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Vajra Mace

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Vajra mace.gif Vajra Mace (DD)
The DS model of the Vajra Mace
Trade Info
Weapon class Mace
Sell value 18600
Artifact? No
Statistic Boosts
Attack Boost 182
First Unleash effect
Effect name Power Charge
Extra damage Star mars.gif x1.4
Side effect May drop target's defense by 25%
Second Unleash effect
Effect name Critical Move
Extra damage x1.4
Third Unleash effect
Effect name Boost Hack
Extra damage Star mars.gif 17
Fourth Unleash effect
Effect name Final Nemesis
Extra damage Star jupiter.gif 0
Side effect Hits each adjacent foe
May Stun each target

A Vajra Mace is a Mace-class weapon introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and can probably be regarded as the most powerful mace in the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description[edit]

A Vajra Mace increases the wielder's Attack by 182 points. It can be sold for 18600 coins. Just like the Fur Coat in Golden Sun, Vajra Maces are not considered Artifacts and can't be re-bought if sold.

Thunder Lizards in Crossbone Isle drop the Vajra Mace rarely, though the odds increase considerably if they are defeated with a Venus Djinni. As a mace-style weapon, the Vajra Mace can be equipped by Matthew, Tyrell, Rief, and Eoleo.

Like all the strongest weapons of most classes, it has four unleashes: Power Charge, Critical Move, Boost Hack, and Final Nemesis. Power Charge is a Mars-based physical attack that multiplies damage by 1.4, and has a chance decrease the target's defense by 25%. Critical Move is a non-elemental physical attack that multiplies damage by 1.4. Boost Hack is a Mars-based attack that inflicts an additional 17 points. Final Nemesis is a Jupiter-based Unleash that hits up to three targets, and may stun each target.


Compared to other "Ultimate weapons" available to the player, the Vajra Mace is somewhat lacking. While it gives Rief the highest Attack increase of any weapon he can wield, the middling Unleashes ensure that he won't be doing much damage. Thus, the player may prefer to give him a staff such as Atropos' Rod or Lachesis' Rule, which would do more damage, though they give him lower attack bonuses. Meanwhile, Matthew, Tyrell, and Eoleo will be able to equip more useful weapons like the Sol Blade, Levatine, and Herculean Axe respectively.

Cultural References[edit]

In Buddhism, a Vajra is a short, double-sided weapon that can cut through anything and not be scratched itself. Vajra is a Sankrit word meaning both "thunderbolt" and "diamond."


  • Although they can't be bought, a Vajra Mace would cost 24800 coins if they could.
  • The Vajra Mace is the only mace that has four unleashes rather than the common three.

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