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Oeia was the previous Witch Doctor of the town and culture of Kibombo. He was apparently an Adept, and made the statement that the magic that not just he, but all the townspeople had was deeply connected to the mountain in the nearby center of their continent of Gondowan, Magma Rock; this would suggest that he was a Mars Adept. He trained the Kibombo resident Akafubu both as his successor as the Witch Doctor and as a practitioner of magic (of course, neither of them were aware this is a force called "Psynergy").

Oeia was originally able to perform the ceremony to earn the title of Witch Doctor - successfully offering a valuable jewel to the mechanized statue of the town's guardian deity, the Great Gabomba - without any problems. While training under Oeia, Akafubu was a good man, but when Oeia died suddenly, Akafubu was deeply affected because pressure and responsibility was suddenly brought down upon him well before his time. Akafubu immediately set out to earn the title of Witch Doctor through the ceremony that Oeia had completed before hand, but for a while his ceremony was unsuccessful - the statue of Gabomba did not respond and open itself up.