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My username is Avariss but that's because it's an alternate personality of a character I created. That character's name is Ares and that's what I'm actually nicknamed and known by. So if you want, call me Ares. Avariss is fine too. Anyway What to know about me? I'm a very avid and devoted gamer. So much so in fact that I tend to lose myself in a game as soon as I get it and wind up beating it way too fast. Also when there's mysteries left in games I'm the type of person to come up with theories. So if I make a theory that you don't agree with that's ok, just know that I form them based on actual facts from the games. I've played all three of the Golden Sun games so far and can say that there might be a fourth. I'll probably make contributions to pages if I feel that they aren't accurate. Umm... dang I don't know what else to say. Let's get on to my favorite characters and stuff.

Favorite Characters[edit]

I only have two so let's get down to them and the reasons WHY I like them.

Alex.gif Alex: Why do I love this guy so much? Simple. He's awesome in every way. I know people claim he's the antagonist but I don't feel he is. There's something else behind his motives. I can feel it. Why does he need power? Why does he manipulate people? And why did he help Matthew end game? All these things make me wonder and love him anymore. On that note I also love the fact that out of all the character's he's by far the Shrewdest and most cunning of them all. Plus he's extremely powerful even if you don't play as him OR fight him. My hope is that maybe eventually there will be a game where you play as him and his motives are revealed. On a site note I was extremely surprised and happy to find that the playable character Amiti was most likely his son. No wonder that kid is pretty cool. XD

Alternate Face Pic:AlexDD.png As Arcanus

FaceFelix.gif Felix: My second favorite character is Felix. Between him and Isaac I always liked him best. It's probably because I'm more drawn to the Anti-Hero type characters then the Heroic characters. But I really liked his character design better then Isaac's and also his personality differed from Isaac's in that he didn't jump the gun on everything. He stepped up to plate and saved people when they needed it most and he took the hard role of pretending to be the Villain in order to protect those he cherished. His kindness really knew no bounds. I truly missed him in Dark Dawn and hope in the Next game he'll be in it. Though people say Isaac is the over all main character and leader of the Warriors of Vale I find myself thinking Felix is. After all from the very start HE was the one who was journeying to stop Weyard's destruction by lighting the lighthouses, even if it meant having to face his own family and friends. To me these are the true qualities of a Main Character. Here's hoping he'll make a comeback. Also I was really hoping he had a Kid in Dark Dawn that was playable. =/ Oh well maybe in a future installment.

Favorite Villains[edit]

So far there's also only two.

Saturos.gifSaturos: Ahh Saturos. It's ashame he died. It was stated in game he wasn't smart enough to climb the towers but I tend to think otherwise. He was a truly worthy opponent, cunning and powerful. Unlike Menardi he actually had some kindness in him. But he didn't let that hinder him from his goals. To me I believe he was Prox's strongest Warrior, and Agatio and Karst couldn't hold a candle to him. The two of them weren't very manipulative or even that strong. They had to rely on Alex. Mendardi was ALRIGHT but she relied soley on this man. Also I very much liked the fact that his intentions were noble. Fighting and defeating Saturos was the most challenging and exciting moment in the first game for me. As a Villain, I give him 5 stars.

ChalisDD.pngChalis: Now how come I like her? Well... I'm not gonna lie I found her hot. But that's not the only reason. Like Saturos she was a master Manipulator, cunning and shrewd. She used her beauty and charm to make many a character bend to her whim's. Blados was alright but he was more of a stupid ape who really just wanted to attack. Her downside is the fact that she didn't realize in all her cunning, that she herself was being used by Arcanus (AKA Alex.} It was a shock and awesome that end game both she and Blados were Dark Adepts. All in all I'd give her a 3 and half stars. Only because she wasn't smart enough to realize Arcanus/Alex's intentions.