Golden Sun/String Dump (Part 2)

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This reference page features cleaned-up versions of most of Golden Sun's in-game text strings that are expressed as dialogue.

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Dialogue strings

It's a tree, but it almost looks like... a man?

It looks like a living person.

Help me... Somebody...

Welcome to Bilibin! Please, just ignore that strange tree out front!
Many brave warriors have been sent to Kolima. Travelers needn't worry!

I hear a large group crossed over Goma Range, heading toward Imil.

Did you see the tree at the entrance?

That tree was once a man... He came to our village under a curse.
His last words were that he had offended the sacred tree...

I can't believe you missed the tree... You should look around some more.

Lord McCoy has been quite frightened since the incident.

Have you tried heading southeast from here?

That barricade was built because there's been trouble in Kolima.

The road is blocked, so you might as well not even bother.
I heard they put a massive barricade up...

The road to Kolima is blocked now, as per Lord McCoy's orders.

Ever since that man turned into a tree, everyone has been
too scared to go near the town's entrance.

Is it true that a mountain exploded on the other side of Goma?
The sky was a brilliant red that day. It was a beautiful sight.

There's a tower at the tip of Imil that people say was built by the gods!
Everyone there calls it the lighthouse.

Something changed in the eruption.
Now, all sorts of strange creatures lurk in every forest and mountain!

The lumber I ordered from Kolima disappeared after the incident.

Have you seen the barricade we built on the road to Kolima?

It's pretty shabby, because it was built on short notice...
I had no idea it was meant to block the road to Kolima.

It's off to the east, if you want to see it.
It was a rush job, so I had to take some shortcuts.

Are you telling me that I'm responsible for this?

Sure, I had them cut the tree down so I could build my palace!
But if anyone is a victim, it's me! I've been waiting for my palace for months!

That curse of the tree spirit is a foolish old superstition!
I just want to live in a big palace!

You guys are so unlucky, arriving in Bilibin at such a scary time.

You must be mad! It's almost winter, and you're going to Imil?

We ended up like this because of Lady McCoy's foolishness.
If only she hadn't wanted to live like a queen...

Everyone gets worried when town leaders get scared.
I wonder if we can still rely on Lord McCoy.

Where did these kids come from?

No one would dare go after what happened last time.

He begged for help as he turned into a tree, but no one would help him.
Is that how all grown-ups are?

I want to see that pretty sky again...

Only great Adepts can enter the Lighthouse of Imil.

That explosion must have been a sign of some big disaster.
I'm scared!

If things like this are going to keep happening,
maybe we should stop building that palace.

I am glad I didn't know Kolima was involved in that incident...
If I had, I wouldn't have done it, no matter what.

If all this trouble was caused by the sacred tree,
then all we have to do is cut the tree down!

That tree at the entrance is really a man cursed by the sacred tree!
It's all because McCoy, the lord of this town, cut down all those trees.

McCoy had the trees cut down so he could build his wife a grand palace.

This is all Lord McCoy's fault, but we can't say anything...
He is our leader, after all.

Ah, Lady McCoy... I would just love to be her.
Will I ever live in a lovely palace?

The snow is already piling up in Imil, and the weather is freezing.
If I were you, I'd wait until spring to go there.

We rarely see any snow around Bilibin.

When spring comes, I want to go see that angelic Mia again.

It must be difficult to live in a snowy town.
I think I'll just stay here.

How are people doing in Kolima? I've been worried...

I know that guy who turned into the tree... I remember his clothes.

I can't imagine that everyone in Kolima turned into a tree, but...

He seemed so happy, and then he turned into a tree!
What if that happened to me?

Long ago, the lighthouse near Imil held the Water of Hermes,
a magical liquid that could heal all injuries.

But even the legendary Water of Hermes cannot turn back time.
If only there were a potion that could restore youth.

Could the Water of Hermes save a man who had turned into a tree?

The Water of Hermes vanished long ago.
After all, nothing lasts forever.

There was an able healer in a village called Vale, but he is gone now.

The world will never see such a great healer again.

Have you ever heard of the 'ocean'?

If you travel over the ocean to far, far away, you'll find another world.
They say the world of misty darkness begins there.

The ocean is immense... You would want to sing if you ever saw the ocean.

I wish I could see another world! If I were a little younger...

You must be used to all types of danger, being travelers and all.
Lord McCoy could use someone like you.

Only someone really brave would go somewhere so scary.

A curse on Kolima? What a scary development!

You can't reach Kolima, no matter how you try.

I'm really worried about Kolima. I was born there, you know?
I can't even focus on my cooking.

Hey, Mister Head Chef! Are you going to cook or not?
Customers are waiting!

Start cooking already!


Did you hear a sound? You heard it, right?

I can't hear anything over the growling of my stomach!
I'm dizzy with hunger.

Oooh... It's been so long since I ordered... My stomach's rumbling.
Where's my dinner!?

We came here because Lord McCoy was building his wife a palace.
I wonder if they stopped because of the curse?

I think that big tree deep in the forest looks suspicious!

Do you believe a tree spirit can curse a man?

It's hard not to believe after you've seen that tree out front!

Really? Then go see Lord McCoy and listen to his story!

I can't wait to see today's special! Yippee!

I went to Lord McCoy looking for work...
I'm too scared to accept the job alone, though...

I've heard songs that tell of ancient trees developing strange powers.
Maybe that power is what caused the curse.

I don't believe in curses from ancient trees.

Any travelers heading east are stuck here until the road opens up.
Until then, I'm gonna make lots of money!

Father, Mother... I hope they're all right.
I wish I could go home and see them right away.

Should I just forget that I'm a newcomer and just start cooking?

I've had all the customer complaints I want!

Arghhh! That's it... I just want to scream with hunger!
But I still have to smile... Boy, it's tough being a businessman.

I came to Bilibin hoping to sell furniture. Instead, all I get is...
a palace nobody's building and a restaurant that won't serve me my food.

I see why they call that big tree in Kolima Forest the sacred tree.

I don't care who does it. Just undo that curse, now!

Yippee! Is it ready yet? My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I'm getting a little scared hearing all these stories from the villagers.

It has been said that a fairy named Tret lives inside the holy tree.

I am starting to feel that this is only a beginning.

Please, give me strength at times like these...

Will I turn into a tree someday, too? How terrible...

Someone will save us! Just keep the faith!

Lord McCoy is so upset about this curse that he can't even eat.

The lord will only meet with brave and mighty warriors.
You don't seem the type. Think you're up to it?

Your honesty is good...
But I can't send such inexperienced children to see my lord.

Hmmm, I see... You seem pretty confident...

What do you say? They look a little young to get involved in this ugly mess.

Nobody else seems up to the challenge, though. What do we have to lose?

All right. I shall let you pass. Follow me!

Lord McCoy is a very difficult man. Be careful how you act around him.

Where were you?

Lord McCoy is angry because he couldn't find you.

The master can be quite cranky. Hurry along, now!

No one believed they would turn into trees, and yet they all did!

Is there no one who can aid us now?

Lord McCoy would never hire anyone so puny as these kids...

You are the only ones I can count on! Please help us.

Really? I can't believe he really asked you.

Don't blame me if you get turned into a tree.

I am beginning to feel rather sorry for you now.

If you want to see Lord McCoy, follow the red carpet.

Make sure you don't offend Lord McCoy!

Oh, are you willing to go to Kolima Forest?

I forget how many people Lord McCoy has hired to end the curse.
And yet not a single warrior has returned...

You don't look too strong, but that may be for the best.

I always believed that the old tree in Kolima Forest should be protected!

This is Lady McCoy's room, so don't touch anything.

How many times do I have to tell them? Why won't they leave me alone?

They should never have let such young children into the palace!
I'll be the one to get yelled at if they break an urn or something!

Sending these children to Kolima Forest?
Do they want more people to suffer the curse?

I shouldn't have said anything when they were planning the new palace.
I think I might have caused them to cut down the holy tree...

Of all the nerve! Coming into the palace unescorted!?

Milady was renowned far and wide for her beauty!
That's why milord is so anxious to please her, regardless of cost.

Oh, someday, I want to sleep in a silk nightgown like this.

Will I ever find someone to make my dreams come true, like milady did?

Oh, no! This nightgown has a hole... Milady will be furious!

You can see Kolima pretty well from here.
On sunny days, Lord McCoy comes here to admire the view.

Hmm. It seems the curse of the tree has not yet come to Bilibin.

Lord McCoy hasn't come here for some time...
It's because of the curse, no doubt.

Kolima Forest used to be so green. Once the holy tree was cut down,
everything began to turn brown. Is Kolima Forest dying...?

What do you think? These are Bilibin's great treasures.
Whoever ends the curse can claim these as his own.

Pick any one of the four treasures.

Are we really giving our treasure to these wimps?

You will get the rest when you succeed.

What good is treasure if you get turned into a tree?

What's the matter, then?

Sir! Some new warriors have just arrived in the palace!

New warriors, yeh say?

We've sent many a man intae Kolima Forest, but not a one has returned.

These warriors... Did yeh get a good look at 'em?

Come closer, laddy.

Hey... Are these the ones yeh were talking about?

They're but children!

And yeh expect me tae believe yeh can save Kolima?

Bah! Yeh're too young. Yeh cannae handle the job.

Yeh can leave now...

What is it? Yeh've had a change of heart? Yeh want tae help Kolima?

Hmmm. Well, I'll grant yeh're a brave lot.

Here. This key'll get yeh past the barricades tae the east...

Even with the key, such wee lads as yerselves'll never reach Kolima.

He's making fun of us! Calling us children!
That's just irritating, don't you think, Isaac?

Are you serious, Isaac? It doesn't bother you?

Well, don't let him get to you.
We'll just have to prove we can handle this job, whatever it is!

So, yeh've decided to accept our little job?

Hey, Ivan! You... You don't look too enthusiastic.

That curse can turn a man into a tree!
You think we stand a chance?

What? Yeah, of course we do!

You know we do, right, Isaac?

Come on, Isaac! You said you'd do it! We're still going, right?

Well, if Isaac's going, I guess I'm in, too.

At least we all agree on something!

What troubles you, Milord? They seem willing enough...

They call themselves warriors...but they're naught but wee children!

Aye, these are desperate times, but I cannae send such wee lads tae their doom!

Then what will happen to Kolima Forest?

We cannae give up hope on our other champions!

But... But what about us?

We cannae send yeh intae certain doom.

What if we said that we were going east anyway?

Yeh can go once things have settled down.

But that means... you're not going to let us go?

Ach, it's fer yer own good, lad.

I dinnae want tae talk about it anymore. Captain?

I'm sorry, but you should leave now.

Your name was...Isaac? I'm sorry you were rejected.

I never, ever, expected anything like this to happen to Bilibin.

Will you promise me you won't go to Kolima?

That's good.

You are persistent, aren't you?

That barricade... You may not need a key.

Oops... I shouldn't have said anything.

Well, I'm going to go now.

Sorry, lads, but Kolima's future is best left to more experienced men.

Hey! If you can't do the job, you don't get the reward!

I can't tell you anything else.
So don't even ask!

What a shame, huh? I guess you need to be a little older.

There is nothing more to talk about!
Tell them to go. I don't care how often they return!

It's a tough thing, being so young.
They dinnae ken what it means to be afraid.

That barricade is pretty shabby... It was rushed, you see?
The hinges on the barricade are quite noisy. They might break easily.

I didn't think they'd let you go... You're too young!

McCoy's Hidden Warehouse
Do Not Enter!

Even frozen Imil must feel warm with that wonderful Mia around!

There is a tree that looks like a person.

They're... so heavy...

This area is off-limits to all those without a permit.
—Lord McCoy

Kolima Village/Forest

Dialogue strings

It's so quiet...

What is the matter, Ivan?

This tree...was a person.

Everyone in Kolima has been turned into a tree.

It's horrible! All these trees with clothes are really Kolima's villagers!

Why? Do you know why this happened?

I see... It was because they hurt the holy tree?

I see... Who could have known?

What is it now, Ivan?

That sparkly stuff on the ground... What is it?

Aaah! What's happening!?

My mind!!! Someone is attacking my—

I... I can't... I can't even stand up!

What is that? Something's falling from the sky!

It's sparkling! Could this be what turned those people into...

We've got to get out of here!

I can't! I can't move!!

Oh, no... If it touches us, we'll turn into trees!

Isaac... What just happened to us?
That barrier... Did it save us?

I think so, too, Isaac.
I think I know what those domes were...

No, I think Garet is right.
I think I know what those domes were...

You know what those fields were?

It was our Psynergy.

What are you, crazy?

I didn't use any Psynergy!

Hey... I can stand... I can move again!

You're right. I can stand, too...

Ivan, it's okay! Go ahead! Stand up!

Those barriers...

We thought that Psynergy was only used when we concentrate, right?

You're such a liar, Isaac!

When I was training, I'd focus so hard, I thought my head would burst.

Well, maybe it's just easier for you, but when I use Psynergy...

But what? The only way you can use Psynergy is by concentrating!

Anyway, I'm certain that was Psynergy we were projecting.

That must mean that some Psynergy acts only when it's needed.

You mean, like when we're in danger?

I think it's like when we strike critical hits in battle.
We can't control it, but it's there when we need it.

I can agree with what Garet is saying. It is definitely possible...

Wouldn't it be something if we could use this power at any time, Isaac?

Yeah! Let's start trying to master this power!

You... You're not really into this, are you?

Watch out! It's happening again!

Hroom! Why? Why don't they turn into trees...?

Who are they?

What people are these, who are immune to Tret's glamour?

Have they come to save that village with their strange powers?

It will not be enough to save the people of Kolima.

They have earned their fate...
Kolima took their axes to me, and now I shall take mine to them!

You children may not know this...but we are dying.

And Kolima Forest will wither and die when we are gone.

We are not the only ones who will die, Laurel.
Once we are gone, they, too, will go!

Tret was once a kindly forest king.

But he is slowly dying, and his heart has torn in two...

His wrathful side turned the people of Kolima into trees.

The kind Tret speaks no more.

Hroom! The kindly heart invites destruction... I need no kindness!

If you wish to save those whom Tret turned into trees,
you must reawaken his gentle side.

But...if you cannot stop Tret from withering, we all will...

Look for Tret deep within the forest.

It's no use, Laurel. Humans cannot be trusted!
I shall die...and the rest of the forest will die with me!

Isaac... Isn't there anything we can do?

What can we do? Do you have any idea?

It looks like Isaac has something in mind.

We'll leave it up to you, Isaac. Let's go save everyone.

He's as stumped as we are, but he says he'll help...

I trust Isaac. He'll come up with an idea.

You're right, Isaac... There isn't much we can do now.

So the people of Kolima will just remain trees until they wither and die?

I'm disappointed in you, Isaac... How can you give up so easily?

That's right... We can't just leave them to rot!

But how can we bring back the nice Tret and save the village?

I guess I really don't know what to do.

Ivan, you can't give up! Please, convince him to help!

Just promise me this one thing...

Promise you will do everything in your power to save Kolima.

That's a relief, Isaac. I thought you'd given up on Kolima altogether.

I was beginning to lose faith in you, Isaac.

But what can we do? How can we bring back the good Tret
and save Kolima?

I really don't have any idea right now...

I'm not sure... What should we do?

I don't know just yet... But I'm sure we'll think of something.

Well, let's get on with it!

It's you... Soon, we will all wither with Tret.
You will not be safe in the forest. You must leave now.

Leave now... before this forest dies.

The healing waters of Mercury Lighthouse might save Tret...
But the fountain's waters have long since dried up...


Hroooom! He will not speak to you, child!

I control all in Tret's realm!

I control Tret's heart! I shall not let you do anything to him!

Tret, the forest, and the village of Kolima all shall wither with me!


You! You hoped to find my kindly self?

You should never have come here, and now, you shall never leave!

Your powers protected you in the forest,
but now you are in the heart of my power!

Here, you will all become trees, and you'll wither with the rest of us!

Oh... Mmmmm...

What has happened to me?

Was I... I see... My heart was all but lost in my rage.

And you defeated the evil within me?

I thank you. I could not leave this world with so much evil in my heart.

I am free now to leave the world without regret. Good-bye, great warriors.

Hey! Wait a minute! We can't let Tret die like this!

That's right, Isaac. We still need his help!!


Why have you not left me to my dying? Do you need something?

What are you doing, Isaac! Now's not the time to fool around!

That's right, Isaac...
We have to save everyone in Kolima!

I turned the people of Kolima into trees?

Hroom! I must release them before they die with the forest!

I can't do it... My power no longer reaches Kolima...

People of Kolima... Forgive me...

Tret's too weak! He doesn't have the power to save Kolima.

No! We have to heal him!
We can't let the people of Kolima die with the forest!

Every life in Kolima depends on us!

We have to restore Tret and save the people of Kolima!

Let's go, Isaac.

Let's try the water!

Surely that will revive Tret!

Hurry, Isaac.


People of Kolima... Forgive me...

The Water of Hermes seeped into Tret.

I feel a great power spreading through me...

Hroooom... Life flows within me once again.


As you have recovered, so has our forest...

I am sorry to have worried you so, Laurel.

And you, young ones... Didn't you have a favor to ask of me?

Yes, Tret... You must turn the people of Kolima into humans again.

Yes, that's right... I must hurry.

Isaac! Did you forget? We need to save the people of Kolima!

Tret should be able to do it, now that his energy has returned.

Ask him to save everyone he turned into a tree!

Please, Tret... You have to save those whom you turned into trees.

That's right... I must hurry.

That should do it. The people of Kolima are cursed no more.

Tret did not always possess this horrible power.

It only started when those strange gemstones fell from the sky.

Gems from the sky... Do you think he means the Psynergy Stones?

You really think Psynergy Stones caused all of this trouble?

I know you don't want to believe it, but nothing else makes sense...

I was indeed angry that people had laid waste to my forest...
They had even taken their axes to me!

Then those gems fell into my branches...

Then all of a sudden... my fury overwhelmed me, and I was lost in anger!

The gem reached me when I was filled with sorrow...

Our actions spoke our hearts' desires, but we had no idea...

Those gems twisted my anger into a force beyond my control.

Have any of the saplings been transformed by those stones, Tret?

No... Only the elder trees were affected by the falling Psynergy Stones.

There are others that this happened to?

So the same thing could be happening elsewhere!

You must have fought many monsters on your way here.

Those monsters... Maybe they were just animals that were...

Once, they were pure of heart... Hroom...
Those gems have brought a great evil to the world...

Oh! Laurel, you were given powers, too?

Different from my own, but stemming from the same source.

Laurel! What in the world are you doing?

Wait. You will soon see.

What did you see, Laurel?

It's true—even the animals have become monsters.
And beyond the river...

The river that feeds our forest?

Yes... An evil forest has risen up to the south of the river.

Will you be heading south across the river?

That area will only grow more dangerous as time passes...
If you must go, you'd better hurry.

That's good... It would be foolish to risk your lives further.

I owe you a great debt. You have saved Kolima, the forest, and me.

May your roots dig deep and your branches reach high.

Were you surprised, Isaac? We trees have grown quite powerful.

Now that I have such power, no axe shall ever touch me again.
You may depart with no worries.

The forest of Kolima is alive once again, thanks to you...
We shall protect the forest from now on.

I know that I cannot stop you, but please be careful beyond the river.

It must be horrible beyond the river...
I am so worried about you and your friends, Isaac.

Who are you...?

Oh! You are the ones who resisted Tret's glamour?

I sense a great warmth within you...

If you came to rescue Tret, you are already too late.

Soon, Tret will die, and we shall wither away without him.
Leave now, before this forest is destroyed...

Leave now, before this forest is destroyed...

"Do not touch Floodgate Switch!"

The sign reads: "You can't read this sign from the back!"

Isaac flipped the switch.


Dialogue strings

Brrrrr... Ah-choo!!! I'm freezing!
Is Mia here yet?

Hi! Are you new in Imil?

I should warn you, there's a bad cold going around right now.
Try not to catch it.

You don't look familiar. Are you sure you're not...fibbing?

One, two, three, four!

I tend to stay indoors a lot when the weather turns cold.
It's not good for your health, though, so I try to work out.

Mia should be here by now! Where is she?

We've had a lot of strangers lately.
I wonder if they're going to Mercury Lighthouse, too...

People get sick because they stay indoors all day, hiding from the cold.
You have to keep in shape if you don't want to get sick!

There's been an epidemic going around Imil.
You should leave right away if you don't want to catch it.

Mia is running around town, caring for the sick.
I just don't want to be any more trouble to her.

Oooh... Help me...

Grandpa! Grandpa! Hold on!

Oh, no! This is terrible!

Get Mia... Please, get Mia!

It hurts...

Get Mia... Hurry!

Oooh... I don't feel so good... Am I going to die?

He's always exaggerating things, but I don't think he's exaggerating now.

Cough... The epidemic has hit almost everyone in Imil.
I'm sick, too. Cough!
What would happen to us if we didn't have Mia? Cough!

Her palms shine with a blue light... Could she be an angel?

Our store is closed until we get well...

Do you want weapons?

I can't sell weapons until I am cured. Ohh... I'm getting chills... Cough!

It's the travelers from down south who brought disease to our village...
Are you from down south, too? If you have no business here,
then begone... Cough!

Who are these people? They must be strong folk to come to Imil in winter.

Sorry, but I'm too sick to do business today. Try again tomorrow...

We're closed!!! Sorry... I get a little cranky when I'm sick.
I'll open up the shop when I get better.

Why do they always come when I'm sick?

Mom's sick, but I can get you whatever you need...

My dad is a lumberjack. He's down south working in Kolima.

If you want to buy anything, please talk to my daughter.

I wonder if they are headed to Mercury Lighthouse, too.
They'll never make it without Mia.

If only we had some of that mythical springwater. That'd fix us right up!

Why have two groups of travelers come through such heavy snows to Imil?
The first group has already gone off somewhere.

We're the only inn that stays open in winter, since guests are so few.
We'll wait on you hand and foot, so please stay a while!

Do you want to see the restaurant menu?

Here you go. We're a small town, mind you, so the selection isn't great.

Tonight's dinner is stew and rye bread. Sounds like quite a feast, huh?

So many customers! It just goes to show you,
good things happen if you work hard!

Winters are tough here, so I'm glad to have guests to talk to.
I'm going to give them the best service I can!

We don't get to eat many fancy meals in the winter.
A tasty stew would be a real treat!

I may only be a student, but I can act as your healer.

Are you looking for Mia?

Mia just left.
An epidemic is sweeping the village, so Mia is very busy.

Mia is a very kind healer.
I am just her apprentice. I'm learning the arts of healing from her.

Have you visited the old couple who live near the entrance of town?

Oh. That's too bad. That's where Mia was headed.
You probably just missed her if you didn't see her along the way.

Mia went to their house. You might have seen her if you stopped there...

These folk are okay! They don't seem like bad people.

Mia was saying she has a bad feeling about something.
Could she have meant these people?

How are you feeling?

Cough... Cough...

He's been coughing for quite a while, now...

You'll feel better soon.

Cough cough... Cough... Cough... Cough...

How do you feel now?

Much better...

No, Grandpa. You mustn't push yourself too hard!

Thank you, Mia...
I can't imagine how this village would ever manage without you...

Don't mention it... You should rest in bed, too, ma'am.

Who are you?

Can I help you?

Was that the lighthouse?

It can't be...

Only I can...

Oh, no... Alex!!!

I feel much better, thanks to Mia. I should be fine now.

What happened in the lighthouse to the northeast?

Mia is a good girl. I wish I had a daughter like her.
It's a shame her last apprentice, Alex, disappeared...
leaving her all alone.

Mia's clan once lived here and guarded the lighthouse to the east.
Now, she's all alone.

Even if Mia heals us, this epidemic will just come back next year. Brr...

I can't understand why any one would exercise in this cold weather.

I am the healer while Mia is out, so tell me if you need anything.

I feel like a grown-up when I am serving as a healer. It feels great.

Everyone counts on Mia. That's why she is always so busy.

We have to do whatever we can to help Mia. She's way too busy.

Fountain of Healing
Water of Hermes: It brings rejuvenation to all that lives.

Mercury Lighthouse

Dialogue strings here.

Someone is here...

Can you hear it, too?

Alex is the only one other than I who can enter Mercury Lighthouse.

You can't hear it? Well, I can.
Alex is the only one other than I who can enter Mercury Lighthouse.

But this statue is blocking my way...

This statue is blocking the entrance.

Someone doesn't want me to get inside.

Did you do that?

No, I saw it! I'm certain that flow of force came from you.

I knew it... I saw a ghostly force pushing it!

You... You could see our Psynergy?

Psynergy... Is that what you call that power?

We had thought you were using Psynergy when you healed that old man, Mia.

That's a special power, handed down to members of the Mercury Clan
from generation to generation.

It is called Ply, a power generated through meditation.

It was once much stronger...

This Mercury Clan sounds a little like people of Vale, don't you think?

Sure... They're the sworn protectors of a special power, just like us!

Oh, come on! Both of them are protectors of special powers!
It's just the names that are different!

I have to go... I have to find whoever entered the lighthouse.

Mia used Ply.

A monster inside Mercury Lighthouse? How could this be!?

I have to get past him!

The path is blocked again. What am I going to do?

This statue wasn't here before. I wonder if Alex...
No, Alex wouldn't do that...but what if he's not alone?

You've saved me again, haven't you!

Do you have business in the lighthouse, too?

Please tell me the truth!

I can't believe you'd go so far to help someone you just met.

You have some errand in this lighthouse, don't you?

Please tell me the truth!

I thought so...

I am sure there will be more places ahead that I cannot pass alone.

Only those of the Mercury Clan are permitted to enter this place.

However, I sense something special about you.
I feel that I can trust you!

The Adept Mia joined your party!

It's too late! The lighthouse has already been lit!

It... It can't be!

The beacon cannot be lit without the Mercury Star...

...The Elemental Stars were stolen from Sol Sanctum, on Mt. Aleph.

Mt. Aleph... Sol Sanctum... Are you healers from Sol Sanctum?

We came from a village called Vale to recover the three Elemental Stars.

But, unlike you, we are not healers.

We came from Mt. Aleph, but we're not healers.

We came from a village called Vale to recover the three Elemental Stars.

Did you say Vale?

Our village was there to protect Sol Sanctum, but the Stars were stolen.

That sounds just like my clan...

I have failed in the one duty placed upon me...
This is terrible.

Isaac! Garet!

So it's you, Isaac!

Heh heh! Those kids are still alive?

You came all this way to save Jenna and Kraden?

That's not all... We're after the Elemental Stars!

In other words, they've come to stop us.

Then we have no choice...
Let's take care of them now, before they can do any harm!

Menardi... Wait!

Oh, Saturos... They want to...

I heard everything.

They were lucky to survive the eruption of Mt. Aleph.

You have endured so much, and now you want to throw your lives away?

Fine. If that is your wish, prepare to have it granted.

Saturos... Are you going to fight them alone?

Menardi, I can't expect you to leave our hostages alone and help me, can I?

Umm... That's true...

Besides, I want to see how much their powers have developed.

Are you sure about this, Saturos?

Leave me be! Head for the next lighthouse—now!

Come here, child...

Do you mean to defy me?

I should teach you a lesson, child, but...

Felix, I'd get your sister to obey me, if you hope to keep her from harm.

Jenna, please... Just do as she says for now.


It's all right, Jenna.

Isaac and Garet shouldn't have come after us...

I'm sorry, Isaac, Garet...

I'm counting on you!

Isaac! Garet! Don't die!

Jenna... Kraden!

If you want to save them, you'll have to beat me, first!

No! Get back!

What's the matter!

Saturos is extremely powerful. I could sense it when I faced him.

You have to be very careful when fighting him...
We have to match his strength...

Match me? Pah! You think you can match the great Saturos?

You overestimate your chances.

And yet you still want to fight? Ship of fools...

Fine then... I'll just teach you all a lesson!

What happened? Saturos is moving strangely.

What's this!? The light of Mercury... It's weakening my Psynergy!

I must finish this quickly... Come on, fools!

Isaac, we got him!

Who would have thought that Mercury Lighthouse held such great power?
If only my Psynergy had been at its full power...

Saturos... You said you were weakened. What did you mean?

I... I meant nothing...

I shall tell you what he means...

That voice! Could it be?


It's been a while, Mia.

Alex, do you realize what you've done?

Ha! Of course... I have freed a great power that has long been sealed away.

Mercury, the lighthouse of Water... What a mighty force.

Alex, you... Are you mad!?

No, Mia... Don't you understand?

The lighthouse granted you great power during your battle with Saturos.

It's true... I could use my power without ever depleting it.

Don't you see?
The Mercury Lighthouse supplied you with limitless Psynergy.

Psynergy? Are you telling me my powers come from Psynergy?

You and I are both members of Mercury Clan...
Masters of Water Psynergy.

Mia is an Adept too, isn't she?

Geez, Isaac, you knew all along, and you didn't tell us?

I know it's hard to believe, but it looks like Mia's one of us.

Tell me, Alex... Why wasn't Saturos able to use his full power?

Ah, yes... I shall explain it all.

Saturos is aligned with Mars, the clan of fire.

Fire and water are opposing elements...
His full power was bound by the Water Psynergy of the lighthouse.

Didn't Saturos know that?

Of course he knew.

However, he failed to appreciate the power of this lighthouse.

As did I...

Is that why we were able to defeat Saturos?

No... There is more to it.

I stood by, watching your battle from afar...

You were watching us?

Yes. I did not help Saturos, because I was certain he would win.

But I was wrong... You have become such great fighters in a short time.

Saturos is up again!? But we beat him!

Me? Beaten? Never! I lost to this lighthouse, not to you!

I was merely stalling you until Saturos regained his strength.

You were just buying time! That's not fair, Alex!

I won't let Saturos escape!

And just what are you going to do? Will you finish him off?

If that's the case, you will have to fight me, as well.
I've seen how you fight. You cannot hope to win.

Yes, Isaac. You seem like a smart warrior.
You can't beat our combined might, now that we've seen how you fight.

And I doubt you are the type to 'finish' anyone off!

Of course, you are welcome to believe whatever you want.

He warped again!

Again? He's done that before?

Yeah, in Sol Sanctum...

That Psynergy...the warp. Does that mean Mia can use it?

No, it's impossible. Even Alex didn't have this kind of power before.

Ah, well... I can't stay the same Alex you knew forever...

Well, it seems that my ride has returned while we were speaking.

And so, I bid you adieu.

Isaac, Saturos still has the Elemental Stars!

That's right! We can't let them leave now!

Oh? And you want to take the Elemental Stars from Saturos?

Ha! Too bad! Menardi has them. You'll have to ask her!

Ha! You're right... Menardi has the Elemental Stars!

That reminds me...

Do you still have the Mars Star?

I appreciate your honesty.

Are you telling the truth? Well, I shall believe you for now.

I suppose you'll be willing to pursue us for the Elemental Stars?

I look forward to it. I shall see you soon, then.

That's too bad... I shall look forward to seeing you again.


I look forward to our next battle.

They're gone...

Shoot... We couldn't even save Jenna...

I don't deserve to be a healer...

We couldn't stop them from lighting the beacon.

I've failed my clan, failed in my duty...

That's not true! We can still beat them, right, Isaac?

That's right, Isaac!
All we have to do is stop them from lighting all the lighthouses!

You're not helping here!
We're fine as long as the lighthouses aren't all lit!

The beacon of Mercury Lighthouse has been lit,
but we'll stop them next time.

That's right. We can save Jenna at the next lighthouse.

Yes. We won't let Alex get away with this...

Let's go after them now!

What's the matter? We should hurry!

We? Mia, are you coming along with us?

But the people of Imil need you, Mia.

It's okay.

"The fountain shall be filled as long as light fills the lighthouse."
That's an old saying. The fountain will run over with healing waters now.

I have mixed feelings about leaving, but Imil will be fine as long as
the fountain continues to flow with the Water of Hermes.

We should hurry if we're going to follow them.

The legends said that if the lighthouse was lit, the fountain would fill again!
It looks like the legends were true!

Our fountain is back! They say these waters can heal all that lives.

I drank the healing water, and now I feel great!
I should get a bottle so I can take some home with me.

We don't have to fear any epidemic as long as we have our fountain.

How did the fountain know that the beacon was lit?

All that lives... That means it must work on plants and animals, too.

I knew it would work, but I never knew it would work this well!
I feel ten years younger!

I never believed those stories, but there's the proof!

He who honors the heart of the goddess shall stand at the center of all,
like a swan in the center of a rippling pond.

He who honors the goddess of rainbows shall
be guided to the heavens upon wings of fluid grace.

The door is shut tight.

The fountain is flowing with water.

The fountain seems dry.

Strange forces are at work... It seems impossible to proceed.

[character] got [item].

Please, don't hide anything. Just tell me the truth!

Back at Imil

Dialogue strings

The Mercury Lighthouse is shining.
Mia will be leaving us soon, won't she?

Imil will be fine. Disease is nothing to the Water of Hermes.

One, two, three, four...

I was training hard so that I could withstand any disease...
And now the lighthouse fountain is back?

What did I train so hard for all this time?

No, it can't be! Everyone is in perfect health!

Mia was only in Imil to guard the lighthouse.
Now that it's been lit, she'll probably leave us.

Don't worry about us, Mia. We'll protect the village now!

Now that I've let my guard down, I'm getting cold chills.
Maybe I should go and drink some of that fountain water.

That fountain water really made Grandpa healthy.

Did I really say I was going to die from that disease?

Ha ha ha! I must have really felt sick to say that!
I'm good for another 30 years! ...Let me get back to work!

That's right! The strong old man of Imil, that's me!

Grandpa's all better now, thanks to that fountain water.

Now, Mia can leave the village without any worries.

It's nice that the fountain can heal us, but Mia had something...special.

That blue light from her hands... Could she really be an angel?

I have to catch up on lost opportunity! It's time for business!

Customers are hard to come by, and I can't afford to lose even one!

It's a shame the store was closed for something as minor as a cold.

The customers are back! I thought I'd lost my business for good.!

I'm fully recovered, thanks to the fountain! I can get back to work!

I'm so happy that Mommy is well again!

Mia said it wouldn't be good to leave the lighthouse lit...
But it turned out to be the best thing for Imil.

My daddy's still in Kolima. I'll be really happy if he comes home soon!

It's almost time for you to leave, isn't it?

Just like the legend said, the fountain began flowing when the light was lit.
That means that Imil needs never fear disease again!

Oh! I'll cook a feast for you tonight!

Thank goodness the town is back to normal again.

I'm glad the beacon has been lit and the fountain is flowing again.
But it's a shame that Mia is leaving the village...

Mia will be leaving with you all...
I wish you could stay a little longer...

They came to our village and now the fountain is flowing.
They must truly be our lucky charms.

I never told Mia that I liked her...
But I guess it's for the best.


We were worried that you wouldn't come back!

I'm so sorry, you two...

Mia, we have a problem! The Mercury Lighthouse... It's been lit!

Mia, you already knew?

What's the matter? You look strange today, Mia.

I... How should I tell you?

You have something to say? What is it?

Well, I... Uh...

I... I'll be joining Isaac on his quest.

It's very hard for me to leave you, but it's the lighthouse.

You said the world would be in danger if the lighthouse was lit, right?

Is that why you're leaving? To protect the world?

Yes. That's right...

Then there's nothing we can do...

We won't try to stop you, then.
After all, you are trying to protect the Mercury Clan.

Yes. I am...

As members of the Mercury Clan...we will protect Imil ourselves.
So don't worry, OK?

I will try hard and learn to heal as well as you, Mia!

OK, I'll leave the village in your hands, Megan, Justin...

We can leave without any worries, now.

I will be the healer, because I know how, OK?

Mia's going on a journey with you, right?
Sniff... It makes me sad, but I'll try to be a good healer.

I will be a kind girl, like Mia.
Come back sometime and see me all grown up. I want you to.

Mia's going to defend the honor of the Mercury Clan.

I'm sorry, Mia, but I can't stand to see you go.

Kolima Village

Dialogue strings

If I could speak, I'd tell them this is Kolima, village of lumberjacks!

How could anyone turn a girl as beautiful as me into a tree?
Actually, I'm pretty cute for a tree.

This is a dream... It has to be a dream...

Being unable to move is so inconvenient.

I am old; I've lived a full life. I don't even mind being a tree.
I just feel bad for all those kids who were turned into trees.

It's the sacred tree's curse! Why did they try to cut down Tret?

The water at my feet... Huh? Hey! It's delicious!

If I can't move, then Mom can't make me go to bed!

What are they staring at? They seem awfully young...
They don't stand a chance against Tret.

I dreamt that a mighty warrior with a thick beard ended this curse.
I dream about him a lot, actually...

What will happen to my treasure if I'm stuck as a tree forever?

Soon, all of Kolima will be nothing but forest...

I wonder what Father's secret is...

Maybe we turned into trees because of all the trees we've cut down.
We were only doing our jobs, though.

At least my father wasn't the one who tried to cut down the holy tree.

The holy tree of Kolima has great powers, just like Father said.

I used to carve weapons out of wood. Now I am wood.
Life's funny like that.

Man... I'm stuck inside. That means I can't even become a tall tree.

No! I don't want to be stuck as a tree forever!

Maybe if I meditate harder, I'll turn back into a man...
Ngg Ung!! Ugagaga!!!

Who caused all this? Someone must have tried to cut down Tret!

How am I supposed to charge people for their rooms if I'm a tree!?

The villagers were right. I never should have tried to cut that tree down.
Now I'll never see my family in Imil again...

If only I'd left town a day earlier. But this room was so comfy!

This is Kolima, village of lumberjacks! I'll shout it out loud!
This is Kolima!

We rely on the forests so much, and yet we hurt the sacred tree...
Maybe we can work to restore harmony in the forest now.

You know, being a tree gives you a lot of time to think.

I turned into a tree right when the sparkles fell from the sky.

Don't blame the villagers for being tempted by McCoy's money...
Anyone would be tempted by such a staggering sum.

Who would try to use the holy tree to build a palace, anyway?

I didn't mind being a tree...
Water never tasted so good!

Yawn... Trees are so... sleepy...

For a while I thought I'd never be able to say this, but I have to say it!
I've been waiting all of my life for this moment!

The forest trees are alive, just as we are...

I wonder if I'd live longer if I were still a tree.

If those sparkles start falling again, I'm heading for the hills.

I've been poor all my life.
That's why it bothers me that McCoy thinks money can solve everything.

It's not called the holy tree for nothing.
We should have been more respectful.

If we were all trees, there'd be no more wars. 'Cause we'd be trees.

Nobody yells at you when you're a tree...
And nobody makes you go to bed early, either.

I heard that traveling warriors from the Goma Range saved the village.
The warriors are said to be enormously huge and very strong.
They supposedly defeated Tret to remove the curse.

Big, strong warriors with great beards freed Kolima from the curse.
If you see them, please thank them for me.

I don't really know, but you should be able to tell travelers.

All warriors are big, and all warriors have huge beards.

You saved Kolima? Wow! That makes me want to tell you a secret!
But I'm not gonna. It's too good to give away!

My husband seems to be keeping a secret from me.

Daddy told me his secret.

It's hidden deep in the forest, but I can't tell him that!

I think he found something valuable, but where could he be hiding it?

Still, telling me it's outside the village doesn't help much...

I'm never going to use an axe again.

Dad, will you please go back to being a lumberjack?

Dad! How are we going to eat if you don't work?

People turned into trees because of my axe. I will never use an axe again.

Knowing my Dad, he'll start working again once he gets hungry.

How am I supposed to grow up if I don't eat?
If he's not gonna feed me, I'm not gonna obey him!

Fuchin Temple is on the other side of the river. It's quite famous.
You should visit it if you have any spare time.

Fuchin Temple's Master Nyunpa is said to be a strange one...

The grand bridge across the river is the pride of Kolima.

It's a shame we had to cut down so many trees to build that bridge.

When I was a tree, I learned to appreciate the sun.

It felt so good when my leaves were bathed in sunlight.

I am told the holy tree's rage caused this horrible incident...
Do you believe that was the only cause?

You may not have noticed, but something changed when those gems landed.

I agree. Something did change when the gems fell.

If the holy tree alone caused all this, then I've failed in my duty.
I should have stopped them from cutting down the tree.

They say that McCoy halted construction of the palace.
With no more work, all the lumberjacks that came to make money will leave.

With no more work here, Kolima can go back to being a quiet little village.

I've been a lumberjack for years, but I've never seen anything like this.
I think I'll go home to my family in Imil.

I'm only a merchant, but I got turned into a tree just for staying here.
I think I'll head to Xian, south of the river, now that I'm a man again.

The village was really booming with all that work...
But what good is it if you get turned into a tree.

Remaining a quiet village means remaining poor.
I was hoping Kolima would flourish with all the construction.

I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay with that.

I wish I'd grabbed some of those gems that fell from the sky.
They must be worth a fortune!

Back at Bilibin

Dialogue strings

I was turned into a tree for a while... Can you believe it?

I think I now know what it means to sink your roots in one place.
But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

Yeah, I can't even believe it myself.

Welcome to Bilibin. We'll forget that whole curse business in no time!

If you're talking about the travelers from Imil, they crossed the river.

You're wondering about the tree near the village entrance?
It turned back into a person. Thank goodness!

I saw Lord McCoy, the chief of Bilibin, walking through town
for the first time in a long while...
He must be relieved to see that the curse has been broken.

I hear the barricade gate that blocked the road to Kolima is open again.

Those three kids vanished during all that trouble with the curse.

The curse was broken all thanks to the efforts of three young warriors.
Say... You're not the young warriors, are you?

That's amazing! You broke the so-called curse!

I didn't think so. You don't look very tough at all.

Lord McCoy's men said they saw the ones who saved the village.

Have you ever been to the village of Imil, up north?

Did you see the great lighthouse over there? I bet it was amazing!

If you ever go there, be sure to visit their famous lighthouse.

The eruption on the other side of the mountains seems to have stopped.
Things are finally peaceful again.

Now that the curse is broken, why don't we start construction again?

It's over! Over! Milord decided not to build the palace.

Hmph! My palace is not finished!
McCoy loves that holy tree more than he loves me!

I never want to be turned into a tree again. It was terrible.

Not many lumberjacks are willing to cut trees in Kolima forest anymore.

One of the two people that came later was apparently injured...

That guy might turn into a tree again if you go near him...

Lord McCoy seems to be having a spat with his wife. I wonder who'll win?

Apparently, just about anyone could just waltz through that barricade.

"The Gang of Three"—HA! They're probably just dozing somewhere.

I'm sure Lord McCoy will give you a great reward! I wonder what it will be!

They must be reporting your deeds to Lord McCoy right now!

I want to share with you this sense of joy that I feel!

As long as I'm okay, I really don't care what happens to anyone else.

We'd still be working if we hadn't tried building using the holy tree.
I told them not to use it.

That was close!
Building a cursed palace looks really bad on your resume.

He said he stopped construction so that I would not be cursed...
I think he's just trying to weasel out of his promise!

Do you know if the holy tree survived?

That makes sense. Those who were turned into trees are back to normal.
I am sure the holy tree of Kolima Forest survived, too!

Then how did the people who became trees get returned to normal?
Did we just imagine the whole thing?

Thank goodness they stopped construction of the palace.
Lady McCoy seemed very disappointed, though.

It takes many years for a tree to grow so old that it becomes holy.
No human should ever kill a tree as precious as that.

Sometimes, I wish I could see what the palace would have been like.

I always miss Altin in the winter.
I used to work there in the mines, and the winters were always so warm.

My father says that it's warm all year long on the other side of the river.

I wonder if there are still beautiful gems in Altin Mine...

My father has traveled all over the world.

The road to Kolima is open again. You can finally continue on your journey.

Do you know what silk is?

That's what they make in Xian village on the other side of the river.
The long road that runs from there is called Silk Road.

Caterpillars are raised on mulberry leaves.
When the caterpillars' cocoons are unwound, they become silk thread.
The thread is then woven into cloth used to make clothing
for wealthy people like Lady McCoy.

Traveling makes young warriors stronger.

Clothes made with silk are so smooth and shiny.

I thought I saw lights in the sky over Imil last night.
Could the legendary lighthouse have been...?

His eyes are red because he stayed up late last night.

There's no doubt about it! It's the light from the lighthouse near Imil.

What's the big deal? Why are you making a fuss about a lighthouse?

Our weapons are the best you can find...
But you should also try the store in Altin, south of the river.

Altin's got good weapons, but I still think my selection is better.

For some reason, the ocean fills me with hope and desire...
If you ever see the ocean, remember men like me, who dream about it.

I wish I could go out onto the ocean! Maybe I should go on a journey...
But no, I don't have that kind of courage.

It turned out that all the warriors hired by Lord McCoy were useless!
Except for those cute warriors who removed the curse, that is.

They call themselves warriors...
but you can't count on any of them in real emergencies.

Wasn't that curse in Kolima horrifying?

Even heroes like you can feel fear.
Just imagine how scary it was for us poor townsfolk.

You can say that now, because it's all over.
At the time, we were all scared out of our pants.

There will be fewer guests now that the fuss is over.
Whoever ended the curse sure didn't do us any favors.

Two specials! One dinner! One sandwich! One dessert! Hurry up!

Hey, you! Are you done yet?


If you want a meal, speak to the waitress.

I really think the head chef has changed. It's too much!

I can't keep up with his energy!

Let's see, serve them water...then get the silverware.

The head chef will yell if you slow down...

I'm a little surprised that the head chef is working so hard.

There's no business here, so I'm heading south of the river to Xian.
Perhaps I'll take Silk Road as far as Tolbi.

They served so much food today!
If they do that every day, they won't make any money!

That was some meal! Don't you just love the food here?

I know how you feel. Go find a table and pig out!

What!? Why am I even talking to you, when I could be eating!?

Ooooh... That's it... I tried my best, but I couldn't eat another bite...

The incident was resolved before I knew it...
Maybe I'll head south of the river to find another job.

I wonder what that eerie howling coming from south of the river was...
It really gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Well, I was only acting scared so that I'd fit in. I wasn't really scared.

It'd be better for business if the curse had not been broken so fast.

I'll go to Kolima when the customers are gone.
But in the meantime, I'll cook like there's no tomorrow!

Let's see... Soup... salad...and... I forgot the dressing.

The head chef was so lazy until just the other day, but all of
a sudden, I'm having trouble keeping up with how much he's changed.

It used to take them so long to serve your order, but not anymore!

When they stopped building the palace, I lost all my business.
Maybe I'll buy some silk in Xian and sell it in Tolbi.

I wish I could eat like this all the time!

I'd better eat a lot; that chef's gonna burn out in no time at this rate!

The food is such a good value at this price!

If a kid like this could end the curse, maybe I could have done the job.

It looks like scary things are happening all over the world...

The curse may be over, but we can't drop our guard yet.
It's still not entirely safe wandering outside of town.

How about that? Our wishes have come true.

The signs of danger are actually more numerous than they were before.

Peace will be kept as long as we continue our meditations.

Oh! It's...

Oh! Sir!

We've been looking everywhere for you!

The curse of the holy tree... You're the ones who broke it, right?

That's not true. We have witnesses who say they saw you in the forest!

It was you, wasn't it?

You're under arrest!

Let's go. Lord McCoy is waiting.

We've brought the warriors, milord.

We brought the warriors, as you ordered, milord.

So, yeh're the wee—I mean, brave—lads I met before!

So, yeh're the wee—I mean, brave—lads who saved Kolima?

What were yer names, again?

What are yer names, then?

He's Isaac, sir, and I'm Garet...

I am called Ivan.

And I am Mia, from the village of Imil.

Isaac and company...

And did I not decline yer offer when we first met?

I did nae give it enough consideration back then.

Are yeh no' just sayin' that tae appease me?

And yet yeh went oan tae break the curse despite my words, did yeh not?

Are yeh no' the ones who ended the curse of the holy tree?

I humbly thank you.

Nae, yeh dinnae need tae hide it. My men told me aught yeh did.

I was but worried yeh might nae stop here on yer way back.

I want tae show my appreciation for yer help...

I relied oan my money, but I forgot about my people's needs.

Yeh reminded me of my duties.

As lord of these lands, I will do my best for everyone's behalf.

Isaac, it would honor me greatly if yeh'd accept a wee token of my gratitude.

I could give it tae yeh here, but would yeh no' rather choose it yerself?

Very well. Yeh can choose somethin' that'll help yeh along yer way.

Words are nae enough tae express my regret in doubting yeh.
Please, choose a token in thanks for yer service.

I will show Isaac and his friends the way, milord.

Many thanks tae yeh, and tae yer companions, as well!!

Visit me anytime! Yeh'll always find a warm hearth here!

Follow me, and I'll take you to the treasure room.

Lord McCoy ordered that Isaac and his companions be brought here.
Please show them their reward!

You may select a single item from among these four chests.

Please take your reward before your depart!

You are always welcome in the palace of Lord McCoy.

These courageous warriors deserve to receive milord's treasure.

You may choose only one item, but I trust that all of them will prove useful.

Nonetheless...if your luck is sour, you may end up an item you do not need.

Isaac checked the chest...
but it was empty.

The treasure chest is locked.

Yeh've taught me that I cannae judge a man by his age or appearance.

You are a fine warrior.

Do you think I can become as fine a warrior as you?

Really? Then I will try my best!

Don't be so harsh... Just say yes, even if you don't mean it.

I could never have gone to the village of Kolima knowing the danger.
You are truly courageous warriors.

But I cannae figger out how ye got past the barricade...
when yeh did nae e'en have the key...

Sometimes, we need children to remind us of our own responsibilities.

I will be a reliable warrior, like Isaac and his companions.

Don't leave, Isaac! Be my mentor, and teach me to be brave!

The people of Bilibin will never forget your bravery.

I heard you received a spectacular reward.
I hope that shows you how nice Lord McCoy really can be.

Lady McCoy is quite upset that the palace construction was halted.
You probably won't want to approach her for a while.

Things are looking grim south of Goma Range... Black clouds are looming.
If you're headed that way, be prepared for rain.

Milady was very upset when she left the room. Oh my...

I feel sorry for the warriors Lord McCoy hired.
Milord will have strong words for them if they ever come back.

I wonder what kind of treasure Lord McCoy gave them...

I wish she'd just stop whining...
I don't have a palace either, and you don't see me crying about it.

They'd be guaranteed a good life if they stayed in Bilibin under the trust of
Lord McCoy. I wonder why they travel on as warriors.

I can tell when she's upset—she always slams the door.

For once, milord didn't let Lady McCoy push him around!
He seems much more dashing now... Hee hee!


Oh! For a second, I thought you were milady.
You really startled me!

Sometimes, a man's just gotta put his foot down. And oh! What a man!

The hole in this nightgown is just getting bigger.
Has somebody else been wearing it?

It's very reckless for such young warriors to face the holy tree...

I was watching from here. After all that fuss, you still went to Kolima?

I don't know how you removed the curse, but you're the best!

You lie! I saw you walking through the barricade!
And then I saw you again, coming back through after the forest turned green!

You looked very courageous walking toward Kolima.

A courageous warrior wouldn't think twice about being turned into a tree.

The reward you received was indeed the greatest of treasures.
Courageous people have the best luck!

You got a pretty nice reward, but I think you were just unlucky.
I don't want you to feel bad, so I'll tell you something good.

Oh, it looks like she is okay.

They crossed the river after pushing us down.
This is terrible! How could anyone do that?

She'll be swept downstream if she isn't pulled to shore!

AHHHH! Please! Anyone! Please help!

Thank you! You saved me from being washed downstream!

Hey! You're that guy!

Jill, are these the people who saved you?

Remember me? I was that tree!

I would have been swept down the river if it wasn't for you.

Please, take this. It is a small token of my appreciation.

Jill gave Isaac a special gift.

I will never forget what you've done for me. Thank you so much!

It was awful luck, being turned into trees just then.
We just wanted to pick persimmons. Who knew what would happen?

I really like this spot by the riverbank... My heart feels at peace.

I will think of you whenever I eat persimmons.

I heard we were once called the Gang of Three.
But now that she's gone, we're just the Gang of Two...
The poor girl...

If only we hadn't tried getting those persimmons, she'd still be...
We'll never climb on each other's shoulders again...

Whose idea was it to pick persimmons, anyway?

Well, it wasn't my idea to go pick persimmons.

These persimmons are just like my memories... So bitter...

We worked so hard... If only we had been a little faster...

What a cruel world! We just wanted to climb on one another's shoulders!

Are you going to cross the bridge?

Oh... Right! Go right ahead!

For a while, I thought no one would ever cross this bridge again.
Enjoy every crossing, for it could be your last!

You wouldn't understand, but it's truly a joy to cross this bridge.