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guess what. both luff and the djinn found in altmiller cave you can't get to in the lost age, so if someone could tell me how to achieve those last two djinn in lost age i would greatly appriciate it. my email address is <REMOVED FOR PRIVACY>.

You can't unless you transfer data over. That said, I'm now tempted to make a Game Help forum category. —Hinoa talk.un 18:01, 7 November 2007 (UTC)

the jupiter djinni Luff[edit]

ok i got all the djinni in the first game and transered my save data to the new game and i have all the djinni except that one what the hell i'm i doing wrong if u know pls tell me at thank u

Hmm, if you're sure you got all seven of the first game's Djinn and transferred the data, then you would have Luff guaranteed. If you don't have that then you must have missed it the last game, as simple as that pretty much. In The Lost Age, you can find one Jupiter Djinni you're missing at the Atteka Islet on the world's southwest tip.