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Laughing Fungus

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Laughing Fungus.gif The Laughing Fungus is a Quest item in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found in Gondowan Cliffs, and an old couple in the relatively nearby town of Madra are seeking a big mushroom to use for dinner. If you try turning this in to them, they will remark that it is not the actual type of mushroom they like and indicate that the party should find a different mushroom the next time they are at Gondowan Cliffs. Afterwards, this mushroom can be sold for 525 coins, which at this point in the game can be a pretty nice financial boost, and the player may later find the other mushroom, the Healing Fungus. It is worth noting, however, that the Laughing Fungus is not considered an Artifact, meaning it cannot be repurchased if sold.

On a side note, the icon of the Laughing Fungus appears similar to Amanita muscaria, a psychedelic mushroom, which could be the source of the Laughing Fungus's name. This is the only plausible drug reference in the entire series.