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If someone could figure out why this page makes the rest of the site layout show up in a really tiny font, that would be great. -- 12:56, 10 December 2010 (CST)

Never mind, it's the Jupiter Psynergy template that's doing it, not this page. -- 13:02, 10 December 2010 (CST)

Yeah, now, while you're doing great work, I should tell you that we're actually not going to have the Dark Dawn Psynergy in these templates that are specifically for Golden Sun and the Lost Age. Because Dark Dawn removes, adds, and renames Psynergy from the GBA games, it's worth having separate templates that cover all the Psynergy that appear in Dark Dawn, so it would actually be a big help if you could undo the Dark Dawn edits on these GBA Psynergy templates and work on Template:VenusPsynergyDD, Template:MarsPsynergyDD, Template:JupiterPsynergyDD, and Template:MercuryPsynergyDD, and add them to all the Psynergy pages that do reappear in Dark Dawn. Thanks. =) Erik the Appreciator 13:08, 10 December 2010 (CST)
Okay, that shouldn't be too hard. -- 13:14, 10 December 2010 (CST)