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Takahashi Brothers

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Hiroyuki (right) and Shugo (left) Takahashi

Hiroyuki Takahashi (高橋 宏之) and Shugo Takahashi (高橋 秀五) are co-game planners and co-producers for the Golden Sun series. The two together are the presidents of Camelot Software Planning and have been involved with many other games, including the Shining Force series. While Hiroyuki is the scenario writer for the games, Shugo is the director for the games.


Hiroyuki was born on October 30, 1957 in Tokyo, Japan. He first got into video games when he was very young, and got interested in the industry when he first saw Space Invaders. At the age of 30 he saw a want ad in a newspaper for a company called Enix. He got the job and helped with promotional work on Dragon Quest III. Later he worked on Dragon Quest IV as an assistant producer. After that he created his own company called Climax where he helped create Shining in the Darkness.


Shugo was born on September 28, 1962 in Tokyo, Japan. He was first introduced to video games when he was still in elementary school. He had a small computer kit that allowed him to make his own personal computer. He began programming on it at a very young age. When he showed his brother the simple game he had made he was told, "This isn't any fun," which ruined his interest in making video games for a while. When he got older he began to work on buiseness software and his brother hire him as a programmer and they started Sonic Software Planning. The first game the two made together was Shining Force for the Sega Game Gear.


  • In an interview with Nintendo Power magazine in its June 2008 issue, when asked, "If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?", Shugo answered, "I think as long as I had the powers that the main character from Golden Sun had, I'd be really happy. But of course, if you could just change your Djinni, you could have any kind of power, so that's kind of cheating."
  • Hiroyuki's favorite food is sukiyaki, while Shugo's is sushi.
  • In a Japanese-language message posted on the Camelot Software Planning Website on June 16, 2009, Hiroyuki essentially said that he came up with the idea of making a new game in the Golden Sun series in March 2008 while at a party, after having been liquored and eaten a lot of nori (Japanese seaweed). [1]