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What do you call trivia that gets it wrong?[edit]

Fun fact - the reason it gets a different battle sprite? It's the same reason that it's got different weapon experience in Dark Dawn. The reason? THIS ISN'T A STAFF. I don't know why the localization does it, or if it is a problem on Camelot's end by not specifying these things, but staffs and ankhs are two entirely different weapons in golden sun. I honestly think that the wiki should reflect and emphasize this - it a very common misconception in the fandom that needs to be addressed. This, as well as the other Ankhs, should have their own weapon category. Similarly, Knuckles and Claws, which are actually separated even by text in the games, need to be separated here too... 12:40, 22 March 2011 (CDT)

While I'll agree that the distinctions should be mentioned, I'm not too sure that we should outright separate Staffs and Ankhs, or Fists and Claws. As we discussed on the new weapons' talk page, there are simply too many similarities to justify splitting them into completely separate articles. The World's Hungriest Paperweight 12:48, 22 March 2011 (CDT)
Basically, Dark Dawn was the first to make the distinction between Staffs and Ankhs important from a gameplay perspective rather than just the cosmetic perspective - different weapon experience groups, and two of the four staff-wielding characters are the only ones that can also hold Ankhs. Nonetheless, Ankhs still feel like a subset of Staffs from a casual player's perspective, and the typical player's mindset would group them together, so while it would be important to have the List of Staffs and Ankhs (that should be its new title) clearly label which ones are Staffs and which ones are Ankhs, they generally deserve to be on the same page, especially since that can help the readers tell apart the Ankhs from the Staffs very well in its own way. Same thing with the List of Fist Weapons (another title change that should be done) - even though they are separate in the game code and should be labeled differently as Fists and Claws in the list, it's worth covering them in the same list because Sveta is the only character in any game that can wield either, right now anyway. Who knows, maybe future games will make splitting Staffs and Ankhs into separate list pages important, but that hasn't happened yet, so for now it's just the perspective of the three current games that's important to adhere to. Erik the Appreciator 13:03, 22 March 2011 (CDT)