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Welcome to the show, y'all!

About Me[edit]

My name's Ben. I'm a sixteen year old Junior from Kentucky. I play basketball and run track and cross country. That alone takes up almost all my time.

Anyways, I do have a little free time, and I love Golden Sun, I am.

Golden Sun History[edit]

I got Golden Sun when I was ten. I'd played my friend's copy of it before, and fell in love with it right away. I didn't get TLA until I was thirteen, by which point I'd successfully done everything in the first game at least three times and had parts of the script memorized (I was a nerdy little kid...). Since then, I've done basically everything there is to do in both games, with the exception of playing Hard Mode (I've just not had the patience.).

More Nonsense In Q&A Form[edit]

Q: Why the name "Rellin?" A: When I first joined this site, I was writing a Golden Sun fanfic. Rellin was the random name I pulled from nowhere for one of the characters.

Q: Fanfic? What fanfic? A: It was called War of Sages. I say "was" because I never really wrote more than a few chapters (none of which featured Rellin, by the way.), and I've never been able to get back into writing it. The entire plot is sitting in my head; I could probably write up a summary for you if you asked nicely and promised me a cookie.

Q: Wait, does this fanfic turn into one of those "Alex vs. Isaac" pieces of crap? A: Nope. It can't. Isaac's not in the story. Heck, if you want to just know about it, then read on!

Q: Okay, enough about your fanfiction. Are you on any other sites? A: I used to belong to the Nintendo NSider forums before they shut down under the name RidFanOne. On other forums I've joined (but very rarely was active on), I've gone by Rid and RFO (guess where those names came from =P). I was a Wikipedia editor for a while, but I went through about 5 different usernames before I finally quit.

There's not a lot of chance you'll find me on other sites anymore, for the record. Forums lost their appeal a while ago, and Wikipedia deleted the articles I helped the most with, the list of enemies in Metroid.

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