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Fun Fact: this page has been vandalized 1 time(s)!

Hi, I'm Murchadah. I'm also a user of LOLcat Bible and Zeldapedia, so i have some experience in Wikis and stuff like that. Right now, most of the things I do are mostly minor edits here and there and checking for vandalism. For any questions, my email, as well as my AIM name, is

A self portrait

I have made some-what major contributions to this wiki by:

  • Adding the "Unaddressed Items" to the Felix page
  • Added the word bubble template thing

Murchadah - You're on the computer
TALK - Visit me on Zeldapedia, eh?
Hi, this is my word bubble for talk pages. I'll probably be on Zeldapedia most of the time, though.

Venus djinn.gif This user considers him/herself a Venus Adept.
FaceFelix.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Felix.
Alex.gif This user's favorite (or close to favorite) Adept is Alex.
Zelda This user is a user of Zeldapedia
:-o This user just figured out how to make custom userboxes