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An Adept?[edit]

Do we know if Nobles an adept? Worldwarz2

Not only do we know she's an adept, we know she has Frost. It was her psynergy that allowed Kraden's group to reach that cave early in DD. Remember those puddles you couldn't freeze because you had no mercury adept (and because Frost became a McGuffin, but let's not dwell on that)? Nowell froze them. A conversation with Rief right after getting him kind of confirms this. Or was it before you go to get the Ice Queen Gem? Eh, one of the two. Rolina 10:05, 26 July 2012 (CDT)

Love is in the air[edit]

Chick falls in love with Piers at first sight. She is only seen once in the game at the same time Kraden is introduced, after that Kraden meets up with Piers to get a ride around the world to meet with your party. She apparently refuses to get off the boat as soon as Kraden is supposed to get off saying she loves Piers and wants to sail with him.

Oh by the way, her brother does not ask about her until way later in the game. Some family. PSI