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This is my view on the Seal on Alchemy. It's still in progress, so come back whenever, because I'll be updating. (Please note that these are only speculations and not the real thing)


Before the events of Golden Sun, the power of Alchemy fueled Weyard and brought a "Golden Age". Then there were those who wished to use Alchemy's power for world conquest. One thing led to another, and a league of powerful Adepts constructed the four Elemental Lighthouses and split Alchemy into its four parts, and sealed them into the four Elemental Stars. The Stars were then placed into their chamber in the heart of Mt. Aleph, along with their respective Djinn, for whatever reason (this article will try to explain it). The Wise One was set as the guardian of the Sanctum, and no one ever heard from Alchemy again. Until Satorous and friends came along. The whole story line of how this happened is very vague, so I decided to write about the matter.

The world of Alchemy[edit]

There are five civilizations in the world of Weyard:

  • The Ankohl: the Earth Clan who reside on the entire East side of the "main continent" (the Cresent shaped landmass) and a portion of Tundaria. Known for their ability to forge many great weapons
  • The Lemurians: The Water Clan who reside in the center of the Eastern Sea. Posieden holds dominion over this realm.
  • The Anemos: The Wind Clan who reside on the Western portion of the main continent
  • The Proxians: The Fire Clan who reside in the Northern Reaches. Known to be quite hostile.
  • The "Rulers": Made up of various Adepts, who reside within or around Mt. Adept. Most have the power of the Golden Sun at their dominion.