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Zabbeth 16:27, September 4, 2009 (UTC)

GSDD Video Release: Thor's Conspiracy Theories[edit source]

I do have to wonder about the implications of some of the things I've been seeing in the videos. The one that comes immediately to my mind is the locations. What can we glean from those? We know there is one scene that occurs in Vale, but only one generation has passed: there have to be other familiar locations. Besides that, this is the pre-release. They aren't going to show this game's equivalent of Mars Lighthouse. I'll be using this video for reference:
The scene that begins at 0:08 is uncertain to me. There is obviously some kind of Psynergy floating in the middle of the room. The blue-green color in the scenery almost seems indicative of Mercury, but I can't be sure. I have to wonder if this scene takes place somewhere in Vale, not only because of the later presence of what is almost certainly a rebuilt version of the Sol Sanctum, but also because only Vale would have incurred such drastic changes in scenery.
The next scene, beginning at 0:10, is equally confusing. Though one might imagine that it takes place somewhere with sandy terrain on the non-world map (Contigo immediately comes to mind), this may not necessarily be the case. Look carefully at the two houses on the bottom--specifically at the design of the houses and of the tops the houses themselves. There are lanterns hanging off of the two houses, and the material on each roof is wood of some sort. Beyond that, just before the scene fades away, one can see guards at the entrance of the building. They wear only green, have hats, and carry spears. Who are they? Which city?
At 0:21, a new sceen begins. This one undisputably occurs in Vale. Who knows what is really going on here. This is obviously the catastrophic event of the game's beginning. Nothing to talk about here until we actually get to play the game.
The next scene (0:29) occurs in the "Fire Swamp," as I have just named it. Does the volcano underneath Vale erupt? Or is this a new location entirely? Have the continents and the land so drastically changed because of the Lighthouses?
The next scene (0:33-0:44) is obviously Sol Sanctum. I don't think there is anything to dispute that, though if someone else has a better idea, I'd love to hear it.
And after that, there are some battle scenes, and the video is finished. A great deal more satisfying than the previous year's video, I think.
Speaking of that video from last year, I think I understand the delay now. Perhaps, when development began, Golden Sun was offerred a chance to become one of the first releases for the 3DS? Just a thought. I'll post this entire thing on my talk page so that we don't fill this page up with just conspiracy theories. ThorHammer17 19:21, June 16, 2010 (UTC)