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Hi, I'm DragonPower!

About me

I joined Golden Sun Universe on the 23rd of February of 2011, but I was reading the articles from October 2010. In fact, GSU is why I bought Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Golden Sun. I loved them both. :D However, I'm still looking for The Lost Age, but I can't find it. T_T

When I signed up, I didn't know what to do, so I went to the Wanted Pages article and I created one, even though I didn't know how to do it very well. I hope I can become better at creating articles and I can help other users.


I'm a very active person. I love playing sports, especially swimming and tennis. I also love animals, both real, like dogs, and fictional, like dragons. These are some things I like other than Golden Sun: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Castlevania (video games), No. 6, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, One Piece and Naruto (manga-anime).

Hopefully, we'll see each other around the wiki and we can help each other! :)

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