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Hey there, everyone. If you've clicked my name to get to this page, I'm taking the narcissistic route and assuming you want to read more about me. I promise you, I shan't disappoint.

The Man[edit]

To start off, my real name is Ben, and I'm from a very small town in southeast Kentucky called Hyden. I actually editted this Wiki a long time ago, back when it was still on Wikia, under another username. Back then, I was in high school, I was only starting to come out of my awkward phase, and when I wasn't playing basketball or running track, I had delusions of grandeur and believed that I could revolutionize the gaming industry with my fanfiction. I was, in short, just like every other sixteen year old nerd.

Now, at the ripe old age of 20, I'm a junior at Morehead State University (Go Eagles!) and a student in our Honors Program. After an ill-fated attempt at being a Computer Science major, I'm now an English major with a Creative Writing minor, and much happier that way. My writing has turned a full 180 from my fanfiction days; while I still occasionally write down ideas and such for games and franchises I love, the bulk of my writing is now short fiction and poetry. I've still got my fingers crossed for publication, however small it may be.

Although I don't get to spend as much time away from homework as I'd like, I still manage to work in some video games every now and then. Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, the fifth generation Pokemon games, and whatever retro Zelda games I'm in the mood for at a given moment are my great loves at the time of this writing. Although I've barely touched a basketball since graduating, I still run almost every day. It's the purest form of stress release known to man. I'm a big reader of both books and webcomics; I only wish I didn't have to read so much for my major that I had time to read for entertainment. And to end with something that should be obvious, I still edit wikis on occasion. Nowadays you can usually find me on The Mass Effect Wiki adding tips for the third game's multiplayer (under the username "The Gunsmith"), or over on TV Tropes being a Troper.

The Golden Sun Fan[edit]

As much of a gamer as I am now, I came to gaming pretty late in life. Up until about fifth grade, I rarely played anything besides Pokemon. Golden Sun was the first game I ever really fell in love with. A friend of mine in elementary school had it, brought it with him to school one day, and after I played it for a while, I was determined to own it myself. I played both it and The Lost Age until the batteries in the cartridges died, and then I just emulated them (and made myself endure password transfer for the first time). When Dark Dawn was announced, I was thrilled.

Even if Dark Dawn did leave me a little disappointed, I still have a huge soft spot for the series. While the character development is rather lacking (I'm looking at you, Himi), the universe of these games is beautifully crafted and loads of fun.

Back in my Rellin days, I made a lot of the pages over Psynergy on the Wiki. I can remember (with some slight cringing) how I tried to "spice up" each article, and I can't voice how big my sigh of relief was when I returned and saw someone had standardized them.