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I think it should be noted that this class can use up to 5 Djinn (eg. 3 Mars and 2 Venus in case of Isaac) and still maintain its full usefulness - access to Revive, awesome Attack, high HP and Speed. Furthermore, it makes awesome combo with Hermit class series which is very fast as well and has highest PP stat, combined with extremely useful Pure Wish, and still quite important High Impact (great for pumping up Brute class series in Break-less Boss battles). Hermit class series can also freely use quite a few Djinns without losing access to Pure Wish and High Impact. The best thing in this combination is that no one in the party has messed class, main problem of using White Mage/Medium class series (latter one also lacks Pure Wish; Revive is quite useless for the first one as he should be Wishing all the time).