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Belinsk Ruins.

Belinsk Ruins is a dungeon-style location in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, explored roughly two-thirds into the game. It is one of the most significant areas in regard to the game's plot; one of the main cruxes of the plan authored by the game's villains centers on their efforts to reach a secret of grave significance that is deeply sealed within the ruins. The ruins themselves are a subterranean complex underneath an ancient Angaran city that modern-day beastmen have settled within and named Belinsk, and they feature many mechanisms designed to test whether modern-day Adepts of all four elements are acting in concert. Matthew's party, originally having set out on a quest to run an errand for Isaac, is drawn by their enemies into the ruins despite having been previously warned not to disturb what the ruins contain. In-game, it is one of the largest monster-filled dungeons and features many puzzles that require Psynergy of all four elements to pass, and it includes a boss battle that will eventually lead to the more open-ended final third of the game. Completing this dungeon will consequently lock the player's party out of being able to return to the northern swath of Angara's landmass for the remainder of the game. (Read more...)

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