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Yo. I'm a Golden Sun nut and I discovered this page when I was browsing and saw that there was a massive spike in this particular wikia's traffic. That was also the day I noticed that the long awaited for Golden Sun 3 was coming out.

Work at Golden Sun wiki[edit]

My work is here limited because the site already well developed, however, I tend to correct spelling issues where I find them, and add my own insights and analysis to various aspects (such as class trees).

Also! I love Userboxes! I'm currently making a Userbox for the most common/most logical and best accepted shippings. Check them out!

Check out my Class setups!

Coming soon! Speculations and stuff on a hopeful fourth installment!

Shameless Grandstanding[edit]

This section is horrendously underdeveloped. I hope to fix that soon.

Isaac2.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Isaac.
Jenna2.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Jenna.
Mars djinn.gif This user considers him/herself a Mars Adept.
Isaac2.gif This user is a Valeshipper. Jenna2.gif
Garet2.gif This user is a Steamshipper. Mia.gif