a girl like me might become your town's newest hero.

Have they earned the right? Shall we let them onto Trial Road?

I don't like the way these outsiders were talking to me.

I think they need to learn exactly what it takes to be a hero around here!

Yeah, if these guys are so stubborn, let's give them a shot! They'll probably give up!

You said it yourselves. We're too stubborn to quit.

Yeah. If you want us "outlanders" to leave, you'd better give us a chance to walk Trial Road!

Trial Road is a difficult one... When you reach the top, a terrible battle awaits you.

It's difficult enough for me. I expect you will find it quite impossible. Still interested?
You seem confident, but it is your ignorance speaking.

So... You are not as sure of yourselves as you first seemed.

But I will permit this. Follow me, and I shall explain.

Listen carefully to me.

This cave provides you with an opportunity to practice your skills.

Legends say that Yegelos and Hoabna once fought here. These columns commemorate this.

They raced one another to the summit...

And there, they fought with all their might on the peak of the mountain.

In honor of their great battle, the leaders of Shaman created this trial.

The rules are simple.

The room is filled with traps and snares. Use the power of Contigo to avoid them.

This road has four doors. To open them, you will need to place items in these chests.


The door is triggered only when the treasure chests are filled to the correct weight.

Try putting heavier items, like weapons and tools, into the chests, or the doors won't open.

If you reach the door after your opponents do, you will be at a serious disadvantage.

You see, it will take twice the weight to open the doors.

Stand on the switch, and the number of chests you need to fill will open.

If you are last to each of the four doors, you will lose eight items to the chests!

If Trial Road proves too much for you, press this button.

This ends the battle, though. A true hero would not surrender so easily.

In order to reach the battle at the summit, you cannot fail on Trial Road.

Do you understand?
Would you like me to explain it to you again?
Do all outlanders share your thickwittedness?

Then you understand the treacherous path of Trial Road. Will you continue?
You have chosen wisely, and for your wisdom, you must leave Shaman Village.

You have heard the rules, and you wish to continue. You have been warned.

But what's this? You no longer have the Shaman's Rod?
We cannot accept your challenge if you do not have the Shaman's Rod. Leave me.

It looks as though you are missing the item you need if you are to challenge us.
Without it, we won't even entertain the idea of competing with you. Leave us at once.

Choose the road of your liking. It matters not to us.

Choose the road of your liking. It matters not to us.

Do you need to hear Moapa's explanation again?
Thick-witted outsiders.

Then you must leave Shaman Village and forget about the Hover Jade.

Do you need to hear Moapa's explanation again?
Thick-witted outsiders.

As long as you remain in our village, my people are not free to do as they will.
If you are not going to take the challenge of Trial Road, you must leave Shaman Village.

I cannot lose. I will not lose.
It is my responsibility as head of the Shaman tribe.

You're doomed. Moapa is the greatest warrior in all of Hesperia.

You don't seem like bad people, for outlanders, but we cannot give you the jade.
Only the hero with the blood of Yegelos, the hero of Contigo, can claim the gem.

Have you decided to give up this foolishness once and for all?
You have chosen wisely, and for your wisdom, you must leave Shaman Village.

Choose the road of your liking. It matters not to us.

If you have chosen, then we shall take the other path.

On the count of three, the challenge begins!

Do you want to challenge me on Trial Road?
You have chosen wisely, and for your wisdom, you must leave Shaman Village.

Do you need to hear Moapa's explanation again?
Thick-witted outsiders.

Let's get on with it, then.

Place this item in the chest?
The chest won't open. There's something keeping it shut tight.

Felix put [character]'s [item] in the chest.

Do you want to give up?
It would be wise of you to quit. Even if you reach the top, you cannot beat me.
You would do well to leave Shaman Village at once.

You may have been slow, but you made it through Trial Road to the mountain's peak!

Well, then... The time is nigh for us to decide who is stronger!

Let the battle begin!

You were quite swift! You may prove a challenge yet!

However, just because you're fast doesn't mean you're strong. Challenge or no, I will win.

Let the battle begin!

You've lost. Now leave Shaman village.

All right, all right. You've proven your strength, and you are heroes indeed.

As we promised, you will receive the Hover Jade, and we will take the Shaman's Rod.

After many years, the vow that Hoabna made to Yegelos has at last been fulfilled!

I'm tired now. I'll be back in the Shaman Village resting.

I'm sure you must be exhausted as well. Let's go back to the village and rest.

Shaman Village post-Trial Road

Dialogue strings

So, you rose to the challenge of Trial Road? Moapa was quite impressed with you!

The people of Shaman Village are normally quiet, valiant, and noble.
You defeated Moapa, and we must respect the bravery you demonstrated in fighting him.

You defeated Moapa, and that is ample proof of your skill as warriors.
I think you will find that the people of Shaman Village treat you quite differently now.

Heroes cannot be evil. And now, we have learned that heroes can be foreigners, too.

Your battle with Moapa was just like the legendary battle between Hoabna and Yegelos!
I would love to have watched, to see a new legend in the making...

Everyone in town is talking about how you have fulfilled Hoabna's promise.

After your battle, did you check on the other side of the mountain?
Did you see the spring? There's supposed to be a spring that only Hoabna could find.

If you have the same powers Hoabna had, you might be able to get there...
Nobody with the powers of the Shaman tribe alone can reach the hidden spring.

Some people among the Shaman tribe possess a special power...
The story goes that those with this power are the chosen few.

Moapa is quite honorable to sing their praises. This is what makes him a leader.

It's tough to imagine this bunch beating Moapa, but I'm not thinking about it.

Someday, a child in Shaman will grow to be stronger even than Moapa.
Then, the Shaman tribe will rise up again and reclaim what it once lost to Contigo.

We are too cautious around strangers. The world should not be such an unfriendly place.

I never thought I'd live to see the day Hoabna's promise was fulfilled.
Of course, I never thought anyone with Contigo blood could defeat a Shaman hero.

I hope that we remain close friends with the Contigo after this.

If I had the power to break down walls of sand, I'd climb to the other side of the mountain.

People living on the outskirts of Shaman Village have different powers from us.
Why would that be?

I can finally open the door and air the place out.
I can't believe Moapa was on the mountain fighting while I was stuck in here.

If I'd known that there was going to be a challenge on Trial Road...
I wouldn't have locked up. I'd have been right up there, watching the fight!

I thought it was quiet out here. I've been locked inside all day, so I couldn't check...
It was all because they were fighting Moapa up on Trial Road...

Nobody got to watch the challenge at Trial Road. It was just too far from town.
What a stupid law, that makes us hide away and miss all the battles!

For years, the people of Hesperia fought against the people of Atteka...
Our own Shaman Village was caught up in this war, as were the people of Contigo.

In those dark times, Contigo and Shaman fought repeatedly to protect our lands.
We fought to no avail, until we decided to let Hoabna and Yegelos fight for the outcome.

The battles between Shaman and Contigo were terrible, and few warriors ever survived.
Eventually, our towns chose Hoabna and Yegelos to fight as our champions.

I've always wondered why the final battle between Hoabna and Yegelos took place here.
I think Yegelos was really brave for traveling here all the way from Contigo.

I had thought that, after Yegelos, Contigo remained without a new hero.
Now, suddenly, a hero shows up who is mightier even than Moapa. It's beyond belief!

The stories always said that the heroes of Contigo were inferior to our own.
Now, I'm not so sure... It sounded like a fair match, and yet Shaman's hero lost.

Grandma and Grandpa have been in a terrible mood since they heard Moapa lost...
They're probably tired of being asked about the ancient war between Atteka and Hesperia.

Everyone always comes to ask Grandma and Grandpa about the old battles of legend.
It's all anyone ever talks to them about anymore. I'll bet they're tired of it.


So, you'd like to hear your fortune, would you?
That's probably good. The things I see are not for everyone to hear.

Well, you caught me in a good mood... I'll do it!




I can see it clearly... Your life is thick with danger...

Ooo... Wow, that was a strong one... Listen, don't go south. Bad stuff down there. Wow.

Oh, it's terrible! Awful beyond words! No more, no more!

You should absolutely not go south. Do you hear me? I'm serious about this...

That's weird... Everything is cloudy... The ether is gray and full of mists...
The world is undergoing some sort of change, it seems.

So, you'd like to hear your fortune, would you?
That's probably good. The things I see are not for everyone to hear.

Well, you caught me in a good mood... I'll do it!




I can see it clearly... Your life is thick with danger...

Ooo... Wow, that was a strong one... North by northeast is... bad. Bad stuff up there. Wow.

Oh, it's terrible! Awful beyond words! No more, no more!

Listen, I want you to promise me you'll NEVER go north by northeast. You got that?

That's weird... Everything is cloudy... The ether is gray and full of mists...
The world is undergoing some sort of change, it seems.

Your attacks showed skill and speed, but if we meet in battle again, I won't lose.

I don't think the other villagers will ever forgive us for losing to you on Trial Road.
If they had any idea how strong you are, they wouldn't be complaining.

Just climbing to the top of Trial Road is excruciating.
It must have been hard for Yegelos and Hoabna, too.

That wasn't a fair fight... I was all worn out from the climb... How could I fight?
How did Hoabna manage to fight after climbing a mountain like that!?

You have defeated me, and yet I still don't know your names... Would you tell me?
A warrior who does not share his name is a humble warrior indeed.

Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers. I shall remember those names.
We do not forget the names of heroes who can defeat me in fair combat.

Moapa said that he doesn't even know the names of the heroes who beat him...
He feels bad for not having asked. Maybe you should go tell him your names.

In a formal battle, it is both customary and honorable to give your name.
It's not too late for you... Please go tell my father your names.

Why does it matter if you know the name of someone who beat you or not?

If a warrior beats you, you must learn his name...
Not many people have beaten me, and they deserve my respect.

I would feel bad not knowing the name of a warrior who defeated me, I guess...

What a shame... My own father, losing to some ignorant foreigner with bad manners.

It's so old-fashioned to have to give your name to an opponent before a battle.

I'll never forget the name of anyone I fight.

I was stunned to hear that Moapa lost his battle...
His weapons all came from my own warehouse, so I feel a little responsible.

Everyone is depressed that Moapa lost his big fight. They should be glad the hero came!

Although it's not right to blame his loss on the weapons he used.
I couldn't afford it if that rumor started going around.

My husband is getting neurotic, worrying about whether his weapons caused the loss.

You've traveled to lots of different lands, haven't you?
That explains it... The only reason you won is because of your travels...
Your strange, exotic weapons are what won the day, not your skill.

I could have sworn that fancy boat was yours...
If you can afford such a nice boat, you can probably afford nice weapons, too.

We're very fond of Moapa here. He's a great leader.
If anyone in town says something mean to you, please forgive them.

I've been locked up inside all day! I'm so glad to get outside and stretch!

Ah... I've been inside for so long... I think I'll have a little picnic! But what should I eat...

Around here, people like a nice hot steak and some potatoes and beans...
You foreigners might be used to strange, exotic food, but we like our meals simple.

Moapa has been miserable since his defeat. If only I could have taken his place up there.

It drives me nuts how worked up everyone gets about Moapa around here.

All of the older people in town are really upset that Moapa lost...
It doesn't matter to us kids. I think they're too hung up on tradition.

I'm starving! I can't wait until dinner! I love my meat and potatoes! And BEANS!!!
It must be the spices the chef uses... Lots of salt, and lots of pepper!

Those fancy foreign chefs use all sorts of spices to hide the flavor of their food.
As far as I'm concerned, there are only two spices: salt and pepper.

You beat Moapa? Incredible! ...Not that I ever doubted you!

Don't be too pleased with yourself for beating Moapa.
One of these days, we'll come storming into Contigo, and we'll show you what's what!

Oh, please... Let a true warrior be born in Shaman. Let us forget this disgrace!

The older folks of Shaman are quite upset that Moapa was beaten.
I'm afraid this might lead to renewed fighting between Shaman and Contigo.

Moapa must have been hungry after climbing the mountain...
That's the only way those lousy Contigo nobodies could have beaten him.

I can't forgive the fact that Contigo's heroes beat our leader, Moapa...
I hope a new hero is born in Shaman, one who can crush those Contigo barbarians...

Felix, the hero of Contigo! I shall never forget you, the only one that defeated me!

Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Piers... I won't forget those names...
Someday, their names will be engraved on the columns leading to Trial Road.

Jupiter Lighthouse

Dialogue strings

Is that... It's Isaac and the others!

Isaac? Isn't he a friend of yours, Felix?
They both come from Vale, and regardless of what Isaac believes, they must be allies now!

Don't be that way! You two have much in common, even if you are at odds right now...

But Isaac and the others came all this way just to try and stop us!

But didn't you hear that? It sounded like a cry for help... What if they're in trouble?

Hang on, Mia! Don't worry, Garet! Everything will be fine!

Don't worry about me... I'm fine, but Garet...

Garet, you're only using one arm to hang on... What's the matter?

I don't know... I think I hurt my arm when I fell... It's totally numb! I can't move it!

You shouldn't have tried to save me when I fell into that hole...

Oh, Mia, don't blame yourself... I wasn't going to leave you down there!

It's no use! I can't pull you up, Garet! I'm not strong enough!

Isaac, please! You've got to save Garet!

This doesn't look good... We have to save Garet, and fast!

No, I'm afraid you won't be doing that...

Who are you!?

Me? Why, I'm Karst.

And I'm Agatio.

If you're not here to help my friend, then get out of my way, so I can do it myself!

Your friends will have to take care of themselves. You have a little debt to repay.

Debt? What are you talking about? We've never even seen you before!

Regardless, you have done Karst here a great wrong, and you're beginning to be a hindrance to us.

Wait a second... You two look familiar somehow... Do you know Saturos and Menardi?

So, you're not such a fool after all, Isaac! You are right. We are of the same clan.
The Fire Clan, from the frozen land of Prox, far to the north!

Prox? Never heard of it.

That doesn't surprise me. Our town hangs on the brink of extinction.

And the seal placed on Alchemy is responsible!

What are you saying? That doesn't make any sense.

It matters not! For soon, Prox will recover its lost power...

We shall bring Prox back from the edge, and then all the people of Weyard will kneel before us!

You think we'd let you, after hearing all that nonsense?

See! You're a hindrance!

And Felix was trying to help you?

Actually...we don't know what Felix's objectives are.

And we don't care, as long as he lights the beacon on Jupiter Lighthouse.

Then get out of our way! We're here to stop Felix!

Move, or we'll have to move you ourselves!

Did you hear that, Karst? They actually want to fight?

You mean to tell us that you would leave your friend...hanging?

So this was all part of your plan?

Cowards! Stop playing dirty and fight fair!

If you really are the brats who killed Saturos and Menardi, then you've earned some new foes!

But answer me this: would you still cry foul if you were fighting us four on two?

That's why you were waiting up here? To set a trap and make Mia and Garet fall?

We didn't plan on snaring both of them, though... That was a pleasant surprise!

So that's the deal, is it? You came up here to fight us?

Oh, did you figure that out all on your own? Impressive! I'm quite fond of intelligent boys...

I hope you don't think we're afraid of a fair fight, two on two...

A fair fight?

I'm sorry if I misled you, but we have a third... A Water Adept... Alex!

Alex? ...Where is he?

What's wrong, Karst?

It's Alex! He's gone!


Did anyone see where he went?

Forget about him! Honestly, I was planning to do the same to him that I'm about to do to them!

My only regret is that I won't be able to wipe that sneering smile off his face.

Well, take out all of your aggressions on these brats... You'll feel better!

Felix! Agatio and Karst are attacking Isaac and the others!

Do you think Isaac and Ivan can handle them without Mia and Garet's help?

I'm disgusted that Karst would set a trap for them. It's dishonorable!

What if Garet loses his grip while they're still fighting?

There's still time! We have to help Isaac!

Ah, Felix... I've been waiting for you.

Have you come here to light the beacon?
And you're sure that's all you're going to do?

Hmph. They consider you their enemy, and yet you pity them.

I saw you watching when Isaac's friends fell into Karst's trap.

I know you, Felix. I know that if you leave Isaac behind, you'll regret it.

You're not like me. You can't simply discard someone who is no longer of use to you.

Well, you'd better hurry if you still hope to save them.

Everyone recovered fully.

There you go! Consider it a gift. You can still make it. Go on...

It is time you followed your true feelings. Go on. Save your friends.

Even now, I want to run to Mia, to give her my aid... It seems I am weak as well...
I suppose I have no choice but to part ways with Agatio and Karst.

Isaac... I'm sorry... I can't take any more...

Keep it together, Ivan!

Ha! You're a fool! Never let concern distract you in battle!


We did it, Agatio!

It was close, but we did it.

Heh... He's no warrior. His concern for his friend gave us the opportunity to strike!

What's this? He's still alive!? Even after that blow?

It would be a shame if you and I ever had to regret letting him live...

Isaac! Watch out!

He's still alive! If we're going to act, Felix, we have to act now!

They're going to kill Isaac!

No, they aren't! I'm not about to let that happen!

None of us are, Jenna!

Felix? What's going on?

Be grateful! We just did you a favor!

I understand that when Venus was lit, the ground shook so fiercely that the very earth split.
Curious that it hasn't here!

You haven't lit the beacon yet, have you? And after all we've done to help you!

We're going to light the beacon right now...

If that's true, then you'd better go do it!

But we're not leaving Isaac behind.

Oh, great... Are you going to betray us now?
Typical. And you're going to try to stop us from finishing them off, aren't you?

Don't lie... We can see it in your eyes. We can see what you truly mean to do.

If you're only here to clear the way for us to light the beacon, then your work is done.

Isaac has proven to be a greater foe than we'd imagined. We can't let him live.

Consider how powerful these two were without the aid of a Water Adept. We have to finish them.

If you want them, you're going to have to face us first!

You're both quite badly injured... You're in no shape to fight all four of them.
I think it would be best if you left now.

We haven't much choice...

Karst, no!

Agatio, if we fight Felix now...we'll be destroyed.

Isaac killed your sister! Where is your anger!?

I am filled with rage, but not so much as to be blinded by it.

What, then? Do we give up?

Fine! But this is not the end.

Do with Isaac as you will.

But swear this oath to us: if we leave now, you will light the beacon's fire.
I don't care if you want to help Garet or not! The lighthouse comes first!

We do not have time to wait for you to save Garet!

Go, Felix. I will tend to Garet.

And be sure to bring with you the Mars Star that Isaac carries on him.

How did you know about the Mars Star?

Did you think this was about nothing more than revenge? Alex told us about it!

Take the Mars Star, or we'll be forced to make you!

Do not force our hand on this!

Go on, Felix. Take it.

I don't know why you're doing this, but I trust you... Take the Mars Star.

Felix took the Mars Star.

That's better, Felix. We'll be waiting for you on the aerie.

Felix, wait...

We cannot trust them. Take me with you...

Good thinking. If something happens up there, you'll be safer with Piers.

We'll be fine. Take Piers with you...

Listen to the others... Safety in numbers, as they say...

F, Felix... No! Why are you helping them?

Don't worry about us... Help Garet and Mia first.

We have to help Garet. He can't hold on for much longer.

Isaac! I don't know how you survived that attack, but I'm so glad you did...
We're going to help you... We're going to heal you...

Ivan... You've been injured. Don't worry about the others. Let's take care of those wounds.

Why did you help us, Felix? Whatever it was, I'm glad you stopped to help us...
But why do you have to still light the beacon?

I thought you were our enemy, Felix... Why did you stop to help us?

Garet and Mia are back. They fell through that hole, and then this panel...

Isaac! Look at you! You're a mess! I thought I'd never see you again...

You're pretty tough for your age... I'm impressed, Ivan.

You're late, Felix!

Now light the beacon!

Once you've lit the beacon, we might even forgive you for saving Isaac back there.

Once Jupiter is lit, only Mars remains! Now, light the beacon!

Once Jupiter is lit, we'll have no need for you. Just watch...

Do even think about resisting us... We have our own ideas about that.
Once the beacon is lit, your usefulness will have run out for good.

There seems to be a wide hole for the Elemental Star.
Cast the Jupiter Star in?
We have ignited the beacon... The third lighthouse is lit... Now let us go...

I don't think so...

You see, you've betrayed us once already...

We simply can't trust you anymore...

And now that Jupiter Lighthouse is lit, I'm afraid we have little use for traitors.

Poor dear... You look puzzled. Would you like to know why we don't need you?
I'd be happy to tell you. Mars Lighthouse is in Prox.

Figured it out, have you? Yes, Mars Lighthouse is in Prox.

What are you doing!?

They stole the Mars Star!

Your job is done now.

We're not done yet...

We've got the Mars Star! We don't need you anymore!

You know what that means, of course, don't you?
Exactly! That means it's time to die, Felix!

No? Well, how can I put this? It's time to die!

But what will happen to Felix's parents?

We keep our promises! Once all four lighthouses have been lit, we shall release them!

We would never do anything as terrible as breaking our word... as you have done so casually.

But if you're dead... Who will come to take them home from Prox?

I guess they'll just have to spend their remaining years in the frozen wastelands of the north!

Don't worry! They'll be fine! Now prepare for the end!


I thought you were taking too long, so I came to check on you. What's going on?

They say they don't need us anymore...

Agatio! Felix's sister isn't supposed to be here...

What do you want me to do? We can't just leave now! We have to finish them!

Don't worry, Felix! I'm here to help!


I got the feeling something was wrong, so I rushed up here. Just in the nick of time, it looks like!

Thank you, Sheba! I'm not looking forward to fighting, but I'm glad you're here.

Another one? Agatio, we're rapidly being outnumbered!

It's too late to flee now! We have to keep fighting!

Isaac and the others are safe! Now let's take care of these two rats!

We did it... We beat them...


What should we do with them?

Finish us!

But think: what happens to your parents if neither we nor Saturos and Menardi return?

Are you saying your people will kill our parents if you don't return to Prox? I doubt that!

Well then, I suppose you'd better finish us off, like I said.

What's the matter? Are you going to do it or not?
No, Felix! Don't!

You've made the better choice, Felix.

When did you get here, Alex?

If Karst is not bluffing... If you kill them, all of your efforts will have been for naught.

Do you understand, Felix? If that happens, Isaac will suffer the same fate you do...

Alex! What are you doing!?

I have revived them.

Why!? Are you going to make us fight them again?

Don't worry, Jenna. Look at them... They can barely walk right now.

Still, that doesn't give you the right to...

If you're not going to finish them off, you'll just be leaving them here, won't you?

You're not going to help us defeat these brats?

You'd better not be expecting a big thank-you for this, Alex!

Of course not, Karst. I would never ask for your gratitude.

What's keeping Felix and the others?

We should be going before Isaac and the others arrive.

If they're coming up, how do you plan on avoiding them on your way down?

Do not worry about us... We'll just take the elevator.

Now that the lighthouse has been lit, it should be fully operational again.

Oh! You're looking better!

Felix, Jenna...

Isaac... Garet...

Man! They got away! What a bunch of jerks!

All right, Felix! We want to know what's going on!

It's all quite complicated, Isaac. There are a number of extenuating circumstances.

What are you talking about, Kraden?

Look, I don't think any of us are in any shape for another fight right now.

What do you mean, Ivan?

I'm just saying we should get ourselves back to Contigo and sort things out there.

That's a sound plan, Ivan... I fully agree.

You're right. We can't fight right now. Let's head back to Contigo.
What do you say, Felix? Can we talk there?

We'll be waiting for you... So don't think you can sneak off again!

He's right, Felix. It's time we explained ourselves to them. We should go to Contigo.

We'll be there, Isaac. I promise. I hope you can still trust me.

I've never stopped trusting you, Jenna. I'll be waiting for you in Contigo.

We'll be expecting you. Don't think you can sneak out of this! You owe us an explanation!

Isaac wasn't the only surprise. They were all far more powerful than I'd expected.

Don't worry, Karst! We'll win in the end...

This one moved... I can't believe they're still alive! The pests!

If we stay here much longer, Isaac and the others will come! We should leave!

I know... But treason deserves death! We must finish them!

There's no time for petty grudges!

Alex! You...

You no longer consider me a friend? I do not care.

It goes beyond that, Alex! You've betrayed us, and treason deserves death!

Yes, I heard you the first time.
But shouldn't you heal yourselves before making foolish threats?

After fighting both Isaac and Felix, you're in no condition to fight me.

And if Isaac and the others come, what chance will you have?

What's keeping Felix and the others?

There's no time to talk!

Then what should we do?

We take the elevator! With the beacon lit, it should be fully operational once more.

We have no choice. Let's go.

Good! You're listening to reason! Now follow me!

Felix! Jenna!

What's happened?

It seems they fought with Agatio and Karst...

I had a really bad feeling after Sheba left. I hate it when I'm right...

Your power of prediction must be even stronger than you'd thought, Ivan...

Blast! They must have taken the elevator to escape!

How could they have done that to Jenna? Those monsters!

Felix tried to help us... They must have attacked him because he betrayed them.

So, does that mean Felix isn't really our enemy?

Felix! You're alive!

Mia, he needs healing, quickly! There's still time!

Don't let 'em die! Felix still has a lot of questions to answer before he's in the clear!

If you save Felix, we'll tell you everything...

All right, Felix! We want to know what's going on!

It's all quite complicated, Isaac. There are a number of extenuating circumstances.

What are you talking about, Kraden?

Look, I don't think any of us are in any shape for another fight right now.

What do you mean, Ivan?

I'm just saying we should get ourselves back to Contigo and sort things out there.

That's a sound plan, Ivan... I fully agree.

You're right. We can't fight right now. Let's head back to Contigo.
What do you say, Felix? Can we talk there?

We'll be waiting for you... So don't think you can sneak off again!

He's right, Felix. It's time we explained ourselves to them. We should go to Contigo.

We'll be there, Isaac. I promise. I hope you can still trust me.

I've never stopped trusting you, Jenna. I'll be waiting for you in Contigo.

We'll be expecting you. Don't think you can sneak out of this! You owe us an explanation!

The door's locked.

Holder of the star... Show the power of Anemos!

You didn't warn me that there would be an earthquake when the beacon was lit!

The core is shining so brightly already...

I've heard tales of this...

But I had no idea it would be so spectacular.

I've heard tales of this...

But I had no idea it would be so spectacular.

You're not planning on running away from Isaac again, are you?

We can't run anymore, Felix. I promised him that we wouldn't.

Besides, they want to talk, not fight...

They're waiting for us. Let's go to Contigo.

We shouldn't run from Isaac anymore, Felix.

Contigo during Reunion

Dialogue strings

Are you looking for Isaac? He and his colleagues are in the house at the top of the hill.
Are you the people they've been waiting for?

Everyone's left town for the time being. They're transporting the wings...
Actually, they might even have finished putting them onto the ship by now.

Is that your boat? It looks exactly like the one in the geoglyphs.

Jupiter Lighthouse has been lit, for the first time in years... Did you feel that earthquake?
If that's what happens when the lighthouses shine, I wish that it had stayed dark!

They look like they're in for some trouble. Oh well... I ain't a'gonna help 'em.

The prophecies are all coming true... We're living in some strange times, it seems.

It's just like the legends said... The ship in the geoglyphs has finally come to Contigo.

What does it mean, when ancient legends are turning out to be true?
I just want the world to go back to the way it was before.

I'm glad you kept your promise, Felix.

All right, let's hear what he has to say for himself!

What can we say, Isaac? Has Felix ever harmed you? Have we ever fought against you?

Felix's been avoiding you, but he never had any intention of fighting you or anything...

And he definitely helped us out back at Jupiter Lighthouse.

Isaac's been worrying about Jenna nonstop since this nightmare began!
How could she run away from him like that?

She was afraid that if we met, we would be forced to fight... She didn't want that.

I know that, now... But it doesn't explain why you're doing this...

Felix betrayed his hometown, Vale... That's why he hasn't been able to face Isaac.

Felix had hoped to play the villain alone, without getting Jenna or me involved...

He betrayed Vale? Kraden, what are you talking about?

He conspired to steal the Elemental Stars and fire the beacons of the four lighthouses.

That's what Saturos and Menardi were trying to do...

Why were you helping them?

Our parents' lives were at stake! We had to help!

Parents? But...your parents died three years ago, in that storm...

That night, Saturos and his men had raided Sol Sanctum... The storm was their doing.

Garet, you saw two strangers that night—Saturos and Menardi.
They were the only survivors of Saturos's raiding party.

They had failed to solve the mystery of Sol Sanctum. In doing so, they triggered the storm.

Everyone thought that you were killed by that boulder, Felix.
I can't tell you how glad I was to find you were alive!

In fact, nobody was killed by the boulder that day!

So that means...

Wait a minute, Kraden... Did you just say that nobody was killed by that boulder?

But what about Isaac's dad? And Jenna and Felix's parents? I thought they'd died that day!

I'm not so sure now...

Yes! If Felix survived, Kyle and the others may have as well...

Why didn't you tell us? We could have worked together to save your parents, couldn't we?
Except that we had only just begun our journey, and we simply weren't strong enough.

He's right. They were too powerful then... It would have been impossible.

There's more to it than that. He had another reason to light the lighthouse beacons.

Unless the lighthouse beacons are all lit, Weyard will eventually be destroyed.

Destroyed? Why?

King Hydros, ruler of Lemuria, says that our world is steadily shrinking.

Elemental energy drives the growth of civilization. Without it, we and our world will wither.

All that because the lighthouses aren't illuminated?

According to my research, that seems to be the case.

But...once the lighthouses are all lit, you said the world would end anyway!

That...might be true, too... But if we do nothing, the world will definitely end.

Wait for the end of the world to come or wind up accidentally triggering it ourselves...
What a choice...

Nothing is certain. There is no way to prevent the world from reaching its natural end.

However, we can fight to save the world from withering away due to the actions of men.

And, Felix, you knew this? You were helping them because you knew what was happening?
You're a lot smarter than I remember you being...

You just figured it out along the way, huh? That's still pretty darned smart.

Why did you wait so long to tell me? I would have helped you...

You wouldn't have done it before, Isaac...
It would have meant violating the sacred teachings of Vale.

Now that we know all of this, shouldn't we be going?


Hello again...

Hamma! You...know Isaac? And his companions, too?

We met at the temple on the edge of the Lamakan Desert...
I'm Hamma, descendant of the Anemos.
I was born in Contigo, and I inherited the power of the Anemos.

Hey... We just got into Contigo, and we found out this is where Ivan was born!

Yeah... We also learned that he's got a sister!

Sister... You don't mean...

That would be me, yes.

Not now, Ivan... This isn't the time.

Three lighthouses have been lit... The elements have been thrown out of balance.

Jupiter is growing stronger, and the north grows colder with every passing moment.

You must hurry to Mars Lighthouse. Ignite its beacon, before all of Weyard freezes...

Mars Lighthouse? Agatio has the Mars Star. He's on his way to light it now!

I doubt they will be able to light the Mars beacon...

Why's that?

There is a powerful force that does not want to see Mars rekindled.

You will fail as well...unless you pool your strengths together and fight as one.

This is bad. We have to!

I had hoped that you would feel that way...

I've prepared a gift for you, to aid you on your way to Mars Lighthouse.

I must leave you now, but we will meet at the inlet.

I'm sorry we left Venus Lighthouse without seeing you... I'm sorry for making you worry...

Maybe when this is all over, we can all go on a trip together.

Hey, Jenna, you sure seem calm, considering that we're racing to meet our enemies...

I'm just relieved that we've sorted our differences...

Me too, Mia... We could not have stood divided against a common foe.

Yeah, I guess I'm a little happy that we're not going to have to beat Felix up.

Listen, this is Felix's quest now... We're just doing what we can to help out...

Aren't you happy?
Everything's finally come together... This is how it was meant to be, Felix.

Don't worry about the future, Felix... Enjoy this brief moment's happiness.

But Hamma's waiting for us. Let's go to our ship!

You have to hurry! I think the ship from the geoglyphs is going to take off soon!

First, the lighthouse is lit, and now, we're going to see a flying boat! It's like a festival!

The boss said it was all right for us to go to the inlet once all the customers leave.
So hurry up and leave, so we can go watch the boat!

They've finished putting the wings on the boat, but I don't see what the big deal is.
It's just a flying boat, for crying out loud!

Once all our customers leave, I'm free to go. So hurry up already!

I can't believe it... All of the hopes of the people of Atteka have come true here, in Contigo!
It's like a miracle, a dream come true! This calls for a festival!

All these years, I thought it was just a children's story, but now it's all coming true...

It was kind of impressive watching the procession carrying those wings, though...

A flying ship... Surely, it must be a miracle. I'll have to study this closely.

Perhaps if I see a miracle with my own eyes, my faith will be restored once more...

Hamma returned to Contigo after all these years... Right when we finished the wings!

Was your boat really the same one in the geoglyph? What's that all about?

Everyone's waiting down by the beach.
They all want to see the boat fly with their own eyes.

A massive rock blocked the entrance to the inlet after the lighthouse beacon was lit...
If that ship's ever going to leave the inlet, it's gonna have to fly to do it.

Where do you think you're going?

We worked really hard on that ship of yours!

I want to see our handiwork take flight. Don't you, buddy?

I want to! Boy, do I want to!

So hurry up! We want to see the boat fly!

Thanks, buddy!

The villagers are all waiting to see the ship fly. So how's about getting on with the flying!?

Hamma wouldn't let us get any closer, so we're waiting here to watch the ship leave.

When people work together, even a little spiritual power can work great wonders.
We sent everyone back to the village so that their hopes would not impair your flight.

We've been working forever on getting these wings onto the boat!
We're not used to working like this... It's making me dizzy!

Who built the boat from the geoglyph, anyway?
Is there another tribe that's descended from the Anemos besides our tribe in Contigo?

Hamma is the new leader of Contigo. She bears the powers of the Anemos, after all.
But I still think she shouldn't be ordering us to help fix up your boat.

If that boat's gonna get out of the inlet, it's gonna have to fly. I want to see that.

It's amazing to think that my hard work is going to help make that boat fly.

Hamma says that our own hopes and dreams might prevent the boat from flying.
It's as though, by wanting it too much, we'll actually prevent it from happening.

We can't get too close to the boat, or it might not fly...
We've just got to have everyone watch from afar.

It's almost time... Time to watch a legend become reality!

If everyone will just obey Hamma's request, the ship will surely fly.

When the winged ship of Anemos flies once again, the whole land shall be made free...
That's what the legend says, anyway... But what land needs freeing? We seem free enough...

Once you remove the stone anchors weighing the ship down, it should fly...

The day has finally come that the ship will fly on the Wings of Anemos...

The Anemos were powerful, sure, but can their power really make a great ship fly?
No... No, I must not doubt... I must have faith that it will fly. It is meant to be.

These warriors will know what to do... They'll know how to save the land...

I hear that the warriors brought the Hover Jade back with them...
Now, that's something that I'd really like to see.

I've been waiting for you, Felix.

Take a look at your ship.

Now that you have been given wings, all obstacles in your path will vanish forever...

However, it is not the wings alone that grant your ship the power of flight.

Psynergy is the force that powers the Wings of Anemos.

If the ship is to fly, you will need to focus the power of your minds...

You have visited Shaman Village recently, have you not?

Now is the time to make use of the powers you acquired there.

Now... Use the power of Hover to raise your ship!

At first, you may not want to move your ship too high or too far...

It will be difficult at first, but that is to be expected... After all, this is your first flight.

But your quest should not demand much more of you...

Now, be confident and set sail!

All of Contigo is watching... Show them your power, and make your vessel fly!

Use your Psynergy to raise your ship and fly over reefs.

Travel safely, Ivan... The world depends on you.

I got stuck doing chores at home, and I had to miss watching the ship take off.

Everyone's been going on about how amazing it was to watch the ship fly...
I wish I could have been there to see it. I guess it was pretty moving.

It must be so exciting to travel around the world in a flying ship.

Hamma was telling us that the world is a dangerous place. I wonder what she meant.
I think she's concerned about the elemental balance...

I saw the ship fly! Now I want to see what it looks like from on board!

It wasn't what I expected, but seeing the ship take off was still amazing.

I didn't get to see the ship take off, but I'm not really all that disappointed.
I heard that it wasn't that impressive anyway.

Some people were talking about how the ship wasn't really that impressive.
Why would they say that? A ship actually flew through the air!

I couldn't fly in the air, that's for sure. I get motion sickness just walking around.

I heard that the world could freeze over soon... I hope Ivan does what he needs to.

The ship looked like it had a few problems trying to get off the ground.
I guess it was because the crew had never made a ship fly before.

All of those legends did nothing but build up people's expectations.
I'm just glad to know that the ship flew at all...

I guess the lighthouse was lit because Ivan and Hamma finally returned to Contigo.

Ivan doesn't remember his mother, because he was taken away at such an early age.
But I saw her eyes the day he went away. Tears welled up, and she couldn't stop crying.

From the look on Ivan's face, whatever happened at the lighthouse must have been bad.

Hamma will stay with us, but Ivan is leaving again.
The power of Anemos must be a terrible responsibility for such a young boy.

I wonder how Ivan feels now that he knows what happened to his mother.
Hamma seems so closed up... I wonder if she'll talk to him about it...

Someday, I'm gonna fight Ivan, and then I'll be the legendary hero of Contigo!

Brrr...Brrr... It's been really cold since the lighthouse beacon was lit!

Winter just ended, but it keeps getting colder. What's going on?

Jupiter Lighthouse has been called the beacon of wind... Is that why it's so windy and cold?

Hamma says that if Ivan fails, it will continue to get colder and colder.

The lighthouse has been lit, and we've made a ship fly... Our legends are coming to life!

It's up to the people of Contigo to live up to our own legends.

Mom and Dad have been walking around in a daze since the ship took off.

The baby's forehead is furrowed, like it's thinking.

Goo goo. Gaa gaa... Waaa!

Drafts! I hate drafts! This stupid house is always cold!

Now that we've finished the wings, we should fix the house.

Ivan has the power of prophecy, but I'll bet he didn't see this coming!

Now that I think about it, this very day will probably become a legend, too!

It's time to fix those drafts now that the wings are done!

Goo... It's getting colder... Gagoo... I want a blanket...

Ah, you've returned! What brings you to my new home?


You're my sister... Why didn't you tell me sooner? Why didn't you tell me when we first met?

You play an important role in all this. If I'd told you, you would have come here too soon.

This place is so familiar... I feel like I've lived here my whole life.

Look at me, Ivan.

You're too sentimental.
You would have given up your quest to find your true home, and we would all now be lost.

What are you saying, sister?

No, not sister... Do not think of me as your sister until you have fulfilled your destiny.


Our world is falling into ruin...

What? Hamma, what do you mean? What's happening?

Look, I don't want to interrupt your reunion or anything, but...

I couldn't help overhearing you say something about the world falling apart. What's up?

Our world requires a delicate balance of elemental forces. That balance has been disturbed.

Without that balance, one element might be lost beneath the others, straining Weyard.

You're talking about Mars Lighthouse, right?

Isn't Agatio taking care of Mars Lighthouse? Everything should be fine soon.

Agatio will not light Mars Lighthouse.

You don't think he can do it?

No. A great power stands ready to oppose them.

They lack the power to resist that force, and they will fall before it.

But what will happen if Mars Lighthouse isn't lit quickly enough?

Our world will be plunged into ice.

But what would make that happen?

Even I do not know the answer to that question.

Ah... Yes, given the way that the elements interact, I see...

Kraden, you understand?

Well, I'm only guessing... But I think it's a good guess.

Quit fooling around and tell me!

The earth is nurturing and warm. Many creatures are reared in this warmth, you see?
I follow you...

It's OK, Felix... I don't really get it either, but let's see where he's taking this...

Now, think about the ocean. It is a cold place, is it not?
Yeah, it is awfully cold...

I don't know what point he's trying to make, but I have to agree that the ocean's cold...

Both lighthouses were lit, and a balance was reached.

But with only the lighthouse of wind lit, the balance has been disturbed.

I get it... Wind cools things down, but it can't heat them up...

When you burn your hand on something hot, you blow on it to cool it off, don't you?

Right, yeah... I've always done that without thinking about it, but it makes sense, huh?

When Mercury Lighthouse was lit, this didn't happen, though. I wonder why...

Water cannot cool things as swiftly as wind, perhaps.

Or maybe the combined power of water and wind is cooling things down even faster...

If what Hamma's saying is true, we'd better get moving again, Felix.

I got too worked up about seeing my sister... Sorry.

It's all right. I'm happy that you cared so much...

All right, Felix! Let's head to Mars Lighthouse!

No matter what happens, you must light the beacon on Mars Lighthouse!
I hope for your safe return.

My heart is with you always, Ivan. Never forget that.

A cannon? Yeah, I think I heard something about a town up in western Angara having one...
A shot fired from that cannon can apparently break even the biggest blocks of ice.

I'd sure like to see the cannon someday. It sounds like a powerful weapon...

Now that the wings are finished, I doubt anyone will be buying any more armor from me.

Well, if there aren't going to be any customers for a while, maybe I'll finally take that vacation.

It's always such a letdown when you finish off a major task like fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

Now that the wings are done, everyone who came to help out has left the village...

All of our work and all of our celebration are finally at an end.
I think Contigo is going to go back to being a very quiet place.

The inn has become so lonely now that everyone's gone home.
We should have an annual festival in Contigo to commemorate this day!

Gosh... We were so busy, and now we're totally empty. I don't know what to do!

Now's my chance to experiment with some exciting new dishes! What should I make first...

It's going to be a little slow for a while, but I can't really complain, now, can I?
After all, I saw the lighthouse shining again, and I actually saw a flying ship!

The inn is bound to be slow for a little while, but business will pick up again.
Everyone who witnessed the events of the past few days will want to come back.

What are we going to do? All the excitement is over, and I'm going to be bored!
I was starting to like all the attention I was getting!

Seeing that ship take flight was the most moving thing I've ever seen...
I think I'll have to preserve it for future generations... in cake form!

It was a miracle that made all of the legends of the Anemos come true...
I'm not entirely sure, but I think my faith has been restored!

It was a shock to see such a huge ship float.
It made me realize how small we all truly are.

I can't believe that a ship just like the one in the geoglyph actually exists.
And I think everyone's proud to have helped to make the legends come true!

That flying ship looked so fake... It didn't look anything like I'd imagined it would.
Nobody else was complaining, but they don't pay attention to the details, like I do.

Look closely at the geoglyph. Study it, examine its details...
The more you stare at it, the more you recognize the greatness of the Anemos.

I'm convinced there's something hidden in the Sanctum.
I just know it says something about it on the wall.

All the amazing things we've seen and done, all the legends that have come true...
And I still can't get into the secret chambers of the Anemos Sanctum!!!

He's an odd boy, but I'm glad that Ivan has returned to Contigo at last...

We all came together and worked to make the legends come true...
It's really inspiring... Actually, it gives me goosebumps... Brrrr...

All right, so we've followed the instructions on the wall, and we still can't get in!

If you tap on the floor or walls, you can hear a hollow sort of sound.
I'm convinced that there's nothing on the other side!

Ivan was supposed to be a great, manly hero... I guess not all the legends came true...

I've been watching the skies, hoping I could catch another glimpse of the flying ship.

I wonder what's on the other side of the ocean... I should be happy where I am, but...
Whenever I think about that flying ship, I want to leave home, to explore the world!

All of our myths and legends have taught us that the sea is a dangerous, fearsome power.
But on the day the ship left, the sea was so calm and romantic looking...

You're going north? I hear it's always winter in the lands to the north, so bundle up!

Whenever I look at the sky, I think about that flying ship, and I want to travel the world.

I wish I could travel to the end of the sea on that beautiful flying ship.

Everyone in Contigo used to be afraid of the ocean.
But now, everyone who saw the ship take off sees the sea filled with wonder and romance.

I've decided to become... an adventurer!
One day, when Ivan and his companions return, I will join them on their amazing ship!

The legends tell us that a great calamity brought an end to the Anemos...
It had something to do with the light from the lighthouses being extinguished.

That crater behind the village is supposed to be where the city of the Anemos was.
The legend says that, one day, it just lifted off the ground and flew away!

The ancient city of the Anemos was located right near the ruins.
That crater nearby is where the city once was.

Cities flying up into the sky? I don't buy that for a second!

If a ship can rise up from the sea, why can't a city rise up from the ground?

I've seen a lot of weird things lately... Maybe I ought to listen to those legends.

The city of the Anemos rose up into the sky and became what we now call the Moon.

Wait... The city of Anemos flew up into the sky?
All right, that's just stupid!

We did it! The ship took off without a hitch!

Yeah, but...shouldn't it be flying a little higher than this?

Hamma told us that we wouldn't be able to fly very high until we were more familiar with Hover.

Let's see how far we can take this thing!

Sheba, what's wrong? You don't look happy...

Do you remember on Idejima, when I told you I had my own reasons for joining your quest?

You were so secretive! Are you going to tell us now?

... ...

You've gone quiet again... It's OK... You don't have to tell us if you're not ready yet.

I thought that if I went to Jupiter Lighthouse, I would learn who I was...

I remember the people of Lalivero talking about how Sheba fell from the sky...

All my life, I've been looking for the answer... Where was I born, and why was I abandoned?

You knew Felix was going to Jupiter Lighthouse eventually, and so you went along with him.

But you didn't find any answers, did you, Sheba?

I'm sorry, Sheba... I was so excited to find Contigo that I didn't consider your feelings.

What? Why is everyone so down all of a sudden?

... ...

Faran raised Sheba like his own daughter. He's cared for her ever since he first found her!

Yes, that's true, but...

But you can never be his real daughter, is that it?

Garet! You don't have to be so blunt about it!

No, he's right... I'd want to know my real parents, no matter how caring Faran might have been.

You think so? If it were me, I doubt it'd bother me at all...

Sheba, you may not know this, but you and I are very similar...

What do you mean?

Well, it's not exactly the same situation, but...

I was born in a poor village. My memories are hazy, but I still remember it.

I was only four when Babi took me under his wing.

You see, even though I was young, I was quite intelligent. Babi had heard about me...

And Babi took you to Tolbi to further your education, to raise you as a scholar...

I was separated from my parents so early in life... I've never known the comforts of a true home.

Faran has always been like a father to me... I must have been very lucky.

I should say so.

Thank you, Kraden... I feel better now...

I'm glad I could help.

Well, we should be going... Let's hurry on, Felix!

Hey, wait!

Master Hammet requested that I deliver this to Isaac, and I totally forgot about it!

Well, you'd better hurry.

I'm supposed to deliver this to Isaac... It's not too late, is it?

On my way here, I stopped in Kalay briefly to speak with Master Hammet.

He was quite upset that you hadn't returned to visit him so that he could thank you.

So he requested that I take this with me to Atteka.

It is a gift of thanks from Master Hammet. Take it, please.