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Fusion Dragon

The Fusion Dragon is the final boss of the original Golden Sun. The battle with this is waged immediately after a preliminary boss encounter with two opponents at the aerie of Venus Lighthouse, the final dungeon in the first game's story. Because there is no break between the two battles, the player is encouraged to end the previous battle with the party in relatively good health. The boss assaults the party with a powerful party-wide Mars-aligned spell named Outer Space; while this is presented as analogous to an enemy-exclusive summon sequence, it does not increase the damage dealt by an amount proportional to each party member's maximum HP. On the other hand, any of the party's own summons will deal heavy additional damage owing to the boss' 5000 maximum HP, which makes using even single-Djinni summons worth it for the damage they deal. The boss can also potentially inflict deadly poison on multiple party members and deal a single-target attack that may bring the target's HP all the way down to 1. When it is defeated, a final cutscene taking place at Venus Lighthouse will eventually bring the party back to the nearby town of Lalivero, where the ending credits can be initiated and the game file saved as a completed data file for the purposes of the Password system.

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