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heyo, just call me ak, or akbaroth.

Golden Sun and me[edit]

i first got golden sun when i turned 13 and i've been zealously hooked ever since. still, nearly 6 years l8r it and tla are 2 of my favorite games, my top 2 if mmos don't count, or we're only counting ones on gaming devices.

i haven't played either much in a while, but i still think about them constantly.

for some reason it never occurred to me to look for a GS wiki till i saw an add for it on another wikia site. my heart skipped a beat. then i was all over the site before i fully knew what i was doing.

well i've now beaten dullahan, i'm considering getting all the best gear on the off-chance data transfer to gs3 is possible 'and' the gear makes a diference.

This wiki and me[edit]

i love golden sun so much that to me it seems nothing but pure evil to have any kind of errors on a site devoted to such wonderful games, unfortunately i'm dreadfully lazy and only know the basics of wiki code so this'll either cause me to become very active on this wiki and focus on mastering wiki code as soon as possible, or (as is more likely) i'll lament that i'm too lazy to do so. still, i always do constant grammer/spelling edits cuz that's about all i'm good for for the time being.

we'll just have to see.

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