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Finding the Numbers[edit source]

Honestly, why? I mean, I throw them in the other day and not so short after this I see you promptly creating an account here and tossing that question in, it sounds a bit like I may have annoyed you with my own added information as you probably decode the game directly in some more professional way. Please explain, I get bad mood when such thoughts trouble me. Regards --Terry 06:18, 25 February 2011 (CST)
I think you're the only one taking this all that seriously. I signed up for an account here specifically to ask you if you had access to the game data in ways I don't, because 1) I thought you might, given that you were putting down specific values for numbers I wasn't positive of, including the stats of several bosses, and 2) if you did, I was going to stop trying to reverse engineer them the hard way. The way I'm getting them is tedious, math-heavy, and not guaranteed to give the right answer. If someone else has a better method or access to the game's data itself, I'm going to find less tedious uses of my time - I'm doing it mostly because I want to do something for the community.
To leave absolutely no doubt in the matter, I am not, never have been, and likely never will be mad, annoyed, perturbed, or irritated by you. The user Kadano said on GameFAQs (where I've been working on these numbers) that someone should upload the data I've been working on here. I said he was welcome to but I thought it was a hassle to do it myself, and he shortly created an account here and started adding the data (look at the edit history for Sol Blade to see that he credited me before I even joined). After he had pointed out the existence of this wiki (which I forgotten about), I was watching the recent change page to see how he added the data I had been working on, only to see you add numbers for a couple unleashes that clashed with my own. I wasn't upset by this, I was just confused and thought that perhaps I had missed a flaw in the method I was using to determine the unleash strengths, etc.
If you really want me to be mad at you, I guess I can be. But I really would rather not, since you seem like a rather useful pawn... errr... "resource" and I'd rather not have any bad blood between us. I don't have any right to mind if you add/change any numbers you want to that page, but if I could suggest you add speculative numbers in italics with a notice at the top, that would make it clearer that those numbers need verification. spweasel 07:19, 25 February 2011 (CST)
Well, maybe I overreacted a bit, this may happen when I'm some kind of sick for some time. Sorry. But I'm glad that you replied with this.

As I said before, I orientated these values on patterns of previously existing Unleash damage ratios, that's all. So if I was an editor on some page prior to you like there, I have no real problem with it if you refine/fix/correct it sooner or later if I don't leave some special message in the summary. I have no intention of making you mad after all. Maybe I really should go with those italicized values. Thanks. --Terry 11:43, 25 February 2011 (CST)