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About Me:

I'm Toshiro, a 23 year old Golden Sun fanatic. Been playing since a month after the Original Golden Sun game out. My favorite game story wise is GS1, but I do like the roaming/hunting I do in TLA. So I mainly spend most of my time leveling and maxing my characters like crazy doing Wonder Birds and Hunting in Yampi Desert Caves.

My Wiki Work:

Due to the release of the newest installment of GS, Dark Dawn, I decided to really put forth my efforts to help GSwiki with some page edits for more accuracy. I've played the game through several times already now. And I'm doing my 4th time right now so I can get a detailed list for the wiki pages.

Projects In-progress:

  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Weapon Releases & Effects/Rates (Currently looking for someone, possible new weapon layout on GS:DD, Contact me on my talk page.)
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - In-depth Walkthrough by Toshiro

Toshiro's Elemental Chart
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