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Note: This article is about dragons in general. For the unused enemy sprite simply called "Dragon", see Blue Dragon enemy line.

Dragons are a common sight in the fantasy genre, and the Golden Sun series is no exception.

Draconic enemies[edit]

Many enemies in the Golden Sun games are modeled after dragons, such as:

Draconic summons[edit]

Among the many powerful Summons are several dragons, such as:

Relationship with Mars[edit]

A dragon used as the avatar for fire.

Dragons appear to be closely tied to Mars, the element of fire. Numerous dragon statues can be found throughout Mars Lighthouse, and near the summit each element is given a corresponding symbol, with the symbol for Mars being a dragon.

Also worth mentioning is Prox, a village made up of Mars Adepts. Proxians are distinguished by their scaly skin, and some have demonstrated the ability to transform into dragons under the right conditions.