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Images[edit source]

Hi there. It looks like you're uploading all the Dark Dawn Unleashes into the existing weapon pages; while that's great (though I have to wonder if it's better to have these taken from the English-language version), I would advise you to copy and paste the following syntax into the summary box of each image you upload, so that the "rules" of each image of a copyrighted game having a description of what it is, how it was taken, and the licensing template are kept adhered to. By the way, are you taking these unleash pictures from a ROM of Dark Dawn? If so, pointing that out should be put into the summary box of each image you upload, and if not, simply write how you did get the image. So here's what I would write in the summary box whenever uploading an image:

A screenshot of the Japanese version of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, taken myself with a DS emulator.

Thanks. Erik Jensen (Appreciate me here!) 02:19, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

Uh, heh heh, no no no - you're not supposed to write that within the image thumbnails in the articles themselves, since the point of each image having its own image page like File:Bad Omen.jpg is so that people can see who took it and how it was taken without that info cluttering up the actual articles that the images appear on. Sorry if I didn't make it clear what I was referring to when I said "the summary box of each image you upload"; What I meant was the big "Summary" text field that appears below the "Destination filename" area and above the "Licensing" area when you open the Special:Upload page to upload the image. Basically, I was saying that from here on out, whenever you use Special:Upload to upload an image, you copy-paste that stuff above into the big Summary text field while leaving the Licensing section below it at "None selected". For all the images you uploaded so far, I already fixed the issue by editing each image's own page like File:Bad Omen.jpg and copy-pasting the above stuff into it, like what I did here. Thanks again! Erik Jensen (Appreciate me here!) 21:24, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

Nebula Wand[edit source]

Just wanted to point out that the Nebula Wand doesn't exist in Dark Dawn, so the image you uploaded for Reverse Star is actually for the Psynergy Rod's Psy Leech.