Large Bread

From Golden Sun Universe

Large Bread.gif Large Bread (おおきなパン, Ōkina pan?, lit. Large Bread) is a Quest item in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found in the back storage room of the sailing ship docked at Alhafra, and is literally shaken off a stacked crate using the Tremor Psynergy. After the Briggs fight, acquiring this item, and giving it to the hungry boy at the east exit of Alhafra itself, will cause the guard at the cave entrance underneath the mayor's manor (the boy's father) to allow you to explore the Alhafran Cave, where you can get the strong-at-this-point armor artifact Ixion Mail. It is worth noting that the Large Bread is not considered an Artifact, meaning it cannot be repurchased if sold.