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Hii :) I'm a newbie on this wikia, and I'd really like to help articles grow, but I'm not english (I'm italian and I live in a tiny town near the city of the leaning tower) and I avoid writing full parts of texts to avoid errors and misconceptions, uh. You can still find me around here, wasting time reading billions of time the same article and fixing spelling errors.

I've been playing GS since 2003, when I bought The Lost Age (I played first the second game, boo!) but I stopped when my EVIL sister (Deadbeard is nothing compared to her. nothing.) broke my GBA screen in late 2007 by letting it fall from the bed: I luckily managed to get a new one in early 2009, so whoo, I'm newly obsessed with it XD

You can simply call me Berta (where did I find this shell nickname? it's horrible -_-) and I'm the proud owner of the Isaac's and Jenna's fanlistings! whee!

Mars djinn.gif This user considers herself a Mars Adept.
Jenna2.gif This user's favorite Adept is Jenna.
Isaac2.gif This user's favorite Adept is Isaac.
Menardi.gif This user hates italian translators for having changed name Menardi to Adexia.