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About Me

Hello! I'm dkpat (or Dillion) and I would be your resident Ivan fan and one of the Administrators. Why Ivan? He seems so mysterious, and quiet; his story isn't highly vocal which makes him all the more interesting to me. Plus he's a Jupiter Adept, what could be better? As far as being an Admin here, I tend to focus on technical or design problems. Templates, wiki skins, server-side maintenance... I do all of these things! If you need any help, or just want to make a comment about the wiki, just leave a message on my Talk Page. If you want to discuss something about the content of an article, you might be better off talking to Erik. He's the head honcho around here :)

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Past Projects

  • Created Djinni Infobox and implemented an elemental color system.
  • Designed the wiki skin (twice now).
  • Designed the current Main Page for the wiki.
  • Updated the style of various existing Infoboxes to look more modern.
  • Rewrote the Dark Dawn article to be a bit more respectable and current.


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