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Vortex World (The Story)[edit]

The vortex would seem as a passage that connects the "nethers" and the surface world. It appears like a Black Hole, and like one, it can absorb a person's energy. If a living being enters a vortex, he will be brought to this "nether" region, ultimately unknown to those who lived in the surface. The nether region is filled with Darkness, and the people living there were isolated from the surface. As the "event" happened, these vortexes appeared, and the people of the nether discovered that the vortexes link the two regions together. They sent a ship towards the surface world in the hopes of fulfilling their prophecy. Their prophecy which tells that their freedom shall be full when all the ancient machines be used to bring darkness upon the surface.

The world of the nethers is currently known as the Vortex World - home of the isolated ones.

More About Vortex World (User)[edit]

Okay. So it seems my name is a bit... off. Just call me Vortex, then. I've played all Golden Sun games although what's left of my memories in the first two games are the main story only (I forgot almost all minor events, so I plan on replaying them when I gain more free time). The world of Weyard has became attached to me and one of the reasons why is because it's based on the real World. For me, it's the best game in the old days of Gameboy Advance (the story and graphics just... amazed me).

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As a Golden Sun player[edit]

I have played the games for the RPG feel, and most especially, the games' story. I have never been too detailed about how my party is set up, and so I'm not that bothered not having max stats and all. I always have one adept of each element in my active party and tend to make my character stick to his/her default class too (so that Rief is usually replaced by Amiti due to Rief being a clumsy Angel XD).

Also, I never used the Flee option as I played Dark Dawn... well, there was one time I accidentally pressed it, but... well...I,uh... urggh. Alright. I accidentally used it. ONCE. Okay?

Recent Whatnots[edit]

Le'see... WAITING for the next Golden Sun game. Waiting could last for like, say, around 7 YEARS?!

I wish I'm still able to play and support it by then.

Currently Working On[edit]

Travel Log page

Objective: Complete all Objectives!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's Atlas page :)

I'm reinventing the way map images are placed in the page. Hopefully everything will be finished by the end of the year...

Notes: The upper screen map is the Detailed Map and the lower screen map/s is/are the Area Map/s.

My Dark Dawn Glitches and Funny Moments[edit]

  • Behold, my Dark Dawn ROM (which I use to take snapshots and all) is giving me this black screen glitch where the screen sometimes goes all black when I am travelling on the overworld. Thus, it allowed me to: Climb/Fall on mountains, Walk on water, Run across the clouds and Explore the ends of the world map - allowing me to access usually inaccessible areas... without cheating.

  • I STILL HAVE SOME POWER BREADS, HARD NUTS, MINTS, etc. on my inventory. Looks like they can't be transferred to any other game though.:/

  • Garet just unleashed all his Djinns for 3 consecutive turns and then used Tiamat the next turn! Hahaha, he must very angry that I made Matthew and Karis defend for around 8 turns already. Haha...

  • OMG - The Psynergy Vortex at Abandoned Mine ate Matthew's Fireball and Karis' Whilwind! XD Too bad it didn't work on Growth, and I can't go back to the Mine to check if it eats other Psynergies...