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Granddaughter's Gift

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The Granddaughter's Gift (also known as Grandchild's Gift) is a side-quest item in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. The Gift's main purpose is to allow the player to obtain the Ninja Sandals. It is a gift from the granddaughter found in Tonfon of the grandmother found in Kaocho. The Granddaughter's Gift can only be acquired if the player received the Grandmother's Gift in Kaocho before leaving the Ei-Jei region on the Clouds of Passaj. If the player failed to do so, the Granddaughter's Gift, and thus the Ninja Sandals will be permanently lost.

Kyle.gif Spoiler warning: The following section(s) contain plot details that some people may not wish to learn before reaching this point in the game on their own.

Using Spirit Sense on the Granddaughter, who can be found in a purple dress on the main bridge crossing the river (just walk up the central flight of stairs upon entering the main portion of Tonfon), will allow the player to give the the Grandmother's Gift they acquired in Kaocho. When the Granddaughter receives the Gift, she will sob. When the player attempts to leave Tonfon, she will call out and give the player a Psy Crystal. In return, she asks you to return a gift to her grandmother. Upon reaching Kaocho, the player discovers that the Grandmother has died as a result of the Grave Eclipse. However, her spirit will respond to the Gift and enter the afterlife. If the player interacts with the Gift afterward, the player will obtain the Ninja Sandals, which the Granddaughter included as a gift to Matthew.

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