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As a member of Golden Sun Syndicate Forums, I came across this at one point:

"Ok, it's kinda true. The wheat blade workd, but this is what happened when I did the playable Kraden one. I was so excited to have Kraden in my party that I equipped the wheat sword to him in hopes of making the ultimate character. But when I attacked the woman claiming to be Karden's sister with the wheat sword she just exploded into three and a half dozen monkies. They ran around pulling everyone's hair out. Issac was never in any danger, the monkies were trapped in his hair and were strangled. Garet torched them all with his fireballs, but that burned off what little hair everyone had left. Ivan and Sheba both figured out that their hair had just been keeping knowledge from getting into their brains and decided to run away and become monks at the Fuchin temple. Kraden snapped because of the loss of his hair and layed in a corner curled up in the fetal position crying for his mother. After two days and 45 minutes of watching this and occasionally poking Kraden with a stick, his mother actually did show up. She was mad and started screaming asking who had stolen her son's hair. Felix had had enough of this crap and went ballistic on Kraden's mom. Kraden's mom beach-slapped Felix and sent him to bed with no dinner, then she cast "Hell's Fury" on the whole party. All eight were brough to their knees, but they still didn't take any damage so they blasted Kraden's mom with an unholy barrage of the world's most powerful psynergy. Garet wondered to himself "if Kraden is that old, then how old is his mom?" His rampant curiosity suddenly consuming him he yelled out "HEY MRS. K! JUST HOW OLD ARE YOU ANYWAY?" This enraged Kraden's mom beyond belief. She cast "Woman's Scorn" and exploded herself, incinerating everyone in the room except Kraden. Reeling from the loss of him mother, Kraden climbed to the top of Mt. Aleph to collect his thoughts. He arrived just in time to break Alex's legs and leave him there to die. It tuned out that the wise one had actually teleported all eight hreoes out of the room before Kraden's mom exploded, but he was so furious at being denied the chance to kill Alex that he turned them all into dragons and had them attack Kraden. Kraden cast "Alchemy" and turned them all into solid platinum. He sold them on the black market for 1,400million gold coins. He donated the money to the Djinn Protection Society. The DPS used the money to free the Djinn from the eight heros' extremely expensive dragon-shaped prison. But in doing so, they weakened the psynergetic barriers that kept the young adepts trapped. They escaped, and sought revenge of Kraden. The wise one was tiredof all this stuff so he decided to kill all of them once and for all. When they arrived a Kraden's lavish estate (which he managed to purchase by turning his other house into platinum and selling it.) The wise one was there. He got into a staring contest with Garet and was soon defeated. The wise one exploded, but in his final effort he summoned the doom and fusion dragons, then fused them together and set the new five-headed dusiom dragon upon them. All of them were being soundly defeated due to their lack of Djinn, when a bill for 72 buckets of popcorn suddenly appeared before Felix. He put it all together when he looked up and saw all 72 Djinn sitting on bleachers rooting for the Dusoim Dragon. "Use 'Outer Ruin'!" yelled Cannon. "No, 'Cruel Space'!" Serac shouted. Felix glared angrinly a the Djinn but did not say anything. "What's the matter? Dragon got your tongue?" Echo taunted. Felix silently threw himself at Echo and beat him to death with his bucket of popcorn. The others took the hint and took the popcorn from the other djinn. They all unleashed their buckets of popcorn to form and attack called "lesser popcorn fury." The Dusiom Dragon was thrown back as hot butter singed its eyes and salt aggrivated its wounds. The group then drew together and summoned "Orville Redenbaucher" But the Dusiom Dragon's prior exposure allowed it to absorb Orville's attack and become the all-mighty POPCORN DRAGON! It reared up on its light and fluff haunches and unleashed "Greater popcorn fury!" Ivan and Sheba were downed, because they're pansies and they're easy to kill. Then it was Kraden to the rescue; he used the time cube to reverse time on the popcorn dragon. It turned into a Kernel Dragon. Garet, in a popcorn induced stupor, said "hey, how about I make some popcorn?" and began casting Heat Wave. Felix remained indifferently silent, so Garet took it as approval and blasted the Kernel Dragon. It popped. But Garet had somehow done the impo... well... the highly unlikely. The Kernel Dragon exploded with such force that it destroyed itself. The shockwave liquefied everyone's brains and left a crater the size of a football stadium where Vale used to be. But I had a box of toothpicks. So I ran to the top of mount Aleph and yelled "I have expired tomato paste in my locker!" Nothing happened. So now, when I play the game, a screen comes up that shows the smouldering corpses of the characters slowly crumbling into dust. So that second one is complete BS, don't do it."

It was written by Platinum Sun, who's also a member there. I just thought I might post a humerous story someone made about it. Hope that's alright. =D ~~Toasty

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Proposal regarding the FAQ

I propose that we move the actual word-for-word FAQ to a subpage (Wheat Sword/FAQ) and link to it on the main article, possibly with a brief summary of the FAQ. What do you think? —Hinoa talk 00:52, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

We could do that, but I think we should have our own reworded version of what the faq instructs in its place. I'll think of doing that shortly. Erik Jensen (Appreciate me here!) 22:02, 2 March 2007 (UTC)

Well I'd like for the little "Story" that Platinum Sun made to be put somewhere onthis Wiki, and then linked to GSS's wiki article. The story is just too good to discard in my opinion. - Toasty 64

Reworded FAQ on what it instructs? Care to explain that in more detail Eric, I don't understand. RyuKenshin 09:53, 17 January 2008 (UTC)