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Herculean Axe.

A Herculean Axe is an Axe-class weapon that appears in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It has a 10% chance to be granted by the blacksmith at Champa in exchange for an Orihalcon; it becomes the only weapon other than the equally rare Excalibur that the hard-to-find Orihalcon can be forged into. Both weapons are presented as viable choices for "ultimate weapons;" while Excalibur can only occasionally deal an immense burst of damage through its unique but randomized Legend unleash, the Herculean Axe (which actually has a slightly higher Attack rating) has the more consistent Olympus Rage as its respective ideal unleash. This Mars-aligned attack always applies a x2 multiplier, and it has an occasional chance to instantly fell the target if its Luck is low enough. Another relative advantage this axe has over an Excalibur is that Eoleo can also wield it, alongside Matthew and Tyrell; since he does not wield Long Swords like the other two, a Herculean Axe is often cited as his primary weapon of choice late in the game. This is an especially good fit on Eoleo, a Mars Adept by default, because three of its four Unleashes, including the aforementioned Olympus Rage, deal Mars-aligned damage. Finally, out of each weapon's respective multi-target Unleash that may be randomly chosen in place of its respective "ultimate" Unleash, the Herculean Axe's Meltdown is superior because of a better damage bonus, the aforementioned matching Mars-elemental affinity, and an added chance to lower the Defense of multiple foes. (Read more...)

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