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I really don't have anything to say,but stuff about me.So I a truly and officialy a gamer.I love all games,but since Golden sun is a Ds game I play that alot because it's handheld and mobile.My favorite characters are actually Sveta and Tyrell because Tyrell acts so stupid at times in the game and says the funniest things too.Sveta is just cool because she's a beast man who's also a wind adept thst makes her one of the strongest adepts on the team.My least favorite character is Amiti he may be strong and a prince,but that one of the many things that I don't like about him.He's not fun,he talks more than Rief does and he thinks he could be smarter than Rief.I realize it's just a game,but I'm a level 85 Crusader,so it's not just a game to me.

Konpa ruins[edit source]

Ok in the Konpa ruins after you go outside,before you set the fire orb off,when you getting ready to go back inside there's a small cave that has an ivy line going down the wall,and it's really hard to get in there I got in it once.Then I forgot what I did to get in there so if you find out how either record it and put it on youtube or discuss it on here.