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Suggestions[edit source]

Nice, good stuff! I'd also like to vouch for the power of another Class setup (very much preferable for Dark Dawn):

Venus 1: 7 Mars, 2 Venus (Chaos Lord)

Mars 1: 4 Jupiter, 5 Venus (Ronin)

Jupiter 1: 7 Mercury, 2 Jupiter (Wizard)

Mercury 1: 9 Mercury (Angel, you want Mia or Rief in this)

Venus 2: 4 Mars, 5 Jupiter (Master)

Mars 2: 4 Venus, 5 Jupiter (Master)

Jupiter 2: 7 Venus, 2 Jupiter (Gladiator if Sveta)

Mercury 2: 7 Mars, 2 Mercury

Reason why this is so good is that pretty much everyone is built to the best of their ability. Rief as an Angel awards him the greatest conceivable potential in healing (and let's be honest, does anyone use him for any other reason?) while Sveta is a Gladiator, maximising the power of her Beastform, while giving her excellent stats all around and a good Psynergy Pool to work with. Everyone else is self-explanatory, really. The Mars and Venus Adepts have excellent Psynergy and stats, while Karis and Amiti have powerful healing abilities to back up Rief, as well as other useful Psynergy and good stats. I found this class setup to work very well, especially when I fought Dullahan at Lv40. Since I had no Pure Wish, Rief's extra healing power proved to be absolutely essential in the fight. Hope this helps. --DarkHeroRaven 15:10, 12 April 2011 (CDT)

Psynergy[edit source]

Wow, so many set ups when everyone is in 'ultimate' class, good job! I wonder if you could elaborate more on these setups, it could be a nice read.

I don't know why so much emphasis is placed on offensive Psynergies. After discovering benefits of two Wizards + two Chaos Lords, I stopped using offensive Psynergies at all, they became obsolete, only argument going for them is the looks. There's no way any Psynergy can outdamage Megiddo or triple Excalibur coming from character with 1.7* Atk multiplier and furthermore boosted by 1.5* thanks to double Impact (it's better to double Impact one Adept than try to double High Impact two times vs bosses that love using Break). The only danger to this class (or, to be exact, whole series of this setting) is Dullahan with his Djinn Storm + Charon + Fulminous Edge.

Unfortunately, this setup got weaker in Dark Dawn because of new unleash system, however it brought us Radiant Fire, Rolling Attack and Vorpal Slash (SB, Ex, TE), easily outdamaging any AoE Psynergy. Well, I can understand it in Dark Dawn when weapons need some kind of "experience" to show their maximum potential and enemies are just pushovers, so there's no need to strive for best results.

It's also really easy to use:

2x High Impact, 2x Unleash (Wizards are faster)

2x High Impact, 2x Unleash

4x Unleash

4x Unleash

and so on. Throw in Wish Well/Pure Wish or two when needed.

Big advantage is that you can still Wish when one of your healers is down and you can still Revive when one of your fighters is down. It's also great that you can Pure Wish and Revive at the same time, something that setups with Pure Mage as their main healer are unable to do. Wizards have very strong Wishes with 7 Mercury Djinn on Jupiter Adept (111 power) or 2 Mercury Djinn on Mercury Adept (114 power).

How many Tri-elemental classes should a mixed setup have?[edit source]

I noticed, going through your mixed setup proposals, that every single one used 4 tri-elemental classes. Have you considered 3 tri or 6 tri setups?

In particular, Matthew can attain Master in a 3 tri setup without anyone getting stuck with the sub-par classes that 4 tri mandates. For example,

This is like an upgraded version of the simple '4 fighter 4 healer' dual setup, and happens to be my personal favorite. While it falls a bit short on Revive availability, it avoids putting anyone in sub-par classes such as Dark Shaman, Angel, and Radiant. I also believe casters that can heal (Guru, Himi as Protector) are superior to purely offensive casters (Warlock, Diabolist).

--Thurhame (talk) 12:31, 7 September 2013 (CDT)