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Template Collections[edit]

For My Password Page[edit]

Level and Stats List[edit]

Template:Level and Stats List
Character Level Stats
HP PP Attack Defense Agility Luck
Isaac icon.gif Isaac 99 1999 1999 511 511 511 99
Garet icon.gif Garet 99 1999 1999 511 511 511 99
Ivan.gif Ivan 99 1999 1999 511 511 511 99
Mia.gif Mia 99 1999 1999 511 511 511 99

Djinn List Complete[edit]

Template:Djinn List Complete
Venus djinn.gif Venus Mars djinn.gif Mars Jupiter djinn.gif Jupiter Mercury djinn.gif Mercury
Star venus.gif Flint Star mars.gif Forge Star jupiter.gif Gust Star mercury.gif Fizz
Star venus.gif Granite Star mars.gif Fever Star jupiter.gif Breeze Star mercury.gif Sleet
Star venus.gif Quartz Star mars.gif Corona Star jupiter.gif Zephyr Star mercury.gif Mist
Star venus.gif Vine Star mars.gif Scorch Star jupiter.gif Smog Star mercury.gif Spritz
Star venus.gif Sap Star mars.gif Ember Star jupiter.gif Kite Star mercury.gif Hail
Star venus.gif Ground Star mars.gif Flash Star jupiter.gif Squall Star mercury.gif Tonic
Star venus.gif Bane Star mars.gif Torch Star jupiter.gif Luff Star mercury.gif Dew
Note: The list are rearranged on the characters once the data is imported at The Lost Age

Items List[edit]

Template:item Slots
Isaac icon.gif Isaac Garet icon.gif Garet Ivan.gif Ivan Mia.gif Mia
Black Orb.gif Black Orb Weasels Claw.gif Weasels Claw x30 Weasels Claw.gif Weasels Claw x30 Weasels Claw.gif Weasels Claw x30
Weasels Claw.gif Weasels Claw x30 Water of Life.gif Water of Life x30 Psy Crystal.gif Psy Crystal x30 Water of Life.gif Water of Life x30
Lucky Medal.gif Lucky Medal x12 Wicked Mace.gif Wicked Mace Potion.gif Potion x30 Potion.gif Potion x30
Game Ticket.gif Game Ticket x30 Demon Axe.gif Demon Axe Kikuichimonji.gif Kikuichimonji Zodiac Wand.gif Zodiac Wand
Mars Star.gif Mars Star Muramasa.gif Muramasa Swift Sword.gif Swift Sword Blessed Mace.gif Blessed Mace
Gaia Blade.gif Gaia Blade Thunder Crown.gif Thunder Crown Lucky Cap.gif Lucky Cap Jeweled Crown.gif Jeweled Crown
Lure Cap.gif Lure Cap Adepts Helm.gif Adepts Helm Ninja Hood.gif Ninja Hood Spirit Armlet.gif Spirit Armlet
Warriors Helm.gif Warriors Helm Spirit Gloves1.gif Spirit Gloves1 Virtuous Armlet.gif Virtuous Armlet Oracles Robe.gif Oracles Robe
War Gloves.gif War Gloves Storm Gear.gif Storm Gear Feathered Robe.gif Feathered Robe Quick Boots.gif Quick Boots
Spiked Armor.gif Spiked Armor Asuras Armor.gif Asuras Armor Ninja Garb.gif Ninja Garb Cloak Ball.gif Cloak Ball
Hyper Boots.gif Hyper Boots Demon Mail.gif Demon Mail Quick Boots.gif Quick Boots Lifting Gem.gif Lifting Gem
Catch Beads.gif Catch Beads Dragon Scales.gif Dragon Scales Halt Gem.gif Halt Gem Frost Jewel.gif Frost Jewel
Carry Stone.gif Carry Stone Hyper Boots.gif Hyper Boots Orb of Force.gif Orb of Force Douse Drop.gif Douse Drop
War Ring.gif War Ring Clerics Ring.gif Clerics Ring Adept Ring.gif Adept Ring Healing Ring.gif Healing Ring
Mythril Shirt.gif Mythril Shirt Mythril Shirt.gif Mythril Shirt Running Shirt.gif Running Shirt Silk Shirt.gif Silk Shirt
Note: The order of the items as appears in Golden Sun. In The Lost Age, the Black Orb becomes Black Crystal, and the Mars Star places in Mythril Bag.