Pound Cube

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Pound Cube.gif Pound Cube
In-Game Description
"Bestows Pound when equipped" (TLA)
Trade Info
Item class Psynergy item
Equip/Use Effect
Special Equip Effect Bestows Pound when equipped
• Fall on top of the Mars Djinni you chase throughout Dehkan Plateau (TLA)

The Pound Cube (プレスのキューブ, Cube of Press?) is a Utility Psynergy item featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It bestows the Pound Psynergy, and it can drive certain types of pillars into the ground.

The Pound Cube is in the possession of the Mars Djinni Cannon, which uses it to elude the player throughout Dehkan Plateau. As part of the natural progression through the dungeon, Felix will drop down onto Cannon through a hole from above, relieving the Pound Cube from Cannon and making it run away. Pound is used near the end of the dungeon to prevent Cannon from running away to an unreachable platform so that it can be fought. Pound is regularly used for solving puzzles throughout the game.