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Umm.. I guess put any things you want to say to me here>?

A response to this edit[edit source]

  1. If you wanted to talk to me about something, you should have put it on my talk page, like how I'm putting this on your talk page (if you had, I'd be putting this there and not here).
  2. I kinda noticed that you're new here, since you made some fairly common mistakes new editors make. (I hope that doesn't come across as offensive. I just mean that most new users don't always know exactly what they're doing. I should know, I've been there.)
  3. You're welcome, and thank you for helping to improve GSU (even if most of your improvements need improvement. Oh well, I still make my fair share of mistakes.)
  4. As for the user boxes, you just type in {{User ---}} at the bottom of your page, replacing the --- with whatever template you want. For example, I have {{User Venus}} and {{User Garet}}. There isn't a template for everything, but just about.

At any rate, welcome to Golden Sun Universe. The world's hungriest paperweight 18:49, 11 December 2007 (UTC)