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VenusDjinniGif.gifAbout This User[edit]

Hello everyone. I'm Raileys. I'm now Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[". years old. I am interested in anime, manga, and gaming. In gaming, the games I like have a very long adventure, many playable characters, many character customization, and weapons (swords or guns). I was LordRaileys before. Now, I'm now as RaileysXerilyas.

Already played:

  • Golden Sun
  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Currently plays:

  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age

The console that I previously used is the Nintendo DS. That means I could play Golden, The Lost Age, and the Dark Dawn. I stopped playing games with my Nintendo DS since earlier in 2011 because the A button was crashed and also both shoulder buttons, and I do not have much money to fix it on a store. So, I only play DS games without the usage of any buttons, just the touchscreen and I only play Brain Age. I'm just playing these games on an emulator in my home laptop. And soon I will have a Nintendo 3DS and the other games I would like to buy and play, and other than Golden Sun.

The first Golden Sun game I played was the Golden Sun (very first huh?). I sometimes play that game in that time because I didn't like it. In 2007, I was slightly liking the game because that game was full of fights with weapons, full of adventure and the playable characters have extraordinary abilities. I played until I finish it. After days of playing sometimes, I can't solve the riddles inside the Mercury Lighthouse. So, I decided to level up the team. But sometimes again because I got classes. In Summer 2008, the team was at Level 31. I've learned that in the room of the Mercury Lighthouse, which there was a rainbow and the statue inside, it only just using the Psynergy Ply on the statue and on their way to the Lighthouse Aerie. I'm just sorry that I forgot how it works since I wasn't the one who continued my file. I fought and defeated Saturos easily because my team were in a high level. So, I continued playing until I reach to the Venus Lighthouse. I obtained some Djinns in the game and succeeded some dungeons before reaching Kalay. I've finished the travel some parts of the game. I've learned that there was a way through Crossbone Isle while cruising on the ship. I just have to choose the right person for that position. I've also learned in Suhalla Desert, there was another way to get back on the island by trapping the player in the tornado of the Tempest Lizard. The Deadbeard was too tough so I planned to fight him later. I finished the game with incomplete Djinni. So, I just made a new game to master the game. Until now (2012), I still got this file in the original cartridge, together with the clear data so I can copy the password.

In Christmas 2008, I bought The Lost Age. Before I started out, I just typed the password from my clear save file from Golden Sun. I just played it with guides since I was too very unfamiliar with the sequel. The game was too very longer and tougher than the prequel so I got guides. I finished the game incompletely before the school started on January 2, 2009. In summer 2009, it was only The Lost Age I only play on my Nintendo DS. I made a new game so I can also master the game. In 2011, I replayed The Lost Age from a new game in my home laptop. Until today (2012), I still play it. Seriously! No kidding! Even it is not famous anymore. I never played the Dark Dawn because my Nintendo DS crashed before the Dark Dawn released. I'll soon play it when I got the Nintendo 3DS. I'll tell soon my story about playing the Dark Dawn.

I also play other games besides from Golden Sun, like Pokemon, Final Fantasy (CCFFVII, FFIVCC, and FFVI), Kingdom Hearts and God Eater. Well, I only play when I have a lot of time.

Enjoy and have a nice day!
MarsDjinniGif.gif RaileysXerilyas ( Userpage | Talkpage ) 01:22, 10 October 2012 (CDT) JupiterDjinniGif.gif

VenusDjinniGif.gifGameplay Museum[edit]

Gameplay Videos[edit]

VenusDjinniGif.gifSpoilers from Me[edit]

Timeline-less Series[edit]

I'm just thinking about the dates and timelines in the whole Golden Sun series. There is no actual dates and timelines in the series. They have ages and stories but no timelines. So, I made one for myself.

  • Lets start at the time when Golden Sun rised. I made the time for the time when Golden Sun rised is 0000.
  • Then, the storm in Vale took 3 or 4 years before the Golden Sun rised. So, the timeline for the storm is 0004 or 0003 BDGS (Before the Dawn of the Golden Sun).
  • And, the Dark Dawn took 30 years after the Golden Sun rised. So, the Dawk Dawn's timeline would be 0030 ADGS (After the Dawn of the Golden Sun).
  • And one more, the game reveals Isaac is 17 years old as mentioned in Golden Sun. If he is 17 years old in 0000, the timeline of his birth is somewhat 0018 or 0017 BDGS.
  • In this wiki, Matthew's age is 16 in Dark Dawn (I dunno if its is mentioned in the Dark Dawn because I never played it.). If the Dark Dawn and the 16-year-old Matthew are at 0030 ADGS, Matthew was somewhat born at 0014 ADGS. And, Isaac and Jenna were somewhat married between 0012 to 0014 ADGS (with their ages in marriage are somewhat 29 to 31).