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Slax, who's that?[edit]

Hey, I'm an unknown user, so I'll introduce myself; I'm a long-time Golden Sun fan, who's been an admirer of this wiki for ages, but I've felt it has been so complete that I didn't have much to contribute. However, since the announcement of GS:DS, I wanted to add where I could, because once that game comes out you can be sure I'm not going to spoiler it by coming on here XD.

Also, I'm Australian, so I'll try not to put "mum" anywhere but I apologise in advance if I do XD

What do I like about Golden Sun?[edit]

Here's a list XD

Topic: Favourite (why)
least favourite (why)

Star venus.gifElement: Venus (FTW! -it's Felix's type AND it has most of the OHKO abilities)
Mercury (probably because of Mia's lack of dialogue and rather (visually) unimpressive Psynergies. Compounded by Aqua rock. Even though Serac and Diamond Berg were good at reversing my opinion, they came along too late to salvage it. (Mia is still the best adept in terms of usefulness though))

Assassin.pngEnemy: Assassin/Slayer (it's named assassin, it uses dual daggers AND has a OHKO FTW)
Drone Bees (these things SLAUGHTERED me way back when I first played GS1)

Assassin Blade.gifWeapon: Assassin Blade (the name and ability)
Ninja blade (I hate anything ninja, which might seem odd considering my Assassin fetish XD)

Annihilation.gifBackstab.gifPsynergy: Annihilation (though I don't use it due to my aforementioned hatred of ninjas) OR Backstab (also don't use because I don't like Mercury, but both I like for their ability)
Burst (animation= WAY TOO SLOW)

SummonIconJudgment.gifSummon: Judgement (isn't it everyone's? -although that may be overpopular, so a second vote goes to Charon.)
Azul (Always struck me as too weak for its cost. Plus it's mercury)

Venus djinn.gif Djinni: Ground (I love that satisfactory crushing sound it makes when it hits 'em.) -or Salt.
Gale (I want that EXP back darn you!)

FaceFelix.gifAdept: (highest to lowest) Felix, Isaac, Mia, Garet, Jenna, Sheba, Piers, Ivan.

Class: Slayer (because it is venus, is Felix's default class AND is a monster of the Assassin monster line (which has a OHKO), what more must I say? That it has oddyssey, of course!)
Ninja (just look at that name. Plus it's overused.)

Memory of Golden Sun: Playing it the first time, the visuals were AMAZING! (And still are!)
my fourth playthrough on AQUA ROCK! GARRR! (I got lost XD)

Dungeon: Gaia Rock (Venus, plus the serpent, but I have to admit, it took me FAR TOO LONG to find that DAMN LADDER on the outside XD)
Aqua Rock (possibly a cause for my dislike of Mercury, it is so BORING. -At least Air's rock was Australian and had SOME changes in scenery)

Non-in Game Aspect: The Manga (that thing is awesome XD)
Fanfics/speculation/Fan Wanking (DO NOT LIKE. If its not official I don't care. Simple as that.)

Song(s): Track #4 Super Lucky Dice, Track #70 the peace-restored villages, Track #44 Ending Credits, Track #91 Venus Lighthouse, Track #01 Main Theme, and last (but certainly not least!) Track #81, Elemental Star Chamber/Anemos Sanctum Entrance.

Venus djinn.gif This user considers him/herself a Venus Adept.
FaceFelix.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Felix.
Assassin.png If this user were a monster, he'd be an Assassin.