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Venus djinn.gif Venus Mars djinn.gif Mars Jupiter djinn.gif Jupiter Mercury djinn.gif Mercury
Star venus.gif Flint Star mars.gif Forge Star jupiter.gif Gust Star mercury.gif Fizz
Star venus.gif Granite Star mars.gif Fever Star jupiter.gif Breeze Star mercury.gif Sleet
Star venus.gif Quartz Star mars.gif Corona Star jupiter.gif Zephyr Star mercury.gif Mist
Star venus.gif Vine Star mars.gif Scorch Star jupiter.gif Smog Star mercury.gif Spritz
Star venus.gif Sap Star mars.gif Ember Star jupiter.gif Kite Star mercury.gif Hail
Star venus.gif Ground Star mars.gif Flash Star jupiter.gif Squall Star mercury.gif Tonic
Star venus.gif Bane Star mars.gif Torch Star jupiter.gif Luff Star mercury.gif Dew
Note: The list are rearranged on the characters once the data is imported at The Lost Age