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Purpose of page[edit]

I admit, I didn't do a very good job of writing the page, and probably should have been more careful in my wording, but the purpose of this page is to list all things that are:

  • known to be effected by darkness (as in, literally dark, not the "element" dark); or:
  • have a similar effect to something "Dark".

For instance, Vortexes and Grenades have the same absorbing effect that the Eclipse Tower did (though light =/= Psynergy necessarily, hence my "not confirmed" stuff), and the Tanglewood (or rather, Tangle Bloom, since the dungeon and the monster are effectively the same thing) has all the same traits that monsters of the Grave Eclipse did. This is not speculative, it is a simple listing of similar things, for, if nothing else, navigation purposes (like the Venus page- for that matter is it ever confirmed that Venus is actually opposed to Jupiter? Point is it doesn't really matter, since the purpose is to generally inform, not be strictly true). However, things like saying Shadow Shield being a Psynergy (I have yet to see the citation for "dark Psynergy" actually existing), or saying that Dark is an element, are "definitions of Dark", not "descriptions of the effects and sources of darkness". The difference is pedantic, but important, since Dark is not defined as of now, so it is speculative to attempt to define it. It is not speculative to list all similar things for navigational or illustrative purposes. The page can then be deleted and rewritten when a proper definition does come out. Slax 19:21, 6 January 2011 (CST)

Okay, I think I understand now. I'll go back and re-edit it to make it clearer and less "definitive". As for your questions: I think the whole "Venus opposed to Jupiter" comes mostly from Venus-aligned characters/monsters taking more damage from Jupiter attacks, and vice versa. I don't know if it's ever explicitly stated in-game, but we are given evidence towards Mercury and Mars, so it isn't hard to figure out the rest. As for Dark Psynergy: I don't remember exactly what he said, but Blados says something to the effect of "Can we assume Dark Psynergy is an open secret now?" when first encountered in Apollo Sanctum. Of course, for all we know, "Dark Psynergy" is more of a style than an element, like healing and summoning Psynergy. I don't know where the bit about Shadow Shield being a Psynergy came from, though... HungryPaperweight 11:21, 9 January 2011 (CST)


The idea of light and dark being fundamentals of Weyard seems to mean that, while all matter is based on Alchemy and the four elements, light and dark are the basis for something even more fundamental. For me this could mean either they are the basis for the four elements, the basis of life, or the basis of existence. It doesn't seem like a proper element though. Tzion 19:58, 6 January 2011 (CST)