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I'm assuming you've come to this page to figure out who I am. I'm 26 years old with a biology degree and I'm studying Medical Laboratory Science. My first game was Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Unfortunately, my copy (and my Game Boy Advance) was stolen a few years later, but luckily I have been able to secure another copy a few years ago. I got back into the series big time with the introduction of Dark Dawn, which has become one of my personal favorites.

I recently obtained a copy of the first game. Its an interesting experience, playing it for the first time so long after it came out.

I can generally be found doing Dark Dawn related updates. I tend to do mostly content-based edits, since I stink at coding and can't get images. Some of my work can be found in the updated weapons and armor pages, and the Summons. My current projects are adding uploaded DD images to the dungeons, and updating Psynergy articles. The pages I'm most proud of are the Fume pages (the first one to get featured), and the Attack (command) and the Unleash pages, which were some of the first pages I did my own overhauls on.

When not editing or doing Real Life stuff, I play CyberNations.

Random Gameplay facts[edit]

My playstyle is fairly offensive. I tend to prefer elemental physical attacks and unleashes to Djinn and Summons. I do tend to have a healer or two around though. I do like to make use of class setups. I've just now gotten the patience for RNG tactics in The Lost Age.

My top three characters are Matthew, Sveta, and Amiti. I love their offensive abilities, but I also like the personalities. Sol Blade Matthew and Savage Fiend Sveta make an outstanding combination for most endgame boss battles. I adore Amiti's versatility in his base class, combined with the useful weapons he can access.