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This is my Sandbox. I work on things here.

New User Template[edit]

Seeing as how the GSU doesn't have one yet I figure why not be the one to make it. If you want to add something go ahead. But please tell me what you added. Kudos to HP for helping me get this started.

Venus djinn.gifWelcome to the Golden Sun Universe, (Name Here)!Mars djinn.gif

As a new user here are some tips to remember when you start editing:

  • Always sign your post on Talk Pages. Using four tildes (~~~~) is the easiest way to do this.
  • When editing articles it is always helpful to leave a breif discription of your edit in the Summary section.
  • Before posting edits always click Show Preview to make sure your edit looks good and that their are no spelling errors and broken links.
  • If you ever need any help please don't hesitate to ask other users. We are all willing to help.
  • When creating a new article please make sure that it doesn't already exist.
  • Please remain courteous to other users. If you treat other people with respect, they will do the same.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated.

Jupiter djinn.gifWe hope you enjoy GSU and edit harmoniously. Thank you.Mercury djinn.gif

Personal Polls[edit]


<poll> I think the next Golden Sun game should be a... Prequel Sequel </poll>


This one is just for the men out there. Sorry ladies. <poll> Hypothetical Question. If you were a Mercury Adept and you were taking a leak, would you freeze your own urine mid-stream? Yes No </poll>

Image Template[edit]

Again, for some reson we don't have one, and I'm really bored right now so I'm going to whip one up.


This article is in need of more images. You can help by adding some.

Custom Userboxes[edit]


Maha.gif This user thinks the only good Jupiter Adept is Maha.


Karst.gif This user thinks Karst is a Total Babe. Do you think that's weird?

Resident Evil Inside Joke[edit]

Blue Key.gif This user is the Master of Unlocking.


Lucky Pepper.gif This user controls the Spice.

Golden Sun series[edit]

Right now this one is kind of pointless seeing as how we only have two games. But who knows, maybe the third Golden Sun will be announced soon. It still needs a little work though. Again, we don't have one of these yet.

vte Golden Sun series  
Golden SunGolden Sun: The Lost Age
Main series games:
Other media:

Here's something else I tried. Now, I know this ditches the whole View/Talk/Edit buttons on the upper right, but I see wikis that have their templates nix those features, so... Erik Jensen (Appreciate me here!) 19:09, 7 April 2009 (UTC)