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Portrait of Alex's character Stephan for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Other Names Alex, Alexander, Bodine95, Power Master, Powmas, PowerMaster64, PowerMasterAlex, Hardcore Alex, HardcoreAlex95
Birthday April 3rd, 1995
Join Date May 24th, 2014
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Greetings![edit | edit source]

I am Alex95, a staff member of other NIWA wikis. I joined on May 24, 2014, though I don't edit much.

I'm a big Nintendo fan, but don't have a big history with Golden Sun. I only have the first game, but I enjoy the visuals and story. I like the series enough that I'm really hoping Isaac becomes a playable character in Smash Bros., though I'm glad he came back as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with new moves.

Site that goes into more detail about me, the games I have, etc.

Other stuff[edit | edit source]

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