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Tolbi-bound Ship captain

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The Captain (せんちょう Senchou) of the Tolbi-bound Ship is an NPC encountered in Golden Sun whose true name is never given. He works with Kaja and operates the ferry that travels between Kalay Docks and Tolbi Docks. He believes in superstitions and believes that an anchor-shaped trinket he owns called the Anchor Charm will protect the ship from sea monsters; his belief is strong enough that when a crewman hides the charm away somewhere, the Captain steadfastly refuses to set out until the charm is found, which Isaac eventually does. Eventually, with help from both Isaac's party and the warriors, Sean and Ouranos, the Ship does cross the Karagol Sea safely.

However, after completing their journey to Tolbi's Docks, the captain, along with Kaja, refuses to take the ship back out to sea. This, along with the landslide that blocked Silk Road, results in the tour group getting stranded in Tolbi even after Colosso finishes. The understandably upset customers have a rather heated argument, which Isaac will overhear if he return to the docks after completing Colosso.

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